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Friday 22 February 2008

1)  ICOMOS 16th GA, Canada - E-news from ICOMOS Canada
2)  Link to the address by The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP announcing the nomination of convict sites in running for World Heritage listing
3)  Link to Heritage Tasmania's E-newsletter
4)  Link to Heritage South Australia's E-newsletter
5)  New title from Council of Europe Publishing - Integrated Management Tools in South East Europe
6)  Presentation - Managing heritage in the wake of war and conflict in Cyprus
7)  Streetwise Asia Update - Conservation project now being undertaken in Laos


1) ICOMOS 16th GA, Canada - E-news from ICOMOS Canada

16th General Assembly and International Scientific Symposium
Quebec, Canada, Sept. 29 to Oct. 4, 2008

E-News - No. 2 (February 2008)
This issue:
1.       International Forum of Young Researchers and Professionals in Cultural Heritage
2.       Call for papers for the Forum
3.       Canadian content
4.       Information concerning the General Assembly
5.       Miscellaneous

1.    International Forum of Young Researchers and Professionals in Cultural Heritage

"Finding the Spirit of place" This is the question that we will seek to answer during the International Forum of Young Researchers and Professionals in Cultural Heritage taking place at the Ecole des Ursulines de Quebec (Canada) on 27-28 September 2008, just prior to the ICOMOS 16th General Assembly (29 September to 4 October). The Forum is aimed at young researchers and professionals from all fields of study (architecture, urban planning, geography, ethnology, archaeology, history, arts and literature, etc.) who graduated less than five years ago and who, thanks to their research and work, share a common interest in heritage. Participants are invited to examine the concept of spirit of place in relation to the construction of memory, and the protection and transmission of heritage.
The Forum will provide the opportunity to assess the draft Declaration on the Spirit of Place that will be tabled for adoption at the ICOMOS General Assembly. Discussions at this forum could have an impact on the content of the Declaration. Young people are thus invited to share their experience and express their views and concerns about the spirit of place, with the goal of providing a new perspective on this subject, which plays a fundamental role in the protection and transmission of heritage.

2. Call for papers for the Forum

The Organizing Committee issued a call for papers. You are all invited to encourage young professionals to participate to the Forum and to find the financial means to support their participation. Youth can participate by preparing papers or posters. Details are available on the Forum's web site at Only registrations confirmed by July 15 will be considered.
The Institute for Cultural Heritage at Universite Laval in Quebec City will publish a scientific report within the framework of its publications programme. It will be a selection of the best papers presented during the roundtables. Other publications will cover the participant's papers that were not selected and a selection of the best posters. This Forum is organized in collaboration with Laval University's Institute for Cultural Heritage that is responsible for scientific coordination.

3. Canadian Content

A Canadian perspective on the spirit of place
The coordinators for Canadian Content and Participation include
o        John Ward  on behalf of the English-Speaking Committee,
o        Alain Dejeans on behalf of the French-Speaking Committee
o        Maria Ines Subercaseaux  on behalf of the ICOMOS Canada Scientific Council.
ICOMOS Canada and the ICOMOS 16th General Assembly Organizing Committee are currently planning a number of initiatives to showcase the range and diversity of Canada's cultural heritage with a particular emphasis on sites which relate closely to the conference theme of Spirit of Place
We are preparing the following activities:
o        Special edition of the ICOMOS Canada Bulletin:  to be distributed to ICOMOS members, conference delegates and the heritage community across Canada and internationally. Blake Roberts ( ) and Mehdi Ghafouri ( ) are the co-editors respectively of the English and French content, and will be assisted by Renee LeBlanc ( ) who has agreed to coordinate production of this Bulletin.  The Call for Content for this special Bulletin is planned to be sent out very shortly.  All ICOMOS Canada members and others with a passion for Canada's heritage are encouraged to contribute.
o        ICOMOS Canada Conference sessions:  Sessions are being organized for integration into the conference program as follows:

