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Friday 19 June 2009


1) (Un)Loved Modern - less than 3 weeks to go!

2)  Donations Sought for (Un)Loved Modern Conference Dinner Raffle

3)  Australia ICOMOS and Australian Council of National Trusts Workshop:  Australia’s Heritage and the EPBC Act - Consideration Of The Interim Review Report

4)  Australia ICOMOS - Canberra Talk Series

5)  Commonwealth Ombudsman Media Release: No time for delay on heritage strategies

6)  Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications

7)  Australian Archaeological Association Awards 2009 - call for nominations

8) Seminar Reminder: New Uses for Heritage Places

9)  Link to the newsletter of The Ename Centre

10) Just published - MUSEUM International No 241-2: Return of Cultural Objects: The Athens Conference


1) (Un)Loved Modern - less than 3 weeks to go!


We hope you've already registered for the (Un)Loved Modern Conference commencing in Sydney on Tuesday 7 July.  If not, you must register by 30 June.


The Organising Committee is delighted to confirm that the (Un)Loved Modern Conference will be opened at 9am on  Wednesday 8 July by Gabrielle Kibble AO, Chair of the Heritage Council of NSW.


The Organising Committee is also delighted to announce that at 7pm that evening, Wednesday 8 July, the Hon Peter Garrett AM MP, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts will welcome guests and speakers at the evening lecture, (Be)Loved Modern, in the Utzon Room at the Sydney Opera House.


Other meetings which will be held in conjunction with the ((Un)Loved Modern Conference include:


§  a meeting of the International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage (ISC20C) which will meet at the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday 7 July (attendance by invitation)

§  the Docomomo Australia Annual General Meeting in the Doric Room at the Sydney Masonic Centre at lunchtime on Wednesday 8 July - all welcome

§  the Australian Institute of Architects National Heritage Committee will meet in the Doric Room at the Sydney Masonic Centre at lunchtime on Friday 10 July (attendance by invitation)


Don't forget you can view the preliminary conference program on the website.  Of course, if you haven't registered, you should do that immediately, as many of the tours and the evening lecture are nearing capacity if not already fully booked. You can register here.


2) Donations Sought for (Un)Loved Modern Conference Dinner Raffle


Donations are sought for prizes for the (Un)loved Modern conference dinner raffle.  The raffle has become a tradition at Australia ICOMOS conference dinners over the last few years, with funds raised donated to various causes that Australia ICOMOS supports.


This year the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee has moved to donate the proceeds of the conference dinner raffle to a Streetwise Asia project in the Philippines for the conservation of the c.1920 Kuguita Elementary School on the island of Camiguin.  The school building is representative of the approximately 3,000 such 'Gabaldon Schools' constructed in the Philippines between 1898 -1946. Conservation of this important school building is consistent with the theme of the Unloved Modern conference.  Further information regarding the project and the Streetwise Asia Fund is attached.


To donate a prize for the raffle, please contact Prizes could include books, wine, dinner or store vouchers, free entry to museums or historic properties.


3) Australia ICOMOS and Australian Council of National Trusts Workshop:  Australia's Heritage and the EPBC Act - Consideration of the Interim Review Report


The Australian Government is undertaking a review of the EPBC Act including provisions relating to heritage.  The review is to be completed by the end of 2009.


This workshop is an opportunity for various stakeholders in Australia's heritage to discuss the performance of the EPBC Act and the Interim Review Report, with the intention of focusing consideration prior to the deadline for comment on the Interim Review Report.  The report is due to be released towards the end of June.


Speakers will include Dr Allan Hawke (EPBC Act Reviewer), Colin Griffiths (Australian Council of National Trusts), Dr Jane Lennon AM (former Australian Heritage Commissioner and Australian Heritage Councillor), Richard Mackay AM (a Partner of Godden Mackay Logan) and Dr Michael Pearson (Chair, ACT Heritage Council).


