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Friday 8 May 2009


1)  Australia ICOMOS ISC Travel Assistance Fund - Reminder

2)  (Un)Loved Modern Conference aims to bring modern heritage into the mainstream

3)  Guidelines for the assessment of places for the National Heritage List

4)  Call for Australia ICOMOS members to contribute to International Scientific Committees - Reminder

5)  Link to Heritage South Australia's E-newsletter

6)  Museums and Capital Projects Masterclass - 29 June to 2 July 2009

7)  News from the ICOMOS Documentation Centre

8)  News from ICCROM

9)  Links to recent DEWHA media releases

10) 2009 Community Heritage Grant applications closing soon

11) Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage (FUUH) Programme

12) Link to Port Arthur Historic Site's Ticket of Leave E-News

13) Sustainable Construction. Revitalisation and Rehabilitation of districts - conference announcement & call for papers

14) News from ICOMOS International Secretariat


1) Australia ICOMOS ISC Travel Assistance Fund - Reminder


The Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee is delighted to announce that a travel assistance fund is available this year to provide financial assistance to ISC members wishing to attend meetings of their ISC. 


This fund is open to all Australian ICOMOS members who are endorsed members of an ISC.  Up to 20 travel assistance grants of $500 is available for 2009.  Expressions of interest should be no more than 1 page and should include the name of the ISC you belong to, the date and venue of their 2009 meeting, how you will use this grant and why it would be a benefit to yourself and to Australia ICOMOS.


Please send your expression of interest, to the Secretariat no later than 4pm Friday 8 May 2009 (email to with a copy to, so that it can be reviewed in time for the Executive Committee to consider the nomination at its meeting in Canberra on 16 and 17 May 2009. 


2) (Un)Loved Modern Conference aims to bring modern heritage into the mainstream


One of the threats to modern heritage is getting past the mainstream image of heritage.  At the National Trust Corporate Breakfast on 29 April, the NSW Minister for Planning, Kristina Keneally, said:


"Another area of heritage that is perhaps considered marginal by some, and mainstram by others, is [the] 20th Century heritage of modernism."


"I am interested in looking at international trends to list important modernist buildings before they are perhaps demolished unwittingly.  Our ideas about heritage move on and we need to be constantly alert to the destruction of what future generations will see as critical to the layering of our history."


"I have recently approved the listing of the important Torin Building at Penrith on the State Heritage Register.  The Torin Building is considered a rare example of late 20th Century International Style industrial architecture designed by internationally renowned master architect Marcel Breuer.  It is the only building in Australia designed by Breuer, and is one of a suite of buildings located in Europe and America designed by Breuer for the Torin Corporation."


You can be part of the next stage of conserving 20th Century heritage in Australia by attending the (Un)Loved Modern Conference in Sydney on 7-10 July 2009.  You will have the opportunity to hear from over 50 speakers from Australia, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, and Sweden.  Papers will be presented on a wide range of 20th Century heritage, from single houses to glasshouses, from midget submarines to gardens, from walk-up flats to high rise buildings, and from the Sydney Opera House to the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum.


With only 8 weeks to go, make sure you register now to ensure your attendance at the Australia ICOMOS (Un)Loved Modern Conference in Sydney on 7-10 July 2009.


3) Guidelines for the assessment of places for the National Heritage List


This is a general interpretative guide to the process of assessing places against the National Heritage List criteria under the statutory provisions of the EPBC Act and Regulations. It is provided for the use of those considering nominations, those preparing nominations and for general information on the process of assessing places for the National Heritage List.


Available for download from


4) Call for Australia ICOMOS members to contribute to International Scientific Committees - Reminder


Australia ICOMOS is calling for expressions of interest from Full International Members to be considered for nomination to an International Scientific Committee (ISC).  Expressions of interest should be sent to the Secretariat and the ISC Coordinator, and include a resume with particular reference to your credentials in the specific field of the ISC for which you seek nomination, and a statement on why you wish to be involved, and whether you seek to be nominated as an Expert or Associate member.  Please note that the endorsement of your nomination by Australia ICOMOS is no guarantee of your acceptance by the relevant ISC, and that the timing of the consideration of your membership will vary from committee to committee, according to their own rules.


