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Friday 16 October 2009



1)  Australia ICOMOS 2010 Conference - call for papers

2)  Australia ICOMOS 2010 Conference - change of date for notification of acceptance of papers

3)  Australia ICOMOS - Canberra Talk Series

4)  Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications

5)  Australia ICOMOS AGM and associated events

6)  Australia ICOMOS Victorian Scholarship - call for applications

7)  Celebrate 30 years of Museum Studies at Deakin University

8)  8th International Symposium: Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin - call for papers

9)  Heritage in Queensland 2009 - 2010: initiatives, issues, directions

10) Links to recent DEWHA media releases

11) Collections Council of Australia Media release: Cultural Ministers Council to cease funding the Collections Council of Australia

12) Call for teaching staff from Heritage Malta

13) GHF Mirador on CNN International

Situations Vacant

14) Secretary-General, Pacific Islands Museum Association


1) Australia ICOMOS 2010 Conference - call for papers




22 - 25 April, 2010, Broken Hill, Australia


Australia ICOMOS, TICCIH (The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage) and the City of Broken Hill are convening the annual Australia ICOMOS conference to be held in Broken Hill on 22 - 25 April 2010.  The conference will be held at the Broken Hill Entertainment Centre in Blende Street, Broken Hill. 


Papers are now sought, with applicants to submit abstracts related to the three Conference Themes:


  Theme 1 - Management of Historic Towns

general management issues in addition to local, national and world heritage listing of historic towns and associated protective mechanisms

  Theme 2 - Industrial Heritage

the management challenges of industrial infrastructure

  Theme 3 - Remote Pastoralism

the changing cultural landscapes and the technology of pastoralism


Call for Papers - closing date Friday 30 October 2009


Abstracts for papers are requested in two categories:


               Abstract for 20 minute paper on themes outlined above

      Abstract for Snap Shot presentations, for a 6 minute presentation


Only contributions which are related to the three conference themes will be considered. For further information concerning contributions and to download the application forms for the submission of abstracts, visit http://www.aicomos.com/2010-conference/call-for-papers/


Successful applicants will be notified by Friday 4 December 2009.


Format of conference

The event will consist of three days of morning presentations with three afternoons of specially designed tours to cover each of the themes.  In addition, a special welcome event will be held in the recently restored Sullys Emporium, now the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.  The conference will provide participants with a unique Australia outback experience, rare access to special heritage places and true country hospitality.   The conference will also showcase Broken Hill's success in inventing a new future and discuss the city's application for National Heritage Listing.


Who should attend?

The conference will appeal to local government planners, architects, historians, landscape architects, archaeologists and others with a general interest in managing Australia's unique heritage. 


Registration and Lodgings

Please note that participants are required to pay for attendance to the conference.  There are no free registrations provided for paper presenters - in this way, the conference fees can be kept to a minimum to make the conference affordable for as many people as possible.


Estimated conference fees are proposed as follows (please note they are still to be confirmed). All prices are GST inclusive:

  Early Bird ICOMOS Members                       $ 475 (payable by 26 February 2010)

  Standard ICOMOS Members                        $ 575

  Early Bird Non-ICOMOS-Members               $ 575 (payable by 26 February 2010)

  Non-Members  of ICOMOS                           $ 675

  Student                                                            $ 330


The above figures exclude accommodation, and the conference dinner (which will be reasonably priced).  Tickets for the afternoon tours and social events can be separately purchased by accompanying persons. 


Draft Program

Day 1 - Thursday 22 April - welcome drinks at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery (formerly Sullys Emporium, an adapted heritage building, and winner of many heritage awards), in the main street of Broken Hill, Argent St.  

Day 2 - Friday 23 April - Theme 1 Management of Historic Towns - plenary session, morning papers, guided bus tour of Broken Hill focusing on Theme 1. Conference dinner in the evening.

