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Friday 19
th October, 2007

1)  Vicomites Travelling Tales
2)  WA opportunity to hear an international expert on the economic benefits of heritage conservation
3)  Feedback Sought on York Park designs - CANBERRA
4)  HERITAGE 2008 - World Heritage and Sustainable Development
5)  World Archaeological Congress 6, Theme: Heritage Tourism Agendas
6)  International Call For Abstracts for the 11TH US/ICOMOS International Symposium
7)  Tasmanian Heritage Review
8)  Visiting UK Heritage Expert Dr Jonathan Foyle Workshop and lecture
9)  Stained Glass tour of Aust/England/France
10)  Polish up Those Heritage Credentials @ Deakin
11)  News from Heritage NSW
12)  Cultural Heritage and the Impacts of Climate Change
13)  All 22 years of ORAL TRADITION now online and free!


1) Vicomites Travelling Tales

Mark in your diaries a Vicomites extravaganza to be held on Tuesday 30th October from 6pm. See fabulous cultural heritage places worldwide as Vicomites beguile you with exotic travel tales. The venue is the Donald Burke Function Room, Waterside Hotel, 508 Flinders Street (corner of King St) Melbourne.

Sam Westbrooke will report back on her US ICOMOS internship and Anita Smith will be showing us Tahiti. Miles Lewis and Peter Lovell will have tales of Syria and Nigel Lewis takes us to Iran. Mandy Jean reports on Musee du Quai Branly (the new museum of indigenous people) in Paris and Sue Balderstone reflects on Cyprus. It is great global coverage.

Finger food from 6pm and 10 minute talks starting at 7pm for an 8-ish finish.

Cost is $15.00 for venue and finger food. Buy your own drinks from 6pm and arrange a meal afterwards at your own cost. Friends and potential Vicomites welcome too!
RSVP essential to as space is limited.

Helen Lardner
Vic Rep


2) WA opportunity to hear an international expert on the economic benefits of heritage conservation

Donovan Rypkema, president of Heritage Strategies International, a Washington DC based company specialising in services to government and NGOs that are dealing with the economic aspects of historic representation and the rescue of heritage structures will give a presentation focusing on the economic potential of heritage projects.

Time: 5.30 pm
Date: Tuesday 23 October.
Venue: Old Observatory, National Trust of Australia (WA), 4 Havelock St, West Perth.
Cost: $10
RSVP: 9321 6088 by Friday 19 October

For more information ring Anne Brake, 9321 6088.


3) Feedback Sought on York Park designs - CANBERRA

The National Capital Authority, together with consultant landscape architects Redbox Design Group, will be presenting design ideas for the York Park North Oak Plantation on Wednesday 24 October 2007.Redbox, in association with celebrated Parliament House architect Aldo Giurgola, Pamille Berg Consulting and Canopy Tree Experts, will be presenting preliminary master plan design concepts for improving public access, amenity and enjoyment of the plantation.

Refreshments will be served from 5pm at a marquee at the York Park North Oak Plantation located at the southern end of Kings Avenue. Members of the design team will deliver an informal talk on their ideas and drawings at 5.30pm for comment and critique by those attending. The members will be available after the presentation for discussion and questions until 7pm.

For more information contact Sue-Anne Fulton on 02 6272 2931or visit


4) HERITAGE 2008 - World Heritage and Sustainable Development

International Conference
with the official support of the Portuguese Ministry of the Culture

Vila Nova de Foz Côa - PORTUGAL
7-9 May 2008

Dear Sir /Madam

Due to significant number of requests the Organising Committee of Heritage 2008 extended the deadline for submitting abstracts until 31 October 2007.

We are pleased to inform that the International Journal of Heritage Studies  Routledge  is considering publishing selected papers of this Conference in a special double issue.