Nominees must meet the criteria laid down in the Australia ICOMOS Procedures Manual. In summary, those seeking Expert membership must have a strong record of involvement in relevant professional activities at least at a national level of importance. Nominees for Expert membership must also be able to fund their own overseas travel to attend ISC meetings. The criteria for Associate members are less demanding and there is no expectation of personal attendance at meetings. Members of ISCs are expected to report regularly to the general Australia ICOMOS membership on their ISC activities. Such reporting is particularly important for the Annual Report presented to the Australia ICOMOS Annual General Meeting each November, which is coordinated by the voting member, but other reports will be distributed through E-News.


Please send your expression of interest to the Secretariat no later than 4pm Friday 8 May 2009 (email to with a copy to, so that it can be reviewed in time for the Executive Committee to consider the nomination at its meeting in Canberra on 16 and 17 May 2009.


The ISCs are:

     Earthen Architectural Heritage (ISCEAH)

     International Committee for Analysis and Restoration of Structures and Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH)

     International Committee on Conservation / Restoration of Heritage Objects in Monuments and Sites (ISCCR)

     International Committee on Economics of Conservation

     International Committee on Wall Painting

     International Training Committee (CIF)

     International Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICICH)

     International Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICUCH)

     International Committee on 20th Century Heritage

     IFLA-ICOMOS Committee on Historic Gardens & Cultural Landscapes

     CIPA - Heritage Documentation

     International Committee on Interpretation & Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (ICIP)

     International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM)

     International Committee for Vernacular Architecture (CIAV)

     International Wood Committee

     International Committee on Historic Towns and Villages (CIVVIH)

     International Committee on Cultural Routes

     International Cultural Tourism Committee

     International Polar Heritage Committee (IPHC)

     International Committee on Stone

     International Committee on Fortifications & Military Heritage (ICOFORT)

     International Rock Art Committee

     International Committee on Shared Built Heritage

     International Committee on Risk Preparedness (ICORP)

     International Committee on the Theory & Philosophy of Conservation & Restoration

     International Stained Glass Committee

     International Committee on Legal, Administrative and Financial Issues (ICLAFI)


Further information is available from the ISC web sites (through the ICOMOS International web site or the Australia ICOMOS ISC Coordinator, Jane Ainsworth (


Background to the ISCs

The 15th General Assembly of ICOMOS, held in Xi'an China in 2005, adopted the Eger-Xi'an Principles, one objective of which is to open up the membership of International Scientific Committees (ISCs).


Within the global structures of ICOMOS, the ISCs are expected to be at the heart of scientific inquiry and exchange in their domains. They therefore complement the roles of ICOMOS National Committees. To perform their role adequately, the ISCs need to contain expert members that span the breadth of their subject, and to be geographically and culturally diverse.


Australia ICOMOS is already well represented on several ISCs. However, there are currently a number of ISCs with no Australian members, and other ISCs that are seeking new members. Until the changes made by the Eger-Xi'an Principles, the ability of Australia ICOMOS members to participate in the ISCs was relatively limited. Australia ICOMOS has therefore welcomed the reforms and is now keen to encourage all its Full International Members to join an ISC in which they have a particular interest.


Although the Eger-Xi'an Principles allow prospective ISC members to nominate themselves or to be invited to join directly by an ISC, the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee has reaffirmed its preference to continue the process of nominating candidates for membership of ISCs. The Executive Committee feels that this process assists both the ISC and the candidate by providing an independent opinion on the standing and credit of nominees in the field of the ISC within their own country. In addition, within an ISC, each country is allocated one voting member and to be given this opportunity your membership on the ISC must be endorsed by the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee.


5) Link to Heritage South Australia's E-newsletter


To view the May 2009 issue of Heritage South Australia's E-newsletter, visit


6) Museums and Capital Projects Masterclass - 29 June to 2 July 2009


Museums and Capital Projects is a Masterclass for museum professionals involved in commissioning and managing capital development projects. This three day event will provide an introduction to project delivery by exploring and offering insight on different client perspectives and project issues. The workshop will also provide a sustained and intensive opportunity to share individual capital project issues with colleagues and receive feedback.


