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Friday 15 February 2008

1)  Built cultural heritage in the Asia/Pacific region - an opportunity to contribute
2)  Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts: Media Release - Minister Orders Repair Works at Clarkes Cove
3)  ICOM / ICMAH Annual Conference 2008 - invitation for attendance and call for papers
4)  ICOMOS 16th GA, Canada - E-news from ICOMOS Canada
5)  16th ICOMOS General Assembly & International Scientific Symposium - FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS
6)  News from ICOMOS International Secretariat
7)  Presentation by ICOMOS member Anne Warr
8)  2008 Pacific Future Environment Leaders Forum - Call for Participants
Situations Vacant...
9)  Architect - Archifact limited, NZ


1) Built cultural heritage in the Asia/Pacific region - an opportunity to contribute

A new volume dealing with the conservation and preservation of built cultural heritage in the Asia/Pacific region is being produced. This volume has officially been accepted for publication by Springer Press, a major international publisher. The volume will be edited by Mark Diab (Institute of History and Anthropology, Tsukuba University, Japan) and Ghafar Ahmad (of the University Sains Malaysia), with a projected publication date of late 2008.

For further information concerning this project (including guidelines for contributors), email Mark Diab at The first deadline for contributions is 1 May 2008.


2) Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts: Media Release - Minister Orders Repair Works at Clarkes Cove
I have issued a final remediation order under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act), requiring property owners to make good damage caused by unauthorised land clearing.
The owners are required to stabilise and revegetate up to 17 hectares of land at Clarkes Cove on the Whitsunday Coast. The land was cleared of its native forest without Commonwealth approval.
Clarkes Cove lies adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, whose heritage values are protected under the EPBC Act.
The unauthorised clearing poses a risk to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area by exposing marine waters to increased soil runoff and sediment build-up.
I thank the Whitsunday Shire Council and Queensland state agencies for ensuring that the parties have carried out urgent short-term stabilisation of the land before the wet season.
The responsible parties must also pay a $250,000 bond to ensure that the further work is carried out to my satisfaction. I have taken the cost of the initial short-term stabilisation into account in determining the bond.
My remediation order requires a long-term rehabilitation plan to be implemented, with repair to begin promptly. The owners must provide for my approval a plan describing the work by 27 February 2008.
My Department is conducting an investigation that may lead to legal action.
This is the first remediation order under the EPBC Act, which allows the Australian Government to order repair of an area to prevent ongoing harm, whilst undertaking a more thorough investigation.
The final order amends the draft order issued on 23 November 2007, after negotiation between my Department and the parties, taking note of the work already undertaken on site. The parties have until 26 February 2008 to ask me to reconsider my decision or they may apply to the Federal Court to have it set aside.
Media contact: Margot Marshall 02 6277 7640 or 0418 624 847


3) ICOM / ICMAH Annual Conference 2008 - invitation for attendance and call for papers 
ICOM / ICMAH Annual Conference 2008 - "Museums and Disasters"
12-16 November, 2008, New Orleans
Organized by:
-        ICOM's International Committee of Museums and Collections of Archaeology and History (ICMAH)
-        The Louisiana State Museum, New Orleans/ USA
-        The Historic New Orleans Collection
This conference will explore the various ways in which museums document and interpret the direct and indirect effects on society of natural, economic, and military disasters. It will be held in a city that suffered a devastating flood in 2005 that killed 1,464 people and where recovery has been painfully slow. Special emphasis at the conference will be on recent history/contemporary events. Speakers will address four interrelated themes to explore the conference topic.
Attendance and active participation
We invite you to support our annual ICMAH 2008 conference with suggestions of how we, as museum professionals, do and should carry out the professional responsibilities placed upon us.
The challenges and problems outlined above will be studied by means of keynotes, panel contributions and case studies from actual museum and exhibition work of recent years.
Marie-Paule Jungblut, President of ICMAH, Rosmarie Beier-de Haan, Secretary General of ICMAH, and David Kahn, Director of the Louisiana State Museum invite all ICOM members to attend and actively participate in three days of professional exchange and discussion.
Please submit any suggestions for talks and presentations of case studies by 31 May 2008 to: and
The length of abstracts should not exceed 250 words.
Please also ensure that you indicate your role in the submitted project and include your contact address and all professional details (name, position, address, telephone and fax numbers, email).
Marie-Paule Jungblut
c/o Musee d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg
L-2090 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 4796-4562
Fax: +352 47 17 07
David Kahn
Louisiana State Museum
P.O. Box 2448
New Orleans, La. 70176
Tel: +1 504-568-6967