o        Heritage Conservation Practice across Canada (including provincial, territorial, and municipal approaches and tools), Canadian UNESCO/World Heritage Sites and the Tentative List; Canadian Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and a Canadian Perspective on conserving the Spirit of Place.  Tom Urbaniak ( and Madeleine Demers ( have agreed to organize this session. You may contact them directly to share your ideas, suggestions or offer to participate.
o        Pre- and Post-Conference Tours and Activities:  Traditionally, this is the opportunity for delegates to visit and experience the cultural heritage of the host country, and to meet with conservation professionals and others and to exchange. David Mendel ( Visites culturelles Baillairge Inc.), Louise Mercier (Conseil des monuments et sites du Quebec ) and Marie-Dominic Labelle ( Societe du patrimoine urbain de Quebec) are responsible for tours that will take place within the framework of the scientific symposium (Oct.3). The same three persons will be making proposals for tours for the accompanying persons.  Susan Bronson ( has agreed to coordinate the post-conference tours. If you wish to collaborate with them to organize tours in a region or on a particular theme, please contact them directly.
o        We will also be exploring with Parks Canada and other heritage site custodians across Canada the possibility of an ICOMOS 2008 delegate national pass during stay in Canada.
o        Under discussion are ideas relating to: presenting exhibits; organising a children's hand drawn heritage postcard initiative similar to that undertaken at the last ICOMOS Canada conference held in Xian, China; introducing Canadian food and beverages/wine during break sessions and events; material for inclusion in delegates packages; etc.

4. Information concerning the General Assembly

o        The General Assembly will be held at the Quebec Congress Center that has recently been enlarged and modernized to better meet contemporary congress requirements. The Center is in walking distance from Historic Old Quebec.
o        The Organizing Committee is preparing to welcome between 600 and 800 participants from all over the world.
o        The ICOMOS General Assembly will elect a president, Secretary General, Treasurer, five Vice-Presidents and 12 members to the Executive Committee. Each National Committee in order is entitled to a maximum of 18 votes.

5. Miscellaneous

o        Quebec ICOMOS 2008 official web site:
o        ICOMOS Canada:
o        ICOMOS:
For additional information concerning the organization of the Quebec ICOMOS 2008 event:
o        CANADIAN CONTENT - John Ward (Anglais); Alain Dejeans (Francais); Maria-Ines Subercaseaux (Comites scientifiques)
o        COMMUNICATIONS - Francois LeBlanc - (613) 244-0519)
o        CONSERVATION PRACTICE IN CANADA - Tom Urbaniak ( et Madeleine Demers (
o        COORDINATION - Michel Bonnette - - (418) 380-8725
POST-CONFERENCE TOURS IN CANADA - Susan Bronson ( - (514) 849.9543 and Jeannette Hlavach ( (514) 242.7940
o        REGISTRATION - Bruno Begin - (418) 522-8182 ext. 25)
o        SCIENTIFIC COORDINATION - Laurier Turgeon - (418) 656.2131, ext. 7200
o        TREASURER - William Moss - (418) 641.6411, ext. 2149
o        YOUTH FORUM - Marie-Josee Deschenes - (418) 523-1550


2) Link to the address by The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP announcing the nomination of convict sites in running for World Heritage listing
To download a video of the above address, which took place at Fremantle Prison, WA, on 30 January 2008, visit


3) Link to Heritage Tasmania's E-newsletter

To view the February 2008 issue of Heritage Tasmania's E-newsletter, visit


4) Link to Heritage South Australia's Enews

To view the February 2008 issue of Heritage South Australia's E-newsletter, visit


5)  New title from Council of Europe Publishing - Integrated Management Tools in South East Europe
As part of the Institutional Capacity Building Plan, which is the first of the three components of the Regional Programme for Cultural and Natural Heritage in South-East Europe launched in 2003, a "transnational theme-based debate" was organised. The second step in this debate stemmed from an assessment of requests from the countries/regions participating in the Regional Programme: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo/ UNMIK, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".