The class prioritises a collaborative process and is open to museum professionals involved in any capacity in a capital project. The Masterclass will be facilitated by Sara Hilton and Richard Schofield of the Capital Projects Network and a range of visiting museum professionals who have significant experience in capital project commissioning and management. These include David Anderson, Victoria and Albert Museum; Nick Winterbotham, Thinktank; Sally Manuireva, National Museums Scotland; and, John Millard, World Museum Liverpool. Attendance on the course has been capped at 36 to facilitate a collaborative learning environment in which colleagues can share experiences and working practices and receive feedback on their ideas.


The class is a collaboration between the Department of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and the Capital projects Network.


Visit for further information.


7) News from the ICOMOS Documentation Centre


1) New ICOMOS publications digitized by the Documentation Centre


  Jardins et sites historiques. ICOMOS-IFLA. Madrid: ICOMOS, 1993. 377 p. ISBN : 84-87111-38-6 (Journal Scientifique, no 1) 


  Conservation of wooden monuments. Proceedings of the ICOMOS Wood Committee, IV International Symposium, Canada, June 1982. Ottawa : ICOMOS Canada and Heritage Canada Foundation, 1983. 236 p. ISBN0-88814-028-2 


  Information as an instrument for protection against war damages to the cultural heritage. Report from a Seminar, June 1984. ICOMOS Sweden, The Central Board of National Antiquities and the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO. Stockholm: UNESCO, 1994. 119 p.


2) More documents, news, downloads, journals, publications,etc in the Blog


8) News from ICCROM


To view the May 2009 news from ICCROM, visit


9) Links to recent DEWHA media releases


A world of value in heritage


$2 million helps conserve and restore Old Government House


QANTAS Hangar joins National Heritage List


10) 2009 Community Heritage Grant applications closing soon


Multicultural groups are encouraged to apply for the 2009 Community Heritage Grants, managed by the National Library of Australia, before applications close on 5 June.


The grants of up to $15 000 are available to community groups around the country to help preserve and manage locally held, nationally significant cultural heritage collections of documents and objects for future generations.


Activities supported include significance assessments of collections, preservation needs assessments, purchase of archival storage materials, digitisation, conservation treatments and environmental control.


Applications for grants for collection management workshops for staff and volunteers from community organisations to improve their skills when working with heritage collections are also welcome.


Representatives from Indigenous and migrant community groups, historical societies, museums, public libraries and archives are encouraged to apply.


Since 1994, a combined total of over $2.8 million in funding has been provided to 661 projects.


The 2009 Community Heritage Grants Program is funded by the Australian Government through the National Library of Australia, the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, the National Archives of Australia, the National Film and Sound Archive, and the National Museum of Australia.


Information, guidelines and application forms are available at


Media Contact:

Sally Hopman, Media Liaison Manager, 02 6262 1704 or 0401 226 697


11) Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage (FUUH) Programme


The Culture Sector of UNESCO and the World Heritage Centre invites you to participate in the Forum UNESCO University and Heritage programme - within the activities to develop articles 5 (paragraphs c and e), 22 (paragraphs a, b and c), 23, 27 and 28 of the World heritage Convention (1972), to build a "Knowledge Society", and reach the UN Development Objectives for the 3rd Millenium..


Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage Programme (FUUH) has an international scope: on one hand, to higher education institutions and/or research centres; and on the other hand, to professors and scholars, professionals of the heritage preservation and postgraduate students (masters, doctorate, etc.) interested in thematic areas related to the Natural and Cultural heritage.


This program conforms a co-operation network for the organization of activities that promote the protection and safeguard of Cultural and/or Natural Heritage, as well as the dialog and the exchange of knowledge, based on a spirit of participation and solidarity in accordance with the ideals of the Constitution of the UNESCO.


The Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage Network offers its members the possibility of publishing contents (papers, thesis summaries and publications, workshops, projects and activities, etc.) in the electronic newsletter of Forum UNESCO (ISSN 1887-1658) and in the website, created by the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) with the collaboration of the Spanish Agency for International co-operation for Development (AECID) The FUUH members receive the newsletter periodically.


 The Culture Sector of UNESCO and the World Heritage Centre, as well as the members of the network, shall use the website and its databases to identify specialists in Cultural and/or Natural Heritage and to search for sponsoring of programs, projects and activities.


Send an individual application form if you are interested in the individual affiliation at Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage. Please, contact directly to UNESCO World Heritage Centre for institutional affiliation.


Also visit for further information.


Yours faithfully,

Team of Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage (FUUH)


12) Link to Port Arthur Historic Site's Ticket of Leave E-News


To download the May 2009 issue of Port Arthur Historic Site's E-news, visit


This month, read about celebrating the Tasmanian Heritage Festival at Port Arthur.


13) Sustainable Construction. Revitalisation and Rehabilitation of districts - conference announcement & call for papers


We have the pleasure to announce you the International Regional Conference in the Mediterranean basis titled Sustainable Construction. Revitalisation and Rehabilitation of districts (SB10mad), which will take place in Madrid (Spain) from 28 - 30 April 2010.


You can participate in four different subjects:


A - Sustainable rehabilitation of districts: best practices

B - Traditional techniques and district rehabilitation

C - Methodologies and tools for sustainability assessing

D - City, building and tourism: a Mediterranean challenge


You will find more information on the web site


Receive our best regards,

Rehabilitation and Environmental Area of CAATEEB & RehabiMed Team


14) News from ICOMOS International Secretariat


Two Awards for Gustavo Araoz, President of ICOMOS


Gustavo Araoz, President of ICOMOS, has recently received two awards honouring his dedication to and achievements in the field of Historic Preservation:


2009 Beinecke-Reeves Distinguished Achievement Award in Historic Preservation (University of Florida, Center for World Heritage Research and Stewardship)


Gustavo Araoz was awarded the University of Florida College of Design, Construction and Planning's 2009 Beinecke-Reeves Distinguished Achievement Award on 9 April 2009. The annual award recognizes an individual who, with a connection to the state of Florida, exemplifies the spirit of historic preservation and has demonstrated dedication to the field.

Read the full announcement on the website of the University of Florida:


Herencia Cultural Cubana


Gustavo Araoz was also honoured by the organization "Herencia Cultural Cubana" in recognition and appreciation of his dedication to the preservation of the historic and cultural values of the Cuban nation.



18th April - ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites: Additional events


The Website dedicated to the International Day for Monuments and Sites is constantly being updated even after the 18th April, as additional reports on activities organized by National Committees or other Organizations are reaching the International Secretariat.


The website can be consulted at the following address:


Please find below a list of links to articles about activities that had not yet been included in the special edition of the e-news sent out on the occasion of the 18th April:

ICOMOS Armenia:

ICOMOS Macedonia:

ICOMOS Cyprus:

ICOMOS Israel:

ICOMOS Mexico:

Event in China:


For any request in relation to the 18th April, please contact:

Volker Zimmermann

Project Assistant to the Director

International Council on Monuments and Sites

49-51, rue de la Federation

75015 Paris, France

Tel.: +33 (0) 1 45 67 67 70

Fax.: +33 (0) 1 45 66 06 22





ICBS: International Blue Shield Mission to Cologne Archive


27 April to 1 May 2009


Dear Colleagues,


The new Blue Shield international coordination centre in The Hague received a request for support from Cologne, which we distributed among our relations and Dutch Archive institutes and professionals. We have received many responses from those who want to help.


Together with the National Archive and the Dutch Branch organization of Archive institutes (BRAIN) we made an inventory of people and institutes willing to help. Their offers keep coming in. We have received many responses from The Netherlands, but also from Belgium, France, the United States and the Czech Republic. In the first week of April a delegation went to Cologne to see how best to coordinate offers of assistance. The staff in Cologne gave us a warm welcome and we obtained detailed information and a thorough impression of the work that is in progress.


The delegation was very much impressed by the work that has been done so far. The process of searching and finding the material is taking place under extremely dangerous and difficult circumstances. It is therefore a tremendous achievement to have made such progress. It has not only surprised us it has also surprised the staff and volunteers of the Archive. The planning has been revised several times and has greatly progressed. The prognoses are that the first phase of the recovery process (separating material, storage, registration, first aid to the objects like cleaning and drying or preparing for further treatment) needs one more month, so this will end even before the summer holidays.