5) World Archaeological Congress 6,
Theme: Heritage Tourism Agendas

Dublin, June 29-July4 2008
Theme: Heritage Tourism Agendas
Call for session proposals or papers

Session proposals are sought for a major theme of the World Archaeological Congress in 2008 - Heritage Tourism Agendas.
Lyn Leader-Elliott from Flinders University is one of the theme organisers (others are from UK, US and Sweden).

Please contact Lyn in the first instance: .

WAC6 is asking for session proposals by 1 November - apologies for this short notice.

Theme abstract
This theme will examine ways in which the principles of culturally sustainable tourism can intersect with those of heritage management and interpretation. Heritage is assumed to include intangible as well as tangible values. We encourage contributors to take a broad view of cultural heritage and to consider it in relation to the natural environments in which it has evolved. Cultural landscapes, sense of place and spirit of place will be discussed, as well as specific sites, collections, cultural practice and performance. A strong body of international charters and guidelines now sets frameworks for ethical cultural and heritage tourism, such as those for sustainable tourism, cultural tourism, Indigenous tourism and ecotourism. There are also guidelines for cultural and natural heritage identification, management, presentation and interpretation. We seek critical reflection on these guidelines, and examples of ways in which they are being applied in different communities and different cultural contexts. In addition, the entertaining ‘capacities’ of archaeology have provided heritage management with experience and expertise spanning both tourism and research. At the same time, archaeologists and others have been investigating the history of entertainment, emphasising the social importance of leisure pursuits over time, as well as the politics and ethics of entertainment in the past and in the present to underscore the ways in which entertainment has often been exclusive and enjoyable to some people at the expense of others. Democratising decision making in heritage tourism projects is a major issue in many countries, especially where there are power imbalances between the tourism industry and host communities. We seek examples of projects in which processes are being negotiated and developed to achieve results that benefit communities as well as commercial stakeholders. We also seek projects that encourage interdisciplinary examinations of the worldwide fusion of entertainment and archaeology and that explore the antiquity of the concept of cultural tourism within a global context.

This theme will cover issues of:
·        Ownership, authenticity, and collaborative partnerships
·        The need to match audiences (markets) with heritage tourism product and processes
·        Archaeology, ethical and engaging interpretation, visitor experiences
·        Ownership and democratisation of the processes of heritage tourism product development, marketing and distribution.
·        International principles and protocols, charters and declarations: intentions and achievements
·        Sustainable tourism  integrating cultural and social factors
·        Archaeology, Entertainment, and Heritage Tourism
·        Identifying, presenting and interpreting sense of place/spirit of place to tourists/visitors


6) International Call for Abstracts for the
TH US/ICOMOS International Symposium

Developing a comprehensive approach to
US participation in the global heritage community

May 28 - 31, 2008, Washington, DC, USA

(Deadline for abstract submittal: November 15, 2007)

The 11th US/ICOMOS International Symposium will initiate a process for implementing the recommendations of the PreserveAmerica Summit’s “Participating in the Global Community” panel that will reinvigorate and enhance the U.S. role in international preservation. The Global Community panel made recommendations in four areas:  community building, stewardship, leadership, and capacity-building (more detailed recommendations for these four areas are outlined below).

US/ICOMOS seeks abstracts that discuss innovative, successful programs and partnerships from the Unietd States and other countries involving collaboration in international preservation within these four broad areas.  US/ICOMOS is particularly interested in receiving abstracts from the international community that discuss the benefits received from collaboration with US preservationists, organizations, and agencies in addition to abstracts from US preservationists who have benefited from international collaboration in their work. Other multilateral and bilateral programs with third countries are also welcome.

In addition to invited and selected papers to be presented at the symposium, US/ICOMOS is initiating a series of panel discussions amongst our members prior to the symposium, each of which will result in draft recommendations, or action items, to be presented to the full symposium in Washington, DC.  The symposium will also include break-out sessions for each panel that will allow conference attendees to discuss and finalize the draft recommendations into final reports that will be presented to the entire conference during the closing session.

Also, visit the PreserveAmerica website at for more information on the PreserveAmerica Summit (at and the Global Participation panel report (pdf file).

