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Thursday 20 March 2008

1)  Australia ICOMOS celebrates World Monument's Day - 2008 theme:'Religious Heritage and Sacred Places'
2)  Arte-Polis 2 International Conference and Workshop update - Abstracts due 21 March 2008
3)  Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts: Media Release - Protection for HMAS Sydney and Hsk Kormoran Shipwrecks
4)  World Heritage Day Event - Western Australia
5)  Historic Environment - Call For Papers


1) Australia ICOMOS celebrates World Monument's Day - 2008 theme 'Religious Heritage and Sacred Places'
World Monument's Day on 18 April 2008 celebrates the signing of the UNESCO Venice Charter.  This special day offers an opportunity to raise public awareness concerning the diversity of the world's heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as to draw attention to its vulnerability.

Each State branch of Australia ICOMOS will celebrate the 2008 theme of 'Religious Heritage and Sacred Places'.

Australia has always had all major world religions represented since the white settlement, and these reflects our considerable 'shared built and intangible' heritage, in additional to indigenous spiritual places. 
Two Sydney events will showcase an historical approach of how religious places demonstrate early town planning applications in the c1901 garden suburb of Haberfield lead by Sue Jackson-Stepowski, and the another event demonstrates how world religions co-exist as late 20th century 'share built heritage' in a very diverse outer suburban setting of Fairfield, organised by Helen Wilson and Graeme Wiffen.

South Australia branch will show-case conservation works being undertaken at St Francis Xavier Cathedral on 18th April, as well as be the venue for a practioners' seminar on the use of lime mortars and appropriate mixes in such conservation works, led by Liz Vines and Anthony Coupe.

Victorian members will discuss regional landscapes as places of intangible spiritual values as well as focus on the diverse religious heritage of regional town of Ballarat, led by Dr Tim Hubbard on 16th April.

West Australian seminar on 18th April deals  with "what makes a sacred site; changing and differing tangible and intangible needs", to be held in the St Bartholomew's Chapel, East Perth Cemetery:  Speakers include Father Abbot of the Benedictine 'New Norcia', Australian's only monastic town established in 1846 by Spanish monks associated with San Martin Pinario adjoining the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (  Organised by WA colleagues Anne Blake, Ian Hocking, Alan Kelsall and Sarah Murphy 
For further details, please visit the Australia ICOMOS web site at or contact the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat .


2) Arte-Polis 2 International Conference and Workshop update - Abstracts due 21 March 2008
Dear Colleague:
We are pleased update you on the Arte-Polis 2 International Conference and Workshop on Creative Communities and the Making of Place: Sharing Creative Experiences, 8-10 August 2008 in Bandung.
Charles Landry of COMEDIA has been confirmed as conference Keynote Speaker, through the kind support of The British Council. The keynote speech of Landry, author of "The Creative City" and "The Art of City Making", along with featured speakers from various countries will certainly provide a platform for critical debate and discussion in the conference and highlight the event of Arte-Polis 2 as a forum of sharing experiences on creative communities and place-making.
A reminder that 21 March 2008 is the deadline for Abstracts of the Arte-Polis 2. However, we are aware of the upcoming holiday break, and will still be accepting Abstracts until next Monday. Until this time we have received abstracts with experiences from Mexico, USA, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. To colleagues who have submitted abstracts, we thank you!
More updates will be provided on our website at We look forward to your participation
in Arte-Polis 2 and extend warm regards from Bandung.
Woerjantari Soedarsono, chairperson
Organizing Committee,  Arte-Polis 2  International Conference and Workshop
School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development - Institute of
Technology Bandung
LabTek. IXB, 2nd Floor. Jalan Ganesha 10,
Bandung 40132,
Tel (+62-22) 250-4962
Fax (+62-22) 253-0705
E-mails:  AND


3) Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts: Media Release - Protection for HMAS Sydney and Hsk Kormoran Shipwrecks
Today I have placed a provisional declaration over the HMAS Sydney II and German raider HSK Kormoran under the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976.
The declaration gives legal protection to these historically significant vessels and relics, including their crews, from damage, disturbance or removal. Under the declaration, unauthorised intrusion into the sites of these final resting places is prohibited.
This action will ensure respect for the war dead of both our nations.
The declaration will not prevent further documentation of the site, by the Finding Sydney
Foundation or another appropriate research body. However my approval under a Commonwealth permit will be required.
This morning Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the discovery in Western Australian waters of the HMAS Sydney II by the Finding Sydney Foundation, 24 hours after the announcement of the finding of the HSK Kormoran and the battle site wreckage.
HMAS Sydney II sank after a fierce battle with the HSK Kormoran on 19 November 1941. All 645 crew were tragically lost in what was Australia's worst naval disaster. Over 80 German sailors also died.
For more than 66 years the fate of the HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran has been the subject of public speculation and heartache. We will preserve and honour their resting places, ensuring that the final chapter of this tragic story is complete.
For more information about the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976 visit
For more information about and high resolution sonar images of the wrecks visit
Media contact: Margot Marshall: (02) 6277 7640 or 0418 624 847

4) World Heritage Day Event - Western Australia
WA ICOMOS and RAIA (WA) heritage committee invite you to hear Fr Placid Spearritt OSB, Abbott of New Norcia, address the question What make a site sacred? as part of world wide celebrations of World Heritage Day. A tour of East Perth Cemeteries exploring the conservation and management of Victorian cemeteries before the presentation will be led by Sarah Murphy, Manager Properties and Collections, National Trust of Australia (WA) and Phil Palmer, Senior Landscape Architect, EPCAD. Refreshments will be served after the event.
Places are limited so please RSVP no later that 11 April to Janet Sully (08) 9388 2810 or .
ICOMOS & RAIA members $10 (lecture only, tour free)
Others                                     $15 (lecture only, tour free)


5) Historic Environment - Call For Papers
In 2009 Historic Environment is planning to publish two thematic issues and is looking for contributions:
Heritage and the Media
Newspaper articles, reports and documentaries on both television and radio, along with websites can all be vital resources for raising public awareness about heritage. All too often though, getting the appropriate message across to print and television journalists is a challenging, if not frustrating, exercise. How well does today's mainstream media serve the interests of the heritage community? How can the media be best harnessed as an effective resource for generating public debate and discussion in the corridors of power? And where 'old media' doesn't work, do the internet and other digital technologies present new opportunities? In dedicating an issue of HE to heritage and media we are looking for a variety of contributions, including ones that: draw on specific case studies; offer a broader analysis of the relationship between heritage and media; or consider the ways in which today's ever evolving media landscape presents new challenges and opportunities.
Heritage and Development
Marrying the agendas of conservation and development is a perennial challenge. Urban expansion, the arrival of new industries to an area, changing lifestyles and tourism development all threaten the very survival of important heritage resources. Equally however, these same processes provide new opportunities for the heritage community. Community involvement and empowerment, poverty reduction, and the revival of neglected cultural and natural resources can all be achieved by embedding heritage into wider developmental agendas. But what ethical questions does using heritage as a developmental resource raise? What political processes and institutions need to be in place to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth? How can tradition be 're-valued' within today's concerns for climate change, sustainability, economic inequality etc? Should conservation always be the first priority? Not limited to Australia, we welcome contributions that explore such questions and others across the Asia Pacific region. In addition to papers focusing on specific case studies we also seek pieces that conceptually discuss the challenges and opportunities of integrating heritage and development.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss your thoughts and ideas for a paper please get in touch with Tim Winter at
Forthcoming issues of Historic Environment:
Places On The Margin, Vol. 20 No.2, Delivery date to your letterbox April 2008
Global Climate Change and Cultural Heritage Vol. 21 No.1, Delivery date to your letter box May 2008.

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