The delegation was also very impressed by the determination and the motivation of everyone at work. After a month of stress and extremely long working hours spirits seem unbroken, though the fatigue is showing. Firemen are still the only ones working on the slope, because of the dangerous conditions. They have a whole team working day in day out and they will stay until the slope is gone.


A coordinated mission is needed as soon as possible. It will be most helpful in this first phase of the recovery process if several teams work at the same time and on the same location. In accordance with the staff in Cologne we therefore decided to reschule schedule our mission for 27 APRIL TO 1 MAY. A coordinated mission will save time and energy for the Archive staff, who must make the necessary arrangements for each individual volunteer, including booking the accommodation, introduction, transport, etc.)


To prepare the mission we needed some time. We are fully aware that all professionals who indicated their willingness to help will need some time too and may have difficulty matching a busy agenda with this unforeseen early departure. Because of this we hereby call on every professional, whether they have already indicated their interest to join us or are deciding to do so, to support our hardworking colleagues of Cologne and make this first international Blue Shield mission a success.


Further Information on the ANCBS Website:



Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield (ANCBS)

ANCBS Office,

Laan van Meerdervoort 70

2517 AN The Hague,

The Netherlands

E mail address:

Web address:

Telephone: +31 (0)70-3466161

Fax: +31 (0)70-3467232



ICOMOS Argentina: Annual Assembly and Conference on Historic Urban Landscapes


22-24 April, San Juan, Argentina


The Annual Assembly will be held in the city of San Juan on 24 April. Previous to the Assembly, ICOMOS Argentina organised a conference on Historic Urban Landscapes, to be held in San Juan in April 22-24. The conference includes lectures by national experts and the presentation of some 60 papers related to urban conservation. The Assembly will include elections for a new Directive Board of the National Committee.


Alfredo CONTI

ICOMOS Argentina

Peru 272

C1067AAF Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 221 469 1186



ICOMOS Brazil: General Assembly and Elections


On 28 March 2009, the XII General Assembly of ICOMOS Brazil was held in Curitiba. On this occasion, elections were held for the triennium 2009-2012.

Election Results

Participation: 79.7%


Architect Rosina Parchen - President (Parana),

Architect Jorge Derenji - Vice President (Para),

Anthropologist Marcia Kersten - Secretary General (Parana),

Architect Jussara Valentini - Director of Finance (Parana),

Economist Henry Oswaldo de Andrade - Director of Projects (Brasilia)

Architect Betina Adams - Director of Committees Topic (Santa Catarina);


Architect Jussara Derenji - North (Para),

Architect Eugene de Avila Lins - Northeast (Bahia),

Architect Josa Leme Galvao Filho - West Central Region (Brasilia)

Art historian Myriam Ribeiro - Southeast (Rio de Janeiro),

Architect Brian Bicca - Southern Region (Rio Grande do Sul).



Headquarters of ICOMOS BRAZIL

Street April 21, 150

CEP 80060-260 Curitiba Parana BR

+55 (41) 3321-4809

+55 (41) 9958-5945




ICOMOS France: New Website


The New website of ICOMOS France is now online and can be reached at the following address:


Message from ICOMOS France

Chers adharents, chers amis,


Notre nouveau site, fruit de longues heures de reflexion, de recherche et de travail est enfin en ligne!


Merci a tous ceux qui nous ont aides a le constituer par leur aide financiere : la Region PACA, l'Ecole d'Avignon, Neteor, par leurs conseils ou leurs photos, et notamment Olivier Poisson, Samir Abdulac, Michele Prats...


ainsi qu'a Victoire Dorise, Marc Simon de Neteor et Michele Prats, qui l'ont realise!


Vous pouvez des a presents acceder au nouveau site internet d'ICOMOS France a l'adresse suivante: Nous esperons qu'il nous permettra des echanges encore plus fructueux que par le passe. N'hesitez pas a nous aider a le faire vivre et evoluer.


Bien cordialement


Le secretariat d'ICOMOS France



Palais de Chaillot

avenue Albert 1er de Monaco

75116 Paris

Tel : +33 1 47 55 19 07

Fax : +33 1 47 55 19 61



ICOMOS Korea: 10th Anniversary


On 17 April 2009, ICOMOS Korea celebrated its 10th Anniversary in the presence of ICOMOS President Gustavo Araoz.