4) ICOMOS 16th GA, Canada - E-news from ICOMOS Canada
16th General Assembly and International Scientific Symposium
Quebec, Canada, Sept. 29 to Oct. 4, 2008

E-News - No. 1 (Jan. 2008)
Dear Colleagues,
We feel very strongly that 2008 will be a great year for heritage in Canada. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee and the ICOMOS General Assembly will exceptionally be held in Canada respectively in July and in September, within the framework of Quebec City's 400th anniversary celebrations. As we near the time for these important events, the ICOMOS General Assembly Organizing Committee would like to keep you abreast of its progress by sending you this E-News. It will be published regularly and will report on questions concerning the organization of the General Assembly and of the Scientific Symposium. Of course, you may consult the ICOMOS General Assembly's web site at any time at:; it is also accessible via the ICOMOS Canada and the ICOMOS web sites. All relevant and important information will be posted there as it becomes available.
I would like to thank Francois Leblanc, past president of ICOMOS Canada, for agreeing to coordinate communications between the Organizing Committee and the ICOMOS Canada members. His knowledge of the organization, his generosity and availability will ensure that you are well informed of our progress. We hope that you will not only be regular readers of this E-News but that you will also become committed collaborators for the promotion and success of this event. Canada's, Quebec's and ICOMOS Canada's reputations are on the line. I invite you to share with me your willingness and availability to collaborate to the organization of this important event.
I take this opportunity to offer you and those who are dear to you my most sincere wishes for health, happiness and prosperity for 2008.
Michel Bonnette
Organizing Committee - Quebec ICOMOS 2008

You have recently received the Call for papers for the General Assembly and Scientific Symposium that will be held in Quebec City in 2008. I hope that you found the time to read this call for papers and that you will prepare an abstract.
Finding the Spirit of Place is the Symposium's theme as you may very well know. Find the Spirit of the Place, dialog with it, try to conserve and share it, this is what we do every day in our field of practice. Ensuring that our cultural heritage speaks for itself, and about us, is the essence of our work, isn't it? Whether you are a researcher, a professor, a manager or simply engaged in laboratory or field projects, if you pay attention to what you do, I am convinced that you will agree that there is something in your work that concerns the spirit of place.
I invite you today to reflect on this aspect of your work and to submit an abstract for a paper or a poster for the 2008 General Assembly. Details concerning the preparation of this material are available on the GA's web site at: .
This is a great opportunity for Canadians to contribute to the Scientific Symposium. A strong representation is needed. Please forward this newsletter and the Call for Papers ( to all who may be interested to participate.