Day 3 - Saturday 24 April - Theme 2 Industrial Heritage Sites - plenary session, morning papers, guided bus tour of Broken Hill, Silverton and nearby area focusing on Theme 2.  Evening meal at the Silverton Hotel. 

Day 4 - Sunday 25 April, Anzac Day - (opportunity to attend the dawn service in Broken Hill), Theme 3 Remote Pastoralism- plenary session, morning papers, guided bus tour of Broken Hill focusing on Theme 3.  Final sunset drinks at the Sculptures in the Living Desert.. 


Pre and Post Conference Tours

These are being developed and details will be released in late November.


Conference Organising Committee

Conference Convenor - Ray Tonkin

Helen Lardner

Timothy Hubbard

Sue Jackson Stepowski

Elizabeth Vines

Helen Wilson

(and input from many other advisors)


For further information about the conference visit http://www.aicomos.com/2010-conference/.


For further information about ICOMOS visit www.icomos.org/australia and for information about call for papers email bradley@ccem.com.au at Countrywide Conference & Event Management. Any general queries about the conference to be sent to stepowsk@tpg.com.au.


2) Australia ICOMOS 2010 Conference - change of date for notification of acceptance of papers


Please note that the date for notification of acceptance of papers and snapshots for the Broken Hill Conference will be brought forward to Friday 27 November 2009, to give speakers more time to prepare their papers. The other deadlines are the same. The deadline dates are as follows:


Deadline for submission of an abstract:

Friday 30 October 2009


Notification of successful papers and snapshots:

Friday 27 November 2009 (previously Friday 4 December)


Deadline for submission of full papers and revised snap-shot abstract:

Friday, 12 February 2010


Deadline for submission of PowerPoint presentations:

Friday, 16 April 2010


Submissions to be sent to Bradley Hayden, Countrywide Conference & Event Management by Friday 30 October 2009.


Australia ICOMOS / TICCIH 2010 OUTBACK & BEYOND Conference

Broken Hill NSW Australia, 22-25 April 2010. http://www.aicomos.com/


3) Australia ICOMOS - Canberra Talk Series


Gothic Revival to Radio Telescopes - Heritage at the University Of Sydney

Derek Hallam


The identified heritage of the University of Sydney starts in the 1850s and runs to the mid to late 20th Century.  The general perception of its heritage is the classic Sydney 'Sandstone and Cedar'.  But the reality is very much more complex.  Arguably the built heritage is very much the servant of the intangible heritage of the social demands for tertiary education, education methods and research demands.  Is it the 'School on the hill' or the bravura symbol of Australia growing to nationhood, and subsequent elitism of tertiary education in the Oxbridge mold?  This brief exploration is stimulated by the conservation plan prepared for the whole 'main campus'.

 Derek Hallam moved from an early career in structures to project management and direction.  Picking up on an interest in conserving our older places, a formal expertise was developed working in the Commonwealth on public assets such as Kirribilli House and Lancer Barracks at Parramatta, later moving to the University of Sydney with overall environment and heritage responsibilities.

 Members and the public are welcome.  Refreshments will be available.  This is part of a series of talks organised in Canberra by Australia ICOMOS.

 Time & Date:  5.00-6.30 pm, Thursday 22 October 2009 - the talk will actually start at 5.30.

Venue:  Menzies Room, National Archives of Australia, East Block, Queen Victoria Terrace, Parkes (enter from Kings Avenue side).

RSVP:  To Duncan Marshall at marsd@ozemail.com.au


4) Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications


Attention members! Please forward the following to students, recent graduates, colleagues or contacts who may be interested in joining ICOMOS.

 There are lots of benefits of joining ICOMOS - not only the fantastic people you will meet but Membership of Australia ICOMOS brings discounts at ICOMOS functions, at many conferences in Australia and internationally and on ICOMOS publications. The E-mail News provides a weekly bulletin board of information and events in Australia and overseas, including state based events, conferences and site visits, as well as information on heritage publications, funding and grant opportunities, course details and job offers. Members also receive a number of issues annually of the Australia ICOMOS refereed journal Historic Environment. Applications for members to join the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee (EC) are encouraged from all states and territories. For Young Professional and full Members, the International ICOMOS card gives free or reduced rate entry to many historic and cultural sites.