During the Anniversary Event, ICOMOS Korea presented a new long-term strategy called "Vision 2020", consisting of five main points:


  1. Advancing International Activities
  2. Enhancing National Activities
  3. Improving Conservation and Management Systems
  4. Expanding General Understanding of the World Heritage
  5. Invigorating Research and Development Activities



Sang Hae LEE

Detached Building of National Palace Museum of Korea

34 Sagingno, Jongro-gu

SEOUL zip 110-820

Tel: +82 2 720 4867

Fax: +82 2 720 4868



ICOMOS Peru: General Assembly and Elections


The Election Committee, elected on 20 January 2009, consisted of:


The list of candidates was announced on 23 March 2009. Elections were held on 2 April 2009, with the following results:


Presidenta:                         Ruth Shady Solis

Vice-presidente:              Fernando Rosas Moscoso

Secretaria:                          Edna Quispe Loayza

Vocal:                                    Edgar Santa Cruz Arana

Vocal:                                    Julio Vargas Neumann

Vocal-Tesorero:                Jorge Orrego Vargas




Ruth Shady Solis

Av. Las Lomas de La Molina 327

La Molina

Telefono: +51 1 495-1515



The First Workshop on Traditional Structures and Cultural Heritage


9 May 2009, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan (Iran)

Organized by:

University of Isfahan, Bam Recovery Project Office, Mie University, Kokushikan University, Iran ICOMOS, Japan ICOMOS


Speakers include Prof. Yasuyoshi Okada, Kokushikan University, Japan, member of the ICOMOS Executive Committee and Prof. Mehrdad Hejazi, University of Isfahan, member of ICOMOS Iran and the International Scientific Committee on the analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage



University of Isfahan:

Program (PDF)


Department of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

University of Isfahan

Hezar Jerib Street



Tel. +98-311-7934015

Fax. +98-311-7932089




European Federation of Landscape Architects (EFLA):

Calendar of Events April 2009



The calendar of events of the European Federation of Landscape Architects (EFLA) can be downloaded at the following address:



Secretariat : Jeanine Colin

Rue des Palais, 44 Bte 21
FAX: +



AHSS Conference 2009: Mirror of Modernity: The Post-war Revolution in Urban Conservation


1 and 2 May 2009, Main Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh (Scotland)


The AHSS National Conference, held jointly with DOCOMOMO International and hosted by the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies, will be held on Friday and Saturday, 1-2 May 2009 in the Main Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh College of Art, 74 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9DF.


The conference will begin by sketching out the broad international context of the shift towards urban conservation, including the post-war reconstruction of cities, as well as urban conservation in the 60s. The day will open with post-war reconstruction in Poland, moving swiftly to touch on 1960s-70s cases in Canada, France, Italy, England, and concluding with contemporary challenges in China.

Booking Form (PDF)



AHSS National Office

The Glasite Meeting House
33 Barony Street
Edinburgh EH3 6NX

Tel: 0131 557 0019



Call for Abstracts: 2009 Conference of the Association for Preservation Technology International (APTI): Preservation in the City Without Limits


2-6 November 2009, Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles (USA)


The theme of the 2009 conference is "Preservation in the City Without Limits." Los Angeles represents the quintessential American city of the late 19th and 20th centuries. Technological and social changes allowed an interconnected, yet scattered, collection of towns and villages to grow (sprawl) into one of the world's major metropolitan regions comprising fi ve counties; more than 200 towns, cities, and municipalities; and more than 15 million residents. At the hub of this metropolitan agglomeration, Los Angeles invites rigorous debate between those seeing an urban utopia-complete with fast cars, movies stars, high-tech jobs, surf boards, fruit orchards, and mountain resorts-and those who envision a dystopian nightmare of race riots, air pollution, traffic jams, endless sprawl, and rapidly increasing density. Somewhere in the middle, for better or worse, lies the real Los Angeles, the model for the post-war 20th century American metropolis and (jaded) blueprint for the World City.


Now that we have moved into the 21st Century, both philosophical and pragmatic questions arise regarding the conservation and management of the World City.