Please read all following sections closely before submitting an abstract.
Instructions for Submitting an Abstract (please read carefully)
§ Abstracts must be received in US/ICOMOS by 15 November 2007
§ Maximum text of 250 words in English
§ US/ICOMOS will accept electronic (Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf. files only) or hard copy abstracts
§ Abstracts may be accompanied by one (1) illustration only
§ The page with the abstracts must contain the title of the proposed paper, the name of the author(s), and the contact information
A committee of distinguished preservationists will evaluate all abstracts.  Authors selected for paper presentations will be notified by 15 December 2007. Non-complying abstracts may not be considered.

Send Abstracts To

Please, send your abstracts by e-mail to: or by fax to 1-202-842-1861
or by courier/regular air mail (please, no return mail signature requests nor registered mail):
Attn: 11th Symposium Abstracts
401 F Street NW, Suite 331
Washington DC 20001-2728

Note: Each year, US/ICOMOS has made every effort to secure grants and monetary contributions to help defray travel, lodging, and registration costs for international speakers selected to present papers. While US/ICOMOS cannot guarantee that such funding will be available in 2008, we will try once again to secure such support.

Issue Areas for Abstracts and Panel Discussions

Abstracts are sought for the following areas, paralleling the recommendations of the PreserveAmerica Summit’s “Participation in the Global Community” panel are outlined below.

Community Building

§ Support a national effort to attract foreign tourism to cultural heritage destinations within the United States.
§ Facilitate the participation of US cities, historic districts, and cultural/natural landscapes in the World Heritage program through amendments to existing legislation [Preservation Act Amendments of 1980, provision 16 USC 470a-1(c)]. 
§ Allow replacement applications to the U.S. World Heritage Tentative List as sites are nominated and forwarded to UNESCO for World Heritage consideration.
§ Increase funding for and facilitate the participation of foreign professionals, academics, and policymakers in US preservation discourse and practice, and the participation of Americans in international discourse and practice, through NGO- or university-sponsored exchanges, government-sponsored tours and roundtables, etc.
§ Promote public awareness of and enhance education about the significance of historic cultural sites, landscapes, and shared heritage in nations’ histories and development by (a) engaging local school boards, and Federal and State education agencies, in making heritage education and awareness part of the curriculum; and (b) enhancing the World Heritage in Young Hands Program.


§        Require Federal agencies and all government-sponsored undertakings abroad (including foreign aid, disaster planning and recovery, government-issued contracts, trade agreements, etc) to review and consider heritage concerns in their international operations. For example, establish a mechanism (forum, proposed legislation, etc.) to enhance the policies of USAID, the Department of State, and other Federal agencies to a) create conditions for local engagement, so as to incorporate relevant values and traditions, and b) assess the impact of their work on cultural landscapes, sites, and traditions.
§        Strengthen Department of Defense contingency planning and training to a) avoid, to the extent possible, destruction of cultural resources during periods of conflict and, b) incorporate heritage concerns in post-conflict reconstruction.
§        Raise awareness and promote the integration of heritage concerns as part of the private sector’s international activities, including relief and assistance endeavors, technology and academic exchanges, and corporate investments abroad; and encourage American business to support preservation (and its interpretation) here and abroad.  For example, require that portions of National Science Foundation grants for archaeological research overseas be used for conservation; encourage organizations involved in relief housing construction to incorporate traditional settlement patterns that rely on local building techniques and materials, etc.
§        Leverage and encourage international development organizations (such as the World  Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, UNDP, and others) to embed heritage within their planning and development policies and frameworks.