A Canadian perspective on the spirit of place
The coordinators for Canadian Content and Participation include John Ward  on behalf of the English-Speaking Committee, Mehdi Ghafouri on behalf of the French-Speaking Committee and Maria Ines Subercaseaux  on behalf of the ICOMOS Canada Scientific Council.
ICOMOS Canada and the ICOMOS 16th GA Organizing Committee are currently planning a number of initiatives to showcase the range and diversity of Canada's cultural heritage with a particular emphasis on sites which relate closely to the conference theme of Spirit of Place.  Also of vital importance is to ensure strong Canadian participation at this conference, that the opportunity to meet and engage with our international heritage community is maximised. Canada Content Meetings were held last December in Montreal and Toronto, and more meetings are planned across the country which will be announced in due course.  In addition to encouraging Canadians to submit papers to the scientific symposium, the following initiatives have been agreed:
-        Special edition of the ICOMOS Canada Bulletin:  to be distributed to ICOMOS members, conference delegates and the heritage community across Canada and internationally, this issue is planned to present sites across Canada related to the theme and to enable ICOMOS Canada members and other Canadians to express their particular thoughts and perspectives on the theme.  It is intended that this special edition will include many images and short texts.  Blake Roberts ( ) from the ESC and Mehdi Ghafouri ( ) from the FSC are the co-editors respectively of the English and French content, and will be assisted by Renee LeBlanc ( ) who has agreed to coordinate production of this Bulletin.  The Call for Content for this special Bulletin is planned to be sent out very shortly.  All ICOMOS Canada members and others with a passion for Canada's heritage are encouraged to contribute.
-        ICOMOS Canada Conference sessions:  Sessions are being explored for integration into the conference program as follows: Heritage Conservation Practice across Canada (including HPI, provincial/territorial/municipal approaches and tools), Canadian UNESCO/World Heritage Sites and the Tentative List; Canadian Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and a Canadian Perspective on conserving the Spirit of Place.  Further news on the development of these sessions will follow in later newsletters.    
-        Pre- and Post-Conference Tours and Activities:  Traditionally, this is the opportunity for delegates to visit and experience the cultural heritage of the host country, and to meet with conservation professionals and others and to exchange.  Canada is a very large country and delegates are expected to arrive and depart Canada from east, west and centre.  It is proposed to have a series of post conference tours across the country, from the Atlantic/Maritimes, to Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, Rockies and the West, and perhaps a tour to the north and to aboriginal sites.  The tours would be managed by a tour company in coordination with ICOMOS Canada members and other members of Canada's heritage community to ensure high quality itineraries and the selection of guides knowledgeable in the conservation aspects of the sites to be visited.  If you are interested to assist with coordinating tours within a specific part of the country and/or on a particular theme such as cultural landscapes, archaeology, historic districts conservation, cultural routes or industrial heritage, please contact John Ward (

-        We will also be exploring with Parks Canada and other heritage site custodians across Canada the possibility of a delegates national pass for a period during and immediately following the 2008 conference.

-        Additional Canadian Content initiatives:  Under discussion are ideas relating to: presenting exhibits; organising a children's hand drawn heritage postcard initiative similar to that undertaken at the last ICOMOS Canada conference held in Xian, China; introducing Canadian food and beverages/wine during break sessions and events; material for inclusion in delegates packages; etc.  Updates on these initiatives will follow.
-        Canadian Participation:  Finally, we will be working to encourage the participation of Canadians at the Quebec ICOMOS 2008.  If you are interested to learn more about how you can participate in any of the Canadian Content initiatives described above, or have additional ideas for Canadian Content and Participation initiatives, please contact John Ward, or Mehdi Ghafouri,  or Maria Ines Subercaseaux.

The ICOMOS 2008 General Assembly Organizing Committee is made up of ICOMOS Canada members as well as colleagues who have been invited to participate because of their expertise in a field of interest to the committee. At this time the Committee is made up of:
Michel Bonnette, President, Organizing Committee
William Moss, City of Quebec, Organizing Committee Vice-president and treasurer
Marie-Josee Deschenes, Architect, secretary and Coordinator for the International forum of the young researchers and professionals
Laurier Turgeon, Laval University, Coordinator for the International Scientific Symposium.
Marie-Claude Rocher, Laval University, Assistant Coordinator for the Scientific Symposium
Celia Forget, Laval University, Responsible for the scientific content of the International forum of the young researchers and professionals
Fergus Maclaren, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Associate Coordinator for the Aboriginal Workshop
Daniel Arsenault, Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQUAM), Associate Coordinator for the Aboriginal Workshop
Francois LeBlanc, Past ICOMOS Canada President, responsible for communications and the General Assembly
Maria Ines Subercaseaux, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Coordinator for the International Scientific Committees day
Louise Mercier, Conseil des monuments et sites du Quebec
Quebec ICOMOS 2008 has hired Hospitalite Quebec Inc., a private firm specialized in organization of congresses to help with planning and logistics (renting of spaces, simultaneous translation, registration, accommodations, etc.).  Their web site is at:

