ANZ Joint Cultural Heritage Risk Preparedness Working Group

The ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) Joint Cultural Heritage Risk Preparedness Working Group has been formed to assist Australia ICOMOS and ICOMOS New Zealand in:

  • Promoting the protection of cultural heritage in times of disaster (both natural or human made, fast or slow onset)
  • Promoting cooperation with government, emergency services and civil defence in relation to the inclusion of cultural heritage in emergency plans at local, regional, state and national levels
  • Building the capacity of heritage professionals in disaster risk management planning and emergency response for cultural heritage
  • Establishing a network of professionals that can respond responsibly to emergencies as they arise

The Working Group is comprised of the following people:

Australia ICOMOS members

Catherine Forbes (Convenor)
Flavia Kiperman (EC Representative)
Tanya Park
Robyn Riddett
Ania Kotarba-Morley

ICOMOS New Zealand members

Amanda Ohs (ICOMOS.NZ EC Representative) 
Vanessa Tanner
Fiona Wykes
Andrew Marriott
Chessa Stevens (ICOMOS.NZ EC Member)
Carol-Lynne Kerrigan

Associate members (non-ICOMOS members with specialist expertise)

Paul Connett (Engineer, Australia)
Win Clarke (Engineer, New Zealand)
Lynn Campbell (Conservator, New Zealand)

Terms of Reference

Download the document: ANZ Cultural Heritage Risk Preparedness WG ToR_September 2017