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Friday 21
st September 2007

1)  NEW!!! Australia ICOMOS now accepts Visa and MasterCard
2)  AusHeritage Special Seminar Program
3)  Sue Jackson-Stepowski, NSW rep, forwards invitation to members in NSW and ACT.
4)  New program of occasional talks in Canberra - Offers welcome!
5)  Australia and Vanuatu to run a joint campaign for seats on the World Heritage Committee
6)  DisACT Disaster Recovery Workshop
7)  ICOMOS-CIAV Meeting in Philippines
8)  Survey: Cultural Heritage and the Impacts of Climate Change
9)  Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications
10)  Port Arthur Historic Site Anniversary
11)  Announcement Final Cultured Conference
12)  ICOMOS Forthcoming Conferences
13) Joint Press Release- Emergency Heritage Listing
14)  The Heritage Overlay: Guidelines for Assessing planning permit applications
15)  Invitation: NCA’s - Register of: Natural, Indigenous and Historic Heritage and Community Consultation Consultants
16)  Survey of Victorian Veterans Related Heritage
17)  Tenders for Trial Bay Gaol Collections Management Plan and Interpretations plan
18) Situation Vacant: Heritage Architect / Architectural Graduate


1) NEW!!! Australia ICOMOS now accepts Visa and MasterCard
Australia ICOMOS is pleased to be able to announce that as a result of your requests for additional payment options, we have now received Certification to accept payments by Visa and MasterCard


2) AusHeritage Special Seminar Program

2.30 - 5.30 pm Friday 28 September 2007
in the Jubilee Room, Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney

All are welcome to hear presentations by Julian Bickersteth on Conserving in the Deep Freeze, Ingo Kumic on Old CiCheng Urban Regeneration, and keynote speaker Ms Khoo Salma Nasution from Penang, Malaysia, on Heritage in Asia: Idea and Reality.

Cost $20 per person towards refreshments. Further information from Bruce Pettman, AusHeritage Board member, on (02)9372 8349 or

Bookings are essential for catering purposes. RSVP by 12.00 noon on Wednesday 26 September to Debbie Marks on (02) 9372 8476 or


3) Sue Jackson-Stepowski, NSW representative, forwards the invitation below to members in NSW and ACT.

Mr Reece McDougall, Executive Director of the Heritage Office, Department of Planning, cordially invites you to attend a cocktail party for Susan Macdonald in recognition of her major contribution to heritage in New South Wales.

Date: Wednesday 17th October 2007 between 5.30 and 7pm
Venue: NSW Heritage Office, 3 Marist Place, Parramatta
RSVP: Wednesday 10 October 2007
Cost: $30 per person payable by cheque or money order (made out to NSW Heritage Office) or credit card payments (contact Lynn)
Contact: Lynne Barnes, Executive Assistant, NSW Heritage Office
Locked Bag 5020 Parramatta 2124 Ph 9873 8584 Fax 9873 8599


4) New program of occasional talks in Canberra - Offers welcome!

It is hoped that a program of occasional talks by members in Canberra can be organised over the next 6 months or so, and your offers to give a talk on any interesting heritage subject would be most welcome. A suitable venue has been found where members might gather after work for a drink and to listen to illustrated talks. This might relate to a challenging heritage project, your scholarly research, an interesting issue or your exotic heritage travels.

Please email Duncan Marshall with your suggested topics -

A program will be arranged once suggestions have been received, and details provided in the e news.


5) Australia and Vanuatu to run a joint campaign for seats on the World Heritage Committee

Australia and Vanuatu are both standing for election to the World Heritage Committee the upcoming elections during October's UNESCO General Conference in Paris

Aotrearoa/New Zealand, represented by Tumu Te Heu Heu,steps down from the Committee this year. During his term Tumu has been very proactive in increasing the World Heritage community's awareness of the cultural and natural heritage of the Pacific region, culminating in the World Heritage Committee meeting in Christchurch in July. Vanuatu and Australia hope to be able to continue this work.

Vanuatu is standing for election to the Reserve Seat on the Committee, a seat reserved for State Parties that do not have a site inscribed on the World Heritage List. Australia is standing for election to one of seven vacant general seats.

Should they be elected Australia will be represented by a team of Greg Terrill (DEW), Anita Smith (Australia ICOMOS Exec Committee member) and John Day (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority).


6) DisACT Disaster Recovery Workshop

The Disaster ACT Network announces the next of its regular Disaster Recovery Workshops.
Over the past few years, disaster awareness and planning has become a high priority in policy development for cultural institutions and their governing agencies. Documents such as the ANAO audit on the safeguarding of collections have focussed organisations on their responsibility to assess and manage risks to those collections and thereby ensure the continuity of their operations.
The two-day training course has been designed to assist those who are responsible for disaster planning for cultural collections;
* to develop and maintain disaster plans
* to prevent or reduce the risk and impact of disasters and
* to coordinate disaster response and recovery actions.

There will be a maximum of 20 participants drawn from the full spectrum of cultural collecting agencies. Participants will experience disaster scenarios and deal with the recovery of affected materials.

The presenter will be Kim Morris, Director of Art and Archival Pty Ltd. Kim has 22 years experience in the field of paper conservation that includes considerable time working in large national cultural institutions based in Canberra. His areas of expertise include paper conservation, preventive conservation, disaster planning for cultural collections, and education and training.

When:  Tuesday and Wednesday 6th and 7th November 2007, 9am to 4.30pm
Where:  CIT Bruce Campus, Day 1 location Room C10. Meet at the entrance to CIT Solutions (Building J).
How Much: The course fee is $336.00 per person including GST.

If you would like more information or to reserve a place in the course, please contact Cheryl Jackson at the National Archives of Australia on 6212 3422 or e-mail:

NB: Payment must be made prior to the workshop to confirm a place.
Payment to Art and Archival P/L by cash, cheque, electronic transfer or credit card (Visa and M/C).


7) ICOMOS-CIAV Meeting in Philippines

Detailed information on the ICOMOS-CIAV Meeting in the Philippines in December 2007 is finally available on

Please email inquiries to islandcaravan or to 


8) Survey: Cultural Heritage and the Impacts of Climate Change

REMINDER - Completed Questionnaires due 30th September

Some questionnaire s have already been returned but we are hoping for a lot more!!!
Cultural Heritage and the Impacts of Climate Change

Australia ICOMOS Survey of heritage research and investigations related to Climate Change and Cultural Heritage

Recently in conjunction with the Extreme Heritage Conference, Australia ICOMOS held a symposium and a public forum on Heritage and Climate Change. In the course of organizing these events it became obvious that there were no concerted programs of research and or assessment being undertaken by research institutions or governments into this issue. However it seems that there was a range of projects being undertaken by individuals and organizations that had relevance.

Australia ICOMOS is keen to assess Australias level of preparedness in relation to this issue and develop a role in promoting effective research and investigation into both the potential impacts of Climate Change on our cultural heritage and their remediation. We have developed a very brief questionnaire as a first step in collating data on the range of projects being undertaken which are directly or indirectly relevant to the identification, assessment or mitigation of the impact of climate change on cultural heritage. Ultimately we would like to collate data on this topic data relevant to heritage conservation disciplines, on studies and research relevant to the likely impact of global climate change on cultural heritage.

This survey is being co-ordinated by Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy. All members of Australia ICOMOS will soon receive a copy of the survey and it is hoped that you will fill it out and return it promptly (by 30th September would be appreciated!!!). It will only take about 5-10mins of your time. In addition it would be appreciated if you could circulate the questionnaire to any one that you think might be interested or who has been involved in relevant work. Completed questