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Friday 25 July 2008

1)  Applications for membership of Australia ICOMOS
2)  "Isles of Exile" Conference, 26 - 29 October 2008, Norfolk Island
3)  International Network Chapter: INTBAU Australia
4)  Call for Australia ICOMOS members to contribute to International Scientific Committees
5)  Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts: Media Release - National Maritime Museum has acquired First Fleet treasure "for all Australians"
Situations Vacant...
6)  Temporary Position (Public Historian) at Godden Mackay Logan

1) Applications for membership of Australia ICOMOS
New Members - join soon, there are Conferences coming up!
Australia ICOMOS welcomes applications for new members.
Also, if you have been an Associate for a number of years you might like to consider applying to be a Full Member as this provides you with many more benefits.
There are some very interesting conferences and ICOMOS events coming up including the ICOMOS General Assembly in Quebec in October 2008, the Australia ICOMOS Annual Conference in Sydney in July 2009 and the ICOMOS/TICCIH Conference in Broken Hill in April 2010. ICOMOS Members are eligible for concession rates for these conferences and a range of other ICOMOS events in each state.
It is worthwhile letting friends and colleagues who may wish to join ICOMOS that they should do so soon, so they can take advantage of these opportunities.
The cut-off date for applications is 3 weeks before each Executive Committee meeting where new member nominations are considered. Following are the dates for the EC meetings and the resulting cut-off date for applications.
Member application cut-off date                        EC Meeting dates  
Thursday 7th August 2008                                       30th-31st August 2008
Thursday 30th October 2008                                   22nd-23rd November 2008
Thursday 15th January 2008                                   February 2008 (date to be set)
Initial membership enquiries can be directed to the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat, email .


2) "Isles of Exile" Conference, 26 - 29 October 2008, Norfolk Island
The Norfolk Island Government would like to invite you to join them on Norfolk Island for the "Isles of Exile" Conference being held from 26 to 29 October 2008. The Travel Centre has been appointed as the official conference coordinator and will facilitate travel and accommodation bookings, provide information on Norfolk Island attractions and arrange bookings for additional tours and activities.
In order to make your trip to Norfolk Island as easy as possible please head to the Travel Centre website where you will be able to download the following:
Once you have had an opportunity to read through all the information please complete the reservation forms for both the conference and travel packs and fax or email them back to the Travel Centre along with your deposit preference. (Posting by airmail is also accepted, but can take up to 10 working days). Please note that space is limited for this conference and to avoid disappointment make sure you get in early!
Jannise Witt
The Travel Centre
PO Box 172
Norfolk Island 2899
South Pacific
Ph: int+ 6723 22502
Fax: int + 6723 23205

3) International Network Chapter: INTBAU Australia
The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) formed an Australian chapter this June. INTBAU is a worldwide organisation under the patronage of HRH The Prince of Wales, dedicated to the support of traditional building, architecture and places, and those who create, maintain and study traditional building through education. By supporting practitioners, artisans and students, INTBAU encourages people to maintain and restore traditional buildings, and to build environments that improve the quality of life in cities, towns and villages. Closer working is anticipated with The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment, the UK's leading environmental and urban design charity.
INTBAU is now an educational UK charity, with chapters in Australia, Canada, India, Iran, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Romania, Nigeria, Norway, the UK and USA. General membership is free through an online registration form. Members can join email discussion forums and will receive periodic updates on events, workshops and conferences.
To register, see For more information or to answer queries, contact Dr Matthew Hardy at, or Scott J Strachan at .


4) Call for Australia ICOMOS members to contribute to International Scientific Committees
The 15th General Assembly of ICOMOS, held in Xi'an China in 2005, adopted the Eger-Xi'an Principles, one objective of which is to open up the membership of International Scientific Committees (ISCs). The latest version of the Principles, incorporating amendments agreed to by the Scientific Council, has just been released for discussion at the 16th ICOMOS General Assembly in Quebec later this year (refer to item attached to this newsletter).
Within the global structures of ICOMOS, the ISCs are expected to be at the heart of scientific inquiry and exchange in their domains. They therefore complement the roles of ICOMOS National Committees. To perform their role adequately, the ISCs need to contain expert members that span the breadth of their subject, and to be geographically and culturally diverse.
Australia ICOMOS is already well represented on several ISCs. However, there are currently a number of ISCs with no Australian members, and other ISCs that are seeking new members. Until the changes made by the Eger-Xi'an Principles, the ability of Australia ICOMOS members to participate in the ISCs was relatively limited. Australia ICOMOS has therefore welcomed the reforms and is now keen to encourage all its Full International Members to join an ISC in which they have a particular interest. At present there is no funding to assist members to travel to ISC meetings, although the Executive Committee is looking into the possibility of providing some modest assistance for this purpose.
Although the Eger-Xi'an Principles allow prospective ISC members to nominate themselves or to be invited to join directly by an ISC, the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee has reaffirmed its preference to continue the process of nominating candidates for membership of ISCs. The Executive Committee feels that this process assists both the ISC and the candidate by providing an independent opinion on the standing and credit of nominees in the field of the ISC within their own country.
Australia ICOMOS is therefore calling for expressions of interest from Full International Members to be considered for nomination to an ISC. Expressions of interest should be sent to the Secretariat, and include a resume with particular reference to your credentials in the specific field of the ISC for which you seek nomination, and a statement on why you wish to be involved, and whether you seek to be nominated as an Expert or Associate member. Please note that the endorsement of your nomination by Australia ICOMOS is no guarantee of your acceptance by the relevant ISC, and that the timing of the consideration of your membership will vary from committee to committee, according to their own rules.
Please send your expression of interest to the Secretariat no later than Monday 11 August 2008 (email to, so that it can be reviewed in time for the Executive Committee to consider the nomination at its meeting in Darwin on 30-31 August. We are anxious to forward nominations to ISC Chairs in time for the ISC meetings to be held on Monday 29 September in Quebec, prior to the opening of the ICOMOS General Assembly.
The ISCs which currently have no Australian members are:
The remaining ISCs, all of which should be opening their membership to additional Australian members that meet the criteria established by each Committee, are:
Further information is available from the ISC web sites (through the ICOMOS International web site or the Australia ICOMOS ISC Coordinator, Sue Jackson-Stepowski (


5) Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts: Media Release - National Maritime Museum has acquired First Fleet treasure "for all Australians"
The National Maritime Museum today acquired one of the acknowledged treasures of Australia's maritime heritage... the silver Charlotte Medal which has been passed down from the First Fleet.
The disc, 74 mm in diameter, was engraved by convict Thomas Barrett on the transport ship Charlotte in January 1788 at the conclusion of the First Fleet's long, gruelling voyage from Britain to New South Wales. 
It's believed he created the medal while Charlotte and the fleet's other ships were anchored in Botany Bay awaiting Governor Phillip's decision to move north to strike the continent's first European settlement at Port Jackson.
On one side of the medal Barrett engraved a fully-rigged ship secured to a buoy with the sun down near the horizon line on the lower left and a crescent moon and stars on the upper right.
Above the sun are inscribed the words The Charlotte at anchor / in Botany Bay / Jany. the 20, / 1788.
On the reverse side of the disc is a short description of Charlotte's voyage from Spithead, England (13 May 1787) to Botany Bay in the "island of New Holland" (20 January 1788).
Barrett engraved the medal for the First Fleet's Principal Surgeon John White who travelled with him on Charlotte, and it's believed he used a surgeon's silver 'kidney dish' to make it.
The Director of the Australian National Maritime Museum Mary-Louise Williams, today hailed the acquisition as an important one for all Australians.
"This one small object is a direct link with that pivotal event in Australia's history - the arrival of the First Fleet at Botany Bay and the subsequent European occupation of the continent," she said.
"And the piece has further significance... Barrett's engraving has been widely acclaimed as the first known Australian colonial work of art."
Ms Williams said the Charlotte Medal will be a cornerstone in the Australian National Maritime Museum collection.  It will go on display at the museum, on Sydney's Darling Harbour, as soon as practicable - possibly within a month.
The museum paid $750,000 for the medal at a Noble Numismatics auction in Melbourne. It was purchased with assistance from the Commonwealth Government's National Cultural Heritage Account.
The vendor is a private collector, and it's believed this is the first time the piece has been held in a public collection.
The convict Thomas Barrett, an engraver, appeared before Mr Justice Ashhurst at the Old Bailey, London. on 11 September 1782 charged with stealing a silver watch, valued at three pounds, a steel chain, a watch key, a hook, two shirts and one shift from Ann Milton on 20 July that year.
He was found guilty and sentenced to death, but was granted a King's Pardon on condition of transportation.
The following year he appeared again at the Old Bailey on a charge of being criminally at large in England. This time he was held successfully on a prison hulk before being sent on board Charlotte.
The ship's 250-day voyage included 68 days at Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town where the 11 ships of  the First Fleet were re-supplied and the crews rested.
Barrett holds the dubious distinction of being the first European executed for a criminal act on the east coast of Australia.
On 27 February 1788, only one month after arriving at Port Jackson, he was convicted along with Henry Lovell, Joseph Hall and Ryan Clark of stealing butter, pease and pork from the common store.
Three of these convicts, including Barrett, were sentenced to death.  Two subsequently had their death sentences changed to public floggings, but Barrett was hung.
A plaque commemorating his execution stands on the corner of Harrington and Essex Streets in The Rocks, Sydney.
Very little material survives today from any of the 11 ships of  the historic First Fleet.
The National Maritime Museum has only one other First Fleet item in its collection, a wooden sea chest believed to be the property of convict Henry Kable and brought to the colony by him on board the convict transport Friendship.
Media information, Bill Richards (02) 9298 3645; 0418 403 472


6) Temporary Position (Public Historian) at Godden Mackay Logan
Godden Mackay Logan is a leading Australian heritage consultancy with offices located in Redfern and Canberra. We provide a wide range of heritage services to private and public sector clients. Our work includes heritage and conservation planning, archaeological assessments, impact assessment and interpretation.
GML have a temporary position for a full time public historian that would be available for work from 15 August to 15 October 2008. The historian would be required to research and write history for conservation management plans, heritage management plans, interpretation plans and heritage impact statements. The position requires demonstrated familiarity with archival and library collections. Knowledge of the heritage industry would be preferred and the ability to manage competing deadlines and project budgets. The historian would be required to work from the Redfern office, but some flexibility would be possible in terms of days/hours etc (though it is closer to a full time position than part time). Salary is negotiable dependant on experience.
For further information, or to register your interest in the position, please contact Sharon Veale or Mark Dunn on 02 9319 4811.

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