  Dear colleagues and friends of ICOMOS. May the year 2008 bring you happiness, peace and prosperity. Also, I hope to feel in your hearts the 'Spirit of place' that will permit us to meet in October in Quebec City.
Arch Carlos Mesen
ICOMOS Costa Rica
  Quebec ICOMOS 2008 official web site:
ICOMOS Canada:
For additional information concerning the organization of the Quebec ICOMOS 2008 event:
CANADIAN CONTENT - John Ward (English); Medhi Ghafouri (French); Maria-Ines Subercaseaux (Scientific Committees)
COMMUNICATIONS - Francois LeBlanc - (613) 244-0519)
COORDINATION - Michel Bonnette - - (418) 380-8725
REGISTRATION - Bruno Begin - (418) 522-8182 ext. 25)
SCIENTIFIC COORDINATION - Laurier Turgeon - (418) 656.2131, ext. 7200
TREASURY - William Moss - (418) 641.6411, ext. 2149
YOUTH FORUM - Marie-Josee Deschenes - (418) 523-1550


5) 16th ICOMOS General Assembly & International Scientific Symposium - FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS
Dear members and friends of ICOMOS,

The deadline for submission of papers has been extended to March 1st. May we ask you to please forward this information to your membership and to anyone concerned. This is a final call.

For full information concerning this call, please visit the General Assembly's Web site at (Scientific Symposium).

Kind regards,

Laurier Turgeon, Scientific Coordinator
Michel Bonnette, Coordinator


6) News from ICOMOS International Secretariat
ICOMOS International Secretariat e-news
no 31, 11 February 2008
A compendium of news received from various sources including organisations other than ICOMOS and re-transmitted (unedited and only in the original language received) for the benefit of ICOMOS Committees and members. The ICOMOS International Secretariat is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information provided. Opinions expressed in the ICOMOS International e-news are not necessarily those of ICOMOS or its Executive Committee and events announced are not automatically endorsed by ICOMOS.

ICOMOS Greece: New Board of Directors

As a result of the elections held on 11 December 2007, the new Board of Directors of ICOMOS Greece is constituted as follows:

Vice President
Vice President
General Secretary
VLACHOULIS Themistoklis
Vice General Secretary
SAVRAMI Maria (Marianna)
KOLOVOU Alexandra
Press Director
Responsible for Public Relations
Responsible for National Affaires
Responsible for International Affaires
Responsible for International Programs
Responsible for the Publication Archives & Library
Responsible for Property & Management
Responsible for Cultural Affaires
NAKASIS Athanasios
TZINNIS Panagiotis

ICOMOS International Scientific Committee of Vernacular Architecture (CIAV) Newsletter no 8

The eigth CIAV Newsletter can be consulted at: (PDF)


-                  Quebec 2008
-                  Red River Terrace
-                  2008/US International Exchange in Historic Preservation
-                  CIAV New Members
-                  Bangkok Documentation Camp

International Conference on Glass Science in Art and Conservation (GLASSAC-08), 5-7 March 2008, Valencia, Spain: Programme now available

The provisional programme of the CLASSAC-08 congress is now available on the congress'
The congress' website also contains details on registration, payment, and hotel accommodation.
To register, download the Registration Form and the Accommodation Form and send them by fax to +34 963 411 046 or by e-mail to



Scientific Secretariat:
Sonia Murcia-Mascaros
Institut de Ciencia dels Materials
Universitat de Valencia
PO Box 22085
46071 Valencia - Spain
Tel: +34 963 544 547
Fax: +34 963 543 633

The International Conference Pro-Revita Lodz 2008:

Revitalisation Models and their implementation in the cities of European Heritage

Lodz, Poland, 26-28 June 2008. Organised by the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Technical University of Lodz, Poland
A PDF with detailed information on the conference program and registration procedure can be requested at the conference bureau:


Conference Bureau:

Politechnika Lodzka
Instytut Architektury i Urbanistyki
Tel.:      +4842 631 35 45
Fax:      +4842 636 78 73


Conference Calendar:

29 Feb 2008: Deadline for paper proposals with abstract up to one page A4 to be sent by e-mail to or by fax to +4842 636 78 73
31 March 2008:The Scientific Committee notifies about accepted papers
31 May 2008: Deadline for payment of conference fee and submission of papers

International Symposium on Conservation of Ancient Sites 2008 (ISCAS-2008) 22-24 September 2008, Dunhuang, China

A PDF containing detailed information on the conference as well as the registration form can be requested at the contact address given below.