§        Reestablish a US Government presence and bolster its role in inter-governmental organizations dealing with heritage.  For example:
 Provide US Government support for the participation of US representatives in the governing bodies of ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) and ICOM (International Council of Museums); Cultural Heritage Steering Committee (CDPAT) of the Council of Europe
 Send official delegations to meetings of the Council of Europe, where the US holds a seat that is always empty.
 Provide government support for the appointment of US representatives to offices and advisory committees of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites);
 Join the UN World Tourism Organization and provide leadership in promoting the tourism value of heritage preservation.
§        Increase funding and resources for Federal agencies and programs dealing with heritage issues abroad, such as the State Department’s Ambassador’s Fund, the NPS Office of International Affairs, etc.
§        Increase government support for American organizations addressing international heritage concerns, such as US/ICOMOS, AAM-ICOM, et al.
§        Ratify the 1954 Hague Convention and its two Protocols.
§        Strengthen the heritage preservation elements of US diplomacy, through the development of new initiatives and the enhancement of existing programs, such as the Ambassadors’ Fund and the International Visitors programs.


§ Institute or enhance a forum or fora for sharing experiences and fostering an international dialogue about best practices among US agencies, organizations, institutions, and companies (public and private) engaged in preservation practices abroad, and their overseas partners (The Cooperative Conservation Conference might serve as a model). 
§        Establish or enhance a network/clearinghouse (a) to gather and share data, information, and analysis; (b) to identify and coordinate gaps in knowledge and research; (c) to facilitate cooperative efforts; and (d) to assess international preservation practice effectiveness. (US/ICOMOS, the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training /NCPTT, and the Federal Preservation Institute might serve as conduits).
§        Expand support for existing programs that opportunities for international education, exchanges, and partnerships among public agencies, not-for-profits and NGOs, and private entities, such as Fulbright Fellowships, the US/ICOMOS exchange programs, ICCROM Fellowships, International Visitors programs, Ambassadors Fund, NPS twinning projects, and US-Italy exchange with USFS and NPS, technical and volunteer exchanges (USFS - Italy Heritage Excursions program).

For the full PreserveAmerica report, please visit

Also, visit the US/ICOMOS website for more information on this and past symposia at


7) Tasmanian Heritage Review

The Tasmanian historic heritage legislation is currently under review, and the Minister has now released a Position Paper on the reform of the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995.

Submissions are invited and should be lodged by 31 October 2007.

The position paper is available on-line on Heritage Tasmania's website.

However, if you have any problem with accessing the paper from the website, please phone Heritage Tasmania on 6233 2037.

Elspeth Wishart is co-ordinating a submission from ICOMOS. If you would like to contribute to this submission could you please provide comments to Elspeth ( no later than 25 October, although earlier would be appreciated.


8) Visiting UK Heritage Expert Dr Jonathan Foyle Workshop and lecture

The National Trust of Qld invites you to attend…..

Visiting UK Heritage Expert Dr Jonathan Foyle Workshop and lecture
The Brisbane Institute and The National Trust of Queensland are pleased to be bringing well known architectural historian, archaeologist and Executive Director of the World Monuments Fund in Britain, Dr Jonathon Foyle to Brisbane in November.

You are invited to attend either the professional workshop (numbers strictly limited) or public talk on the Wednesday evening at the Masonic Memorial Centre.

Public Talk:
Date: Wednesday 14 November 2007, 6pm
Venue: The Grand Hall, Masonic Memorial Centre
311 Ann Street, Brisbane
RSVP: 13 November ph: 3220 2198 or Bookings Essential
COST: $22* general admission; $11* full-time student
$15* for National Trust members, BI members & Sponsors

Date: Wednesday 14 November 2007, 10am to 12noon
Venue: Meeting Room, Masonic Memorial Centre
311 Ann Street, Brisbane
RSVP: 9 November ph: 3229 1788 or
COST: $45 - Workshop includes morning tea, light lunch
plus optional tour of Masonic Memorial Centre -
Limited spacesBooking essential


9) Stained Glass tour of Aust/England/France

Gerry Cummins an Australia ICOMOS member has advised the following:

Jill and Iare escorting a proposed 18 day stained glass tour of Australia, England and France in May 2008.   Conservation and restoration of European glass will be an integral part of the proposed tour.
If you are interested details of the itinerary can be obtained from: Email:

Gerry Cummins & Jill Stehn Pty Ltd
76 Ceylon Road, Eumundi, QLD 4562
Phone/Fax: +61 7 5442 8289


10) Polish up Those Heritage Credentials @ Deakin

·        Do you need to refresh your brain with up-to-date professional development?
·        Are whippersnappers with Master degrees nipping at your Bachelor heels?
·        Maybe you’re tempted to go the full monty with a PhD?