The workshop is supported by Australia ICOMOS, the Australian Council of National Trusts, the Commonwealth Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, and the Donald Horne Institute for Cultural Heritage at the University of Canberra.


Time & Date:  9.15 am to 5 pm, Monday 20 July 2009


Venue:  Common Room, University House, ANU, Canberra


Please see the attached flyer for further information and to register.


4) Australia ICOMOS - Canberra Talk Series




Dr Jasmine Foxlee


Each day the joint managers of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park receive packages of returned rocks and sand that have been removed from the landscape by visitors as a souvenir of the place.  The returned objects, known within the Park as the 'sorry rocks', are sent from people all over the world as the stories of this phenomenon travel well beyond the Park boundaries.  In this research, the sorry rocks were used as a medium for examining the complex relationships that exist between visitors, heritage management and interpretation.


Jasmine Foxlee graduated from the School of Social Sciences at the University of Western Sydney with a PhD in April this year.  She has worked on heritage and interpretation projects in a variety of places within Australia and is a Director of Stepwise Heritage and Tourism.


Members and the public are welcome.  Refreshments will be available.  This is part of a series of talks organised in Canberra by Australia ICOMOS.


Time & Date:  5.00-6.30 pm, Thursday 25 June 2009 - the talk will actually start at 5.30.


Venue:  Menzies Room, National Archives of Australia, East Block, Queen Victoria Terrace, Parkes (enter from Kings Avenue side).


RSVP:  To Duncan Marshall at


5) Commonwealth Ombudsman Media Release: No time for delay on heritage strategies


Australian Government agency delays in complying with legislative requirements for heritage strategies are largely the result of inadequate advice to agencies by the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA), according to acting Commonwealth Ombudsman Mr Ron Brent.


As at November 2007, only 11 Australian Government agencies had complied with legislation requiring the preparation of heritage strategies for properties under Commonwealth ownership or control, despite the 1 January 2006 deadline.


Releasing the Commonwealth Ombudsman's investigation report into the delays, Mr Brent said today that the information provided by DEWHA was inadequate for several reasons.


"It would appear that only a small number of Australian Government agencies received any information at all about their obligations under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 [the Act], which is a significant problem in and of itself," Mr Brent said.


"Unfortunately, though, the information provided by the Environment Department was so unclear that a majority of agencies that did receive the advice did not actually understand it.


"For example, most agencies interpreted the requirement to complete a heritage strategy to apply only to property already included on the Commonwealth Heritage List. It was not clear to them that all Australian Government agencies that own or control property are required to develop a strategy to identify its heritage value."


Mr Brent said that another common misconception related to the timeframe the legislation allowed for development of heritage strategies, and that a lack of compliance mechanisms under the Act meant that agencies were unlikely to commit resources to the task or to make it a priority.


"However, this did not preclude 11 agencies from meeting their obligations within the timeframe. I commend these agencies for assigning responsibility for the development of their heritage strategies to dedicated officers who had access to their senior management teams and who were able to liaise regularly with the Environment Department," Mr Brent said.


The Commonwealth Ombudsman has made six recommendations to DEWHA to help it to improve its administration of the Act, essentially by providing clear, consistent advice on their heritage strategy obligations to all Australian Government agencies.


The Commonwealth Ombudsman's report, Delays in the preparation of Heritage Strategies by Australian Government agencies, is attached. It is also available from


Media contact:  Fiona Skivington, Director Public Affairs, 0408 861 803


6) Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications


There are lots of benefits of joining ICOMOS - not only the fantastic people you will meet but Membership of Australia ICOMOS brings discounts at ICOMOS functions, at many conferences in Australia and internationally and on ICOMOS publications. The E-mail News provides a weekly bulletin board of information and events in Australia and overseas, including state based events, conferences and site visits, as well as information on heritage publications, funding and grant opportunities, course details and job offers. Members also receive a number of issues annually of the Australia ICOMOS refereed journal Historic Environment. Applications for members to join the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee (EC) are encouraged from all states and territories. For Young Professional and full Members, the International ICOMOS card gives free or reduced rate entry to many historic and cultural sites.