The first step was concerned with current heritage policies and legislation. Its aim was to take stock of the position regarding legislative reforms and heritage policies in the countries of South-East Europe. It also highlighted the need for an in-depth analysis of certain key areas where difficulties still arose in implementation.

The second step was concerned with tools for integrated management of the cultural and natural heritage, in the broad sense of the term "heritage" (the concept of cultural environment). It linked together three key topics previously identified:
- documentation systems;
- incorporating the heritage dimension in environment, regional development and town planning documents;
- permits, controls and penalties related to heritage conservation work.

The focus in this second step remained on the basic concept of "integrated conservation" of the cultural and natural heritage.
For further information or to purchase this title, visit


6) Presentation - Managing heritage in the wake of war and conflict in Cyprus
Presenter: Susan Balderstone
Adjunct Professor, Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific, Deakin University

In the wake of a Greece-inspired coup against the Greek Cypriot President of Cyprus in 1974, the Turkish military occupied the northern third of the island and continues to do so. Ethnic communities are still separated: Greek Cypriots moved to the south and Turkish Cypriots to the north. This paper covers issues raised by the bi-communal conservation projects resulting from the European Union's Partnership for the Future Programme being implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. The projects require co-operation between mutually distrustful, fearful and disdainful communities for the sake of common objectives  social and economic well-being. Cyprus has apparently opted for conflict management rather than resolution, with both sides focused on achieving prosperity. Heritage conservation has become a tool for peaceful co-existence and mutual pride. Initially the projects involved places of shared heritage rather than places reinforcing the separate cultural identities of the communities. Loss of cultural identity is a concern of both communities. Ongoing operational issues derive from the illegality of the Turkish government in the north and the repercussions of this for international aid. The paper explores the professional challenges related to these issues and their possible resolution.

There is no entry charge and everyone is welcome.

Venue: The Blue Room, Building B Room 2.20, Deakin University.

For a map of the campus see


7) Streetwise Asia Update - Conservation project now being undertaken in Laos
The first project being supported by the Streetwise Asia Fund has now been confirmed, and works are in progress.  The Fund will support the re-roofing of the Community Library and Resource Centre at the World Heritage Town of Champasak in Lao PDR.  This follows the recommendation of Anthony Coupe and Felicity Sando, who visited Laos on behalf of the Streetwise Asia Fund in October 2007.  They provided a detailed report on possible Streetwise Asia projects in Laos.
The building chosen in Champasak is located within the Vat Phou Champasak World Heritage Area, which received World Heritage Listing in 2001.  The building is of traditional French Colonial style, set back from the main street frontage, sitting amongst traditional Laotian style raised timber houses.  The building has not been used for some time, and has been in a state of decay.
The Streetwise Asia project will allow for the removal of later inappropriate metal deck roofing and re-roofing of this building in traditional terracotta roofing tiles.  The Streetwise Asia fund will be partnering with the Lerici Foundation, who are concurrently undertaking other conservation works to the building, but have an insufficient budget to undertake the necessary and urgent re-roofing of the building.  Without the Streetwise Asia fund input, retaining the inappropriate metal deck roofing would have been the only option, having serious implications for the heritage value of the building.  The Fund has also met the cost of engagement of a local architect for a two month period to ensure that the works are undertaken to a high standard. 
The UNESCO Bangkok office has volunteered to assist with the third party inspections of the works, and the management office of the Vat Phou Champasak World Heritage site keenly support this project as being a model for building conservation and a key aid in improving general literacy and knowledge about Laotian culture.
The project is due to be completed by 2008.  An allocation of Australian $12,000 from the Fund has been made for this project.  This is considered an excellent first project for the Streetwise Asia Fund, as it will set a standard for conservation works in this World Heritage site, where minimal conservation work has been undertaken to date.
Those ICOMOS members who have donated to the Streetwise Asia Fund are to be acknowledged for their generosity and I thank you all for the ongoing support you have provided with this initiative.
For any additional information about this project or the Streetwise Asia Fund please contact Liz Vines on
Streetwise Asia Fund for Heritage Conservation, SA ICOMOS Representative.

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