Symposium Objectives

There are a great number of grottoes and ancient earthen historical sites located in northwest China. During the past 10 years, Chinese scholars have not only achieved a great deal of scientific research and engineering practice on the conservation of ancient sites, but also cooperated with many international organizations. The aim of the symposium is to demonstrate the latest improvements and achievements in the field of international conservation of ancient sites, and to provide a discussion forum for the participants of this symposium.


Symposium Themes

-                  Environment and conservation of ancient sites.
-                  Geological engineering and conservation of ancient sites.
-                  Research on main geological damages and mechanism of ancient sites.
-                  Research on materials and technologies for conservation of ancient sites.
-                  Research on deformation monitoring and stability analysis of ancient sites.
-                  Typical case histories relating consolidation engineering of ancient sites.


Working Languages

The official languages of the symposium are English and Chinese. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.



31 March 2008: Submission of the registration form by e-mail, fax or post
Submission of the full paper for who had submitted their abstracts by E-mail, Fax or Correspondence before Mar. 31, 2008.
Submission of the abstract and the full paper for those not yet submitted their abstracts by E-mail, Fax or Correspondence before Mar. 31, 2008.
A PDF containing detailed information on the conference as well as the registration form can be requested at the contact address given below.


For Further Information please contact:

Ma Jianhong, Guo Qinglin
Dunhuang Academy, Mogao Grottoes
China 736200
Tel.:      +86 937 886 91 03
Fax:      +86 937 886 91 03
Mobile: +86 130 859 629 76 (Guo Qinglin)
            +86 093 738 869 81 (Ma Jianhong)
E-Mail: (Guo Qinglin), (Ma Jianhong)
Website: or

Landscape Observatory of Catalonia: Web dossier on Dry Stone Landscapes; Events February 2008

The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia has put a web dossier on Dry Stone Landscapes online. It can be consulted under and is available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.
The objective of the dossier is to inform about the existence of dry stone landscapes and their diversity, as well as to collect, classify, arrange and make available to the public in a simple way initiatives, centres, institutions, news and books on the subject of dry stone in Catalonia and on an international scale. It is intended to become a point of reference on the subject of dry stone on the Internet, for specialised professionals as well as for the general public. It will be regularly updated and extended.
The dossier only includes those institutions, centres and initiatives which are maintining an active web site. This criterion inevitably excludes sources of information on the subject which cannot be consulted from the web.

Events February 2008

You can consulte the calendar of events for February 2008 at
Landscape Observatory of Catalonia website:

Routledge launches two new publications: "Journal of Urbanism" and "Urban Research & Practice"

The Journal of Urbanism will focus on human settlement and its relation to the idea of sustainability, social justice and cultural understanding. The content will focus on Urban Regeneration, New Urbanism, European Urbanism, Landscape Urbanism, Urban Sustainability, Smart Growth, Livable Communities, Transit-Orientated Development, Walkable Communities and more. Read the full press release here.
To find out more about Journal of Urbanism go to:
Urban Research & Practice will provide a systematic description of urban issues, urban developments and urban policy and implementation. It will seek to explain variations in urban policies or urban governance and will analyse and evaluate the effects of these polices and processes. It will also look at the European-wide factors that impact on urban areas, urban policies and urban governance. Read the full press release here.
To find out more about Urban Research and Practice go to:

Online Journal of Military Architecture and Fortification (ARX) Issue V 2008

A PDF of the latest issue of ARX, the Online Journal of Military Architecture and Fortification published by the Fortress Explorer Society, can be requested by email at
Volumes 1 to 4 are available in HTML format on the website
Historians and researchers wishing to publish their studies in this journal are invited to submit their articles in word format together with illustrations (jpeg) to the Editor via e-mail at
International Council on Monuments and Sites/
Conseil International des Monuments et des Sites
International Secretariat / Secretariat International

49-51 rue de la Federation
75015 Paris France
Tel : 33 (0) 1 45 67 67 70
Fax : 33 (0) 1 45 66 06 22
e-mail :
To propose any announcements, please contact the editor/ Pour soumettre des annonces, veuillez contacter l'editeur :
Gaia Jungeblodt, Director
To subscribe to the ICOMOS e-news sign up to the ICOMOS Documentation Centre listserv by sending an e-mail message (in "text" and not "html" format) to with "subscribe doc-centre" as the only line in the message body. If you receive an error message, please, send the same message to


7) Presentation by ICOMOS member Anne Warr


NSW ICOMOS members are invited to attend a presentation by ICOMOS member Anne Warr on Friday 14 March.