Australia ICOMOS welcomes new members and would like to encourage students and young cultural heritage graduates to apply for membership. There are various membership categories and applications can be to be made to the Secretariat:


  Those who are interested in ICOMOS but who do not meet the requirements for full membership, or else do not have heritage conservation as their core focus, could apply to become Associates of ICOMOS.


  Those at the beginning of a career in architecture, archaeology, planning or history with 3 years experience and who are under 30 years of age may be eligible for Young Professional membership at reduced rates.


The membership forms and details are available on the web page www.icomos.org/australia and from Georgia Meros at the Secretariat, phone (03) 9251 7131 or austicomos@deakin.edu.au. All applications are received at the Secretariat and referred to the Executive Committee (EC) for consideration. Completed applications must be received 4-6 weeks before the Executive Committee meeting date to allow consideration. If received after this, they are held over to the next meeting.

Please note, to be considered at the November 2009 Executive Committee meeting, applications would need to be in to the Secretariat by COB 22 OCTOBER 2009.

Think about it now.

Please send in applications to the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat or if further information is required contact the Membership Secretary, Helen Wilson at wilsonhelen@optusnet.com.au.


5) Australia ICOMOS AGM and associated events


Australia ICOMOS will be holding its AGM in Adelaide on Friday 13 November - any members who have not received the official notice for this can contact the Secretariat austicomos@deakin.edu.au / (03) 9251 7131 to request a copy.


The AGM will be followed by an event at 6pm, which is open to ICOMOS members and other interested persons, at St John's Church, 379 Halifax Street, Adelaide. St John's, under the guidance of Father Christopher Myers, has a beautiful conserved building and a church community actively involved in the conservation of its heritage buildings (church hall and adjacent stone rectory). This event will be followed by drinks and nibblies at the Church, then dinner for interested parties in nearby Hutt St.


More details of the proposed event will be posted in forthcoming newsletters. We are proposing talks about World Heritage Listing, the process and application in Australia. Our International Vice President Kristal Buckley will be a key speaker.


Members, please register your interest in attending the AGM with the Secretariat (austicomos@deakin.edu.au / (03) 9251 7131) by COB 6 November.


Members and other interested persons, please register your interest in attending the event at St John's and/or the dinner with the Secretariat (austicomos@deakin.edu.au / (03) 9251 7131) by COB 6 November.


Participation in the election of the Executive Committee and any voting at the AGM is open to financial Full Members of Australia ICOMOS.


Associates are welcome to attend the events and AGM but are not eligible to vote.


6) Australia ICOMOS Victorian Scholarship - call for applications


                                                                                       b&w logo


Name: Australia ICOMOS Victorian Scholarship

Value:  $5,000 exclusive of GST



The Victorian Government's strategy Victoria's Heritage: Strengthening our communities articulates a broad vision for heritage conservation and interpretation.  Victoria's Heritage delivers programs and initiatives that provide a whole-of-government framework to recognise, protect, interpret and manage Victoria's diverse heritage.  The strategy's Direction 6: Resourcing the community includes the action to provide increased opportunities for the training of heritage professionals.


The purpose of this scholarship, funded by Heritage Victoria and delivered through Australia ICOMOS, is to provide funding towards a recognised specialist heritage training course.


Eligibility criteria

Disciplines: archaeologists, architects, architectural historians, materials conservators, engineers, geographers, historians, horticulturalists, landscape architects, maritime archaeologists or planners practising in a heritage specialism. 


Qualifications: applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree in a heritage related discipline.


Geographic areas: eligibility is limited to residents of Victoria.