Deakin University's off-campus, part-time programs inCultural Heritage & Museum Studies are available to fit further study intoyour life and work. The expertise of Australia's biggest and onlydistance-catering heritage and museum course is at your service.

Our highly flexible program enables you to claim advancedstanding for existing studies and professional experience in heritage-relevant fields.

Subjects include Heritage and Development; World Heritage; HeritageLaw; Conservation Practice; Heritage Interpretation; Heritage Tourism.

Past and current students testify that Deakin has excellent study materials,convenient library orders by internet with delivery to your letterbox,highly practical assignments, and expert staff who aim to be helpful.

Contact Dr Linda Young, Course Director, to check what Deakin Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies can do for you: 9251 7130;


11) News from Heritage NSW

·        New to the State Heritage Register
Norah Head Lighthouse Precinct
The Rooty Hill
The Hermit’s Cave Complex

·        NSW Heritage Grants 2008-2009
Applications are now open
For full details please see the Heritage office website:

·        2008 Shipwrecks of NSW calendar produced by Rotary Club of Sydney with the support of the Heritage office is for sale through Rotary Clubs and the Heritage Office.

·        The Heritage Council of NSW has provided $10,000 kickstart funding for the National Trust of Australia (NSW) appeal to raise $4.5 million for the much needed conservation and repair work to rhe façade and interior of the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church at Annandale and its rare 1890 William Hill & Son pipe organ and church hall.


12) Cultural Heritage and the Impacts of Climate Change

Survey Deadline Extended to 15th November 2007

Australia ICOMOS Survey of heritage research and investigations related to Climate Change and Cultural Heritage.

We have decided to extend the time frame for our survey into research and applied projects relating to Climate Change and Cultural Heritage. Thank you to all those who have already completed and returned the questionnaire. It appears the questionnaire is finding its way to people outside ICOMOS who are undertaking relevant research and we hope to capture more of this work in our survey. Please distribute the questionnaire widely to Australian colleagues in related disciplines. This information will be extremely useful in understanding the range of work being undertaken and in identifying gaps in investment in this area.

This survey is being co-ordinated by Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy. All members of Australia ICOMOS should now have a copy of the survey and it is hoped that you will fill it out and return it promptly. It will only take about 5-10mins of your time. In addition it would be appreciated if you could circulate the questionnaire to any one that you think might be interested or who has been involved in relevant work. Completed questionnaires can be forwarded to Susan at fax 0740421380 or scanned and emailed to .


13) All 22 years of ORAL TRADITION now online and free!

The Center for Studies in Oral Tradition at the University of Missouri ( ) is gratified to be able to offer Oral Tradition to anyone worldwide with an internet connection and a browser. We hope that the online, open-access format will enlarge and diversify the journal’s readership, and particularly that it will offer everyone interested in the world’s oral traditions  regardless of their location and academic context  an equal opportunity to contribute actively to the discussion. Our shared field will prosper most readily if it operates as an academic democracy without financial or distributional barriers. All 22 years of the journal are now available on-line at .

As for future contents, the next issue of Oral Tradition (volume 22, number 2) will be a special collection devoted to Basque traditions, and will include descriptive and analytical articles, interviews with oral poets, and an eCompanion with photographic, audio, and video support. Beyond that issue we will be publishing articles on Albanian oral law, Native American storytelling, modern Greek oral poetry, Welsh saints’ lives, modern Balinese epic, and many other topics across the international spectrum.

We welcome your comments and especially your submissions for publication.

John Foley
Editor, Oral Tradition

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