Australia ICOMOS welcomes new members and would like to encourage students and young cultural heritage graduates to apply for membership. There are various membership categories and applications can be to be made to the Secretariat:


§  Those who are interested in ICOMOS but who do not meet the requirements for full membership, or else do not have heritage conservation as their core focus, could apply to become Associates of ICOMOS.


§  Those at the beginning of a career in architecture, archaeology, planning or history with 3 years experience and who are under 30 years of age may be eligible for Young Professional membership at reduced rates.


The membership forms and details are available on the web page and from Georgia Meros at the Secretariat, phone (03) 9251 7131 or All applications are received at the Secretariat and referred to the Executive Committee (EC) for consideration. Completed applications must be received 4-6 weeks before the Executive Committee meeting date to allow consideration. If received after this, they are held over to the next meeting.


Please note, to be considered at the August 2009 Executive Committee meeting, applications would need to be in to the Secretariat by COB 8 JULY 2009.


Think about it now.


Please send in applications to the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat or if further information is required contact the Membership Secretary, Helen Wilson at


7) Australian Archaeological Association Awards 2009 - call for nominations


Nominations are called for the following four Australian Archaeological Association Awards


Closing Date: 12 September 2009



The Rhys Jones Medal is the highest award offered by the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. It was established in honour of Rhys Jones (1941-2001) to mark his enormous contribution to the development and promotion of archaeology in Australia. The Medal is presented annually to an individual who has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the field. Established in 2002, previous winners include Isabel McBryde (2003), John Mulvaney (2004), Sharon Sullivan (2005), Mike Smith (2006) and Jeremy Green (2007). Nominations should consist of a one page statement outlining the nominee's archaeological career and how this work has benefited Australian archaeology, as well as a full list of the nominee's publications. Note that nominees do not need to be members of the Association; be an Australian citizen; or work exclusively in Australia or on Australian material.



The Award was established in honour of John Mulvaney and his contribution and commitment to Australian archaeology over a lifetime of professional service. It was created to acknowledge the significant contribution of individual or co-authored publications to Australian archaeology, either as general knowledge or as specialist publications. Nominations are considered annually for books that cover both academic pursuits and public interest reflecting the philosophy of John Mulvaney's life work. Established in 2004, previous winners include Val Attenbrow for "Sydney's Aboriginal Past" (2004), Rodney Harrison for "Shared Landscapes: Archaeologies of Attachment and the Pastoral Industry in New South Wales" (2006), Mike Morwood & Penny Van Oosterzee for "The Discovery of the Hobbit: The Scientific Breakthrough that changed the Face of Human History" (2007), and Peter Hiscock for "The Archaeology of Ancient Australia" (2008). Nominations must be for books written by one or more authors, but not for edited books, published in the last three calendar years (i.e. 2007, 2008 or 2009). The nomination must be accompanied by at least two published book reviews. A short citation (no more than one page) on why the book should be considered must also be included.



This Award celebrates Bruce Veitch's important contribution to the practice and ethics of archaeology in Australia. In particular, the award honours Bruce's close collaboration with traditional owners on whose country he worked. It is awarded annually to any individual or group who has undertaken an archaeological or cultural heritage project which has produced a significant outcome for Indigenous interests. Established in 2005, previous winners include Richard Fullagar (2006), Bruno David (2007) and Annie Ross (2008). Nominees will have actively engaged with Indigenous communities to produce a successful outcome. The nature of nominations is flexible (e.g. video tape, audio tape, poster etc), considering the wide range of Indigenous collaborations and the remoteness of some communities.