Employment status: unrestricted, including employees of Heritage Victoria or the National Trust of Australia (Victoria).

Proposed training: recognised formal structured training course in heritage conservation or cultural heritage management. Preference is given to courses in Australia, although support for attendance at relevant overseas courses will be considered. The scholarship may be used as a contribution towards course fees and materials, travel and living costs.  However, the scholarship is not intended as fee relief for students already enrolled in courses.


ICOMOS membership: eligibility would not be limited to Australia ICOMOS members, although successful scholars would be required to join ICOMOS (in the appropriate category).


Number of scholarships

One or more scholarships are being offered in 2009 to a total value of $5000 excluding GST.  The scholarship will not be offered if there are no suitable candidates.


Selection committee

Chaired by ICOMOS with representation from the Victorian members of the Australia ICOMOS Executive and a nominee of the Executive Director, Heritage Victoria and the Chair of the Heritage Council of Victoria.


Selection criteria

  Evidence of a skills gap in that sector of the industry

  Extent of postgraduate experience, preference should be given to those less than 15-years out from their undergraduate degree

  Appropriateness of proposed course, preference should be given to individuals wishing to undertake Australian courses.

  Demonstrated commitment and financial contribution from the participant

  Referee report(s).


Form of application

Application is by letter, addressing the eligibility and selection criteria above, and is to contain list of referees with contact details.  It must contain details of the proposed course, including date of commencement and length of course, course content and the name of the institution.


The letter should be addressed to:

Australia ICOMOS Secretariat

CHCAP, Faculty of Arts, Deakin University

221 Burwood Highway

Burwood, Victoria 3125

E-mail: austicomos@deakin.edu.au 


Reporting requirement

On completion of the course the scholar would be required to provide Australia ICOMOS and Heritage Victoria with evidence that the scholar has attended and completed the course successfully, and a short written report (500 words) on what they have gained from undertaking the course.  The scholar may be requested to present at a seminar.  $500 would be withheld from the scholar until the evidence of successful completion of the training and the report was provided to ICOMOS.

Contact for enquiries

Natica Schmeder: (0431 91 51 96) or natica@dodo.com.au

Megan McDougall: (03) 8644 8915 or megan.mcdougall@dpcd.vic.gov.au




7) Celebrate 30 years of Museum Studies at Deakin University


Deakin University presents a free Symposium - Celebrating 30 years of teaching Museum Studies where graduates established in the industry explore creativity in the museum profession.


Thursday 29 October 2009 - Symposium commences at 4.00pm


Join us for refreshments at 5.30pm


Deakin University Art Gallery,

Deakin University (building fa), 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood.


(please see attached flier for further details)


Please register your attendance by Friday 23 October for catering purposes

Registration closes Friday 23 October


Registration and enquiries

Lorna Walsh

Phone: (03) 9244 3710

E-mail: lorna.walsh@deakin.edu.au


8) 8th International Symposium: Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin - call for papers


From 31 May - 2 June 2010, the 8th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin will take place in Patras, Greece, following previous symposia in Bari (1989), Geneva (1991), Venice (1994), Rhodes (1997), Seville (2000), Lisbon (2004), and Orleans (2007).

The 8th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin is organized by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, School of Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering Section), the University of Patras and the Technical Chamber of Western Greece.

The theme chosen for this session, "Monument Damage Hazards and Rehabilitation Technologies", refers to the natural and anthropogenic hazards on monuments, as well as to the technologies used for damage rehabilitation. 

The 1st Circular (pdf file) can be downloaded by clicking here. 