Anne is visiting Sydney in March to launch her book Shanghai Architecture published by Watermark Press. She has kindly agreed to visit Godden Mackay Logan to give a presentation on conservation practice in Shanghai entitled:


Shanghai - history and development: The historic development of Shanghai and the role of the Shanghai Urban Planning Bureau in protecting the historic values of the city.


Her new book will be available for purchase on the night. Anne can offer a small book discount to ICOMOS members - $45 (retail price is $50).

When: Friday 14 March 2008, 5-7pm

Where: Godden Mackay Logan, 78 George Street, Redfern

Cost: $5 contribution towards the refreshments.


Numbers are limited so if you would like to attend, RSVP to Susan Duyker, email, by 7 March 2008.


8) 2008 Pacific Future Environment Leaders Forum - Call for Participants
-        Are you aged between 18 and 30 years and work in the area of environment or sustainable development?
-        Are you concerned about the effects of climate change on our communities?
-        Do you think you can play a greater role in bringing about changes to help your own society adapt to climate change?
-        Would you like to learn more about what you can do about climate change?
If so, you may be interested in attending the Pacific Future Environment Leaders Forum.
What is the Pacific Future Environment Leaders Forum?
The Pacific Future Environment Leaders Forum is a leadership initiative for young professionals working in the area of environmental sustainability in the Pacific. This initiative aims to build the capacity of young Pacific islanders to facilitate adaptation projects to reduce vulnerability to climate change in their communities. Through providing the skills, support, and seed funding, this initiative will empower 'future leaders' to build partnerships and momentum within their communities to foster adaptation to climate change. It is hoped that this initiative will provide the impetus for national governments and donors to support ongoing youth focussed projects for adaptation to climate change.
The Forum will take place on 12, 13 and 14 March 2008 at the Laucala Campus of the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. The Forum will focus on climate change issues, how Pacific islanders will be affected, and what young people can do to increase resilience to climate change in their communities.
How can I Attend?
If you are a young person with leadership potential and believe you are in a position to contribute to environmental sustainability through your work environment, we invite you to write to us and tell us why you should attend the Forum in 500 words or less (one A4 page). Below are some things you might want to consider:
-        What are you doing in your community/country to promote environmental sustainability?
-        How will your participation in this Forum support your work?
-        What previous experience (if any) do you have in implementing projects, actions or activities in your community/country?
-        What makes you a good leader?
-        Why you are in a position to make changes in your community
You do not have to write an essay - bullet points with clear sentences are fine. If you are chosen to attend the Forum, you will be advised and your travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the Forum organizers.
To ensure we have enough time to organise travel, we ask that your applications reach us by Wednesday, 27 February 2008. Please include all contact details on your application.
Please email all applications to Ms Aliti Koroi on or fax her on +679 3232891
The Pacific Future Environment Leaders Forum is a joint initiative between SPREP, USP and IUCN with funding from the British High Commission, Suva.


9) Architect - Archifact limited, NZ
Archifact Ltd. is a well respected Auckland based firm of Architects and Conservation Architects with many years experience in architecture and building conservation.
Archifact offers specialist professional architectural building conservation skills supported by internationally recognised post-graduate qualifications and experience in the care of places of special value, their structure, fabric and cultural meaning.
We currently have a position available for a qualified architect in our team.  Proven interest and skills in building conservation along with experience in traditional building materials is preferable.

Skills should include:
-        Proficiency in AutoCAD
-        Proficiency in Microsoft Office
-        Documentation Skills
-        Written and verbal communication skills

You should be able to work as part of a team as well as autonomously. Salary is negotiable based on experience.
Graduate Architects with a proven interest or field of study related to building conservation are encouraged to apply.
Please send your CV to Heike Lutz-Strulik

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