This award was established to recognise significant and sustained contribution to the objects and purposes of the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. Previous winners include John Mulvaney, Jack Golson, Betty Meehan (2002), Val Attenbrow (2002), J. Peter White (2003), Luke Kirkwood (2004), Isabel McBryde (2005), Ian Johnson (2006), Colin Pardoe (2007) and Sean Ulm (2008). Nominations should consist of a one page statement outlining the nominee's contributions to the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. Note that nominees must be members of the Association.




Nominations for all Awards will be considered by the Executive of the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. with advice as appropriate from senior members of the discipline. The decision of the Executive is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Nominations should be addressed to the President at:

Email:, or

Fax:    +61 (3) 9905 2948


Please ensure nominations arrive no later than 12 SEPTEMBER 2009.


The current President of AAA is:


Dr Ian McNiven

School of Geography & Environmental Science

Building 11, Monash University

Clayton Victoria 3800

Telephone +61 (3) 9905 8465


Recipients of all awards will be announced at the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. Annual Conference at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, Friday 11 to 14 December 2009.


Val Attenbrow


AAA Awards Sub-Committee


8) Seminar Reminder: New Uses for Heritage Places




The Australian of Institute of Architects NSW Chapter invites NSW Australia ICOMOS members to attend an adaptive reuse seminar on the morning of Thursday 25 June. The Institute is offering the seminar to Australia ICOMOS members at the special price of $75.


This professional development event takes its cue from New Uses for Heritage Places, a guideline published last year by the Institute and the Heritage Council of NSW; it won the EnergyAustralia Conservation Award for Energy Management in this year's EnergyAustralia National Trust Heritage Awards.


The opening speaker will be the Institute's 2008 Gold Medal winner Richard Johnson MBE.


The session examines both the heritage and the sustainability benefits of retaining and adapting buildings and explains the principles of good adaptive reuse. Case studies include two examples from the guideline (Egan Street, Newtown and the Bushells building in the Rocks) as well as more recent examples, such as the Paddington Reservoir and the Flourmill Studios in Newtown. It also explores the heritage and design issues being confronted by architects on current adaptive reuse projects.



Richard Johnson MBE, JPW Architects

Dan Mackenzie,

Steensen Varming

Mary Knaggs, Government Architect's Office

Julie Mackenzie, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (Egan Street, Newtown/PaddingtonReservoir)

Megan Jones, Tanner Architects (Bushells building, The Rocks)

Kate Mountstephens, Allen Jack + Cottier (Flourmill Studios, Newtown)

Glenn Harper, Hassell (Waverton coal loader)

Catherine Forbes, Design5/

Julia Heazlewood, Spangenberg & Park (Trocadero, Newtown)



Diane Jones, Chair, NSW Chapter Heritage Committee


Core Competencies: Design

CPD Points: 3 hours formal points upon completion of formal activity


Time: 9am-12.30pm, Thursday 25 June

Place: Tusculum, 3 Manning Street, Potts Point  (parking in Ward Avenue, Kings Cross)

Price:  $75 (Australian Institute of Architects, Australia ICOMOS members only)


Registration: the registration form is available on the Institute's website:


9) Link to the newsletter of The Ename Centre


Visit the link below to view:


10) Just published - MUSEUM International No 241-2: Return of Cultural Objects: The Athens Conference


MUSEUM International, published by UNESCO since 1948, is a major forum for the exchange of scientific and technical information concerning museums and cultural heritage at an international level. It provides a unique space which enables readers and contributors to partake of cultural diversity through heritage around the world.  In a renewed editorial approach, it addresses issues relevant to cultural policies, ethics and practices on national and international levels.  It fosters exchanges of expertise in the context of interdisciplinary research (anthropology, archaeology, history and art history, sociology, philosophy, museology and economy), best practices for the safeguarding and protection of the cultural heritage, and political decision-making in a cultural environment undergoing deep-seated changes.


For further information about the latest issue of MUSEUM International, visit:


To purchase, visit Blackwell Publishing and UNESCO Publishing.

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