The APT LA 2009 Conference in Los Angeles will address the scientific, engineering and technical ramifications of preserving the modern metropolis and its expansive body of historic resources through the four conference tracks in the program.



Dana Saal

Conference Manager


Tel: +1 217.528.2460 (direct)



1st International Meeting European Architectural History Network (EAHN)


Guimaraes, Portugal, June 17-20, 2010

Call for papers and Discussion Positions.

Submission deadline: October 30, 2009.


The time has come for scholars who share research and teaching objectives in architectural history to gather at a single pan-European meeting. In accordance with the EAHN mission statement, this meeting proposes to increase the visibility of the discipline, to foster trans-national, interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to the study of the built environment, and to facilitate the exchange of research results in the field. Though the scope of the meeting is European, members of the larger scholarly community are invited to submit proposals related not only to Europe's geographical framework, but also to its transcontinental aspects.


The main purpose of the meeting is to map the general state of research in disciplines related to the built environment, to promote discussion of current themes and concerns, and to foster new directions for research in the field.


The call for papers can also be read at


Round tables



Escola de Arquitectura

Universidade do Minho

Campus de Azurem

4800-058 Guimaraes


Phone: +351 253510503

Fax: +351 253510509





UNESCO: New Publication on Underwater Heritage


Museum International: Underwater Cultural Heritage (Volume 60, no 4, 2008), No 240


The underwater excavation of archaeological sites is often associated with treasure hunting. But such sand- or silt-covered remains represent a wealth greater than the material: the history of humankind in all its diversity.


This current issue of Museum International discusses site exploration as well as preservation, highlighting maintenance in situ. It takes stock of technological innovations for conserving submerged objects, and cautions against the dangers of commercially exploiting underwater cultural heritage.


Attention is also given to the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage: its benefits along with the challenges still to be met.
Finally, this issue explores some new perspectives opened up by underwater cultural heritage on the theory and practice of protection itself.


Note: Several of the Authors of this Volume are members of ICOMOS' International Scientific Committee for Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICUCH)







24,00 euro

Order here:

Also available in French:



Council of Europe: New Publication: Guidance on inventory and documentation of the cultural heritage


Published 23 March 2009, 134 pages


Improved heritage management and the inclusion of heritage in planning and sustainable development processes necessitate inventory and documentation. More than mere scientific tools recommended in international agreements, inventory and documentation play a strategic role. The complexity of the heritage items that now have to be inventoried and their interaction with our everyday living environment require the clear definition and harmonisation of practices at the European level. Through its work in the 1960s, the Council of Europe helped to lay the methodological bases for inventorying architectural, archaeological and movable heritage. The efforts to systematise the process came in answer to the broadening meaning of heritage, and today new considerations lead us to address such notions as heritage groups. The guidelines proposed in this book reflect the work done so far and provide a basis for future research. It is part of a series produced under the Technical Co-operation and Assistance Programme to present the experience derived from the projects implemented by the Council of Europe.




15 euro/ 30 $ + 10% postage

Place an order directly



Urban History News April 2009


The April 2009 Urban History News published by the Centre for Urban History at the University of Leicester (United Kingdom) is now on-line at the following address:  


Centre for Urban History

University of Leicester

Marc Fitch House

3-5 Salisbury Road

Leicester, LE1 7QR


Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2378

Fax: +44 (0)116 252 5769




Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa (OCPA) News


Issue no. 226, 12 April 2009


Issue no. 226 of the OCPA News can be downloaded in PDF format at:


To subscribe to the OCPA News, click here


Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa (OCPA)

725 Avenida da Base N'Tchinga
P.O. Box 1207

Tel: +258 21 418649
Fax: +258 21 418650





International Council on Monuments and Sites/

Conseil International des Monuments et des Sites
International Secretariat / Secretariat International

49-51 rue de la Federation

75015 Paris - France

Tel : 33 (0) 1 45 67 67 70

Fax : 33 (0) 1 45 66 06 22

e-mail :

If you would like to suggest an event, story, course etc for the Australia ICOMOS e-mail news or submit an article, or you wish to be removed from the distribution list, send an e-mail to the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat at:

Please note that as the office is not staffed full-time it may take a few days to deal with your request
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Australia ICOMOS Secretariat
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