In order to make a preliminary selection of papers, authors have to submit an extended abstract (two pages maximum) by 20 October 2009, through the online submission system (preferable way http://monubasin8.ntua.gr) or via e-mail to the symposium secretariat (monubasin8@gmail.com), using the proposed template in one of the following topics:


  Historical and structural aspects of monuments

  Natural and anthropogenic hazards

  Analytical methods

  Methodologies of damage assessment

  Digital techniques for cultural heritage

  Technologies for damage rehabilitation

  Planning and cultural heritage management


Official Language of the Symposium: English 

In order to download the proposed extended abstract template in Microsoft Word please click here 

Visit the website of the conference (http://monubasin8.ntua.gr) for more information or contact the symposium secretariat via email (monubasin8@gmail.com).


Symposium Secretariat

Mrs Kanella Pouli,

email.     monubasin8@gmail.com 

phone.    +30 210 772 4296

fax.         +30210 772 3261

web.        http://monubasin8.ntua.gr


9) Heritage in Queensland 2009 - 2010: initiatives, issues, directions


Australia ICOMOS in Queensland invites you to a special Forum & Social event. 

Date & Time: 26 November 2009, 1.15pm

Venue: Old Bishopsbourne  St Francis Theological College


Please see the attached flier and registration form for further information regarding this event.


10) Links to recent DEWHA media releases


Boost for SA Jobs with $1.5 million for heritage conservation



$12.2m heritage investment helps create Victorian jobs



$1.2M for Antarctic science and heritage conservation



$1 million for the refurbishment of Albert Hall



Tasmania's heritage place receives $5.8 million conservation boost



$3.8 million heritage investment supports Queensland jobs



Heritage conservation provides $13.7 million boost for NSW jobs

Specific link not yet available but visit http://www.environment.gov.au/minister/garrett/2009/index.html to view release once it is posted.


11) Collections Council of Australia Media release: Cultural Ministers Council to cease funding the Collections Council of Australia


Cultural Ministers Council has advised that it will cease its funding of the Collections Council.

Following its meeting on 9 October 2009, the Cultural Ministers Council has verbally advised the Collections Council of Australia (CCA) that it will:


  cease funding the CCA

  provide funding to the CCA for a 'transitional' period (the details of which are subject to further discussion)

  establish a working group that would consider any future approach to matters relating to the collections sector


Established by the Cultural Ministers Council in 2004, the CCA has worked to bring the collections sector - archives, galleries, libraries and museums - together and to provide advice to Ministers on the long term sustainability of, and issues facing, the sector. Last month, the CCA released plans to develop and promote a new model for sustainable scientific and cultural collections in Australia.

The CCA's operations over four and half years with its four person staff have been supported by the Cultural Ministers Council and the Australian Government with grants totalling $2.1 million.


Further information


Visit http://www.collectionscouncil.com.au/Default.aspx?tabid=65&DMXModule=543&EntryId=2106&Command=Core_Download to read the CCA's Media Release about the Cultural Ministers Council's decision. The Media Release incorporates:


  The Cultural Ministers Council's terms of reference for the CCA

  The CCA's proposal for a new Model for sustainable collections


Visit http://www.collectionscouncil.com.au/Portals/0/CCA%20achievements%20and%20projects_8%20October%202009.pdf to read about the Collections Council's achievements, 2005-2009.


12) Call for teaching staff from Heritage Malta



13) GHF Mirador on CNN International

CNN International's "World's Untold Stories" will air a 30-minute Special on GHF's work in conservation, community training and development to help preserve the Mirador Basin in Guatemala.

For further information, visit http://www.globalheritagefund.org/news/ghf_mirador_on_cnni.asp


14) Secretary-General, Pacific Islands Museum Association


The Pacific Heritage Network (PHN) is recruiting a Secretary-General to manage and grow the Pacific Islands Museum Association (PIMA). The PHN, a pan-Pacific regional and international alliance promoting the role and profile of culture in the Pacific across all sectors of society, was formed in 2007 through the joining up of PIMA and ICOMOS Pasifika Scientific Committee for the preservation and promotion of world heritage sites in Oceania. The appointee will manage and reinforce PIMA and work closely with ICOMOS Pasifika and develop the PHN.


Please see the attached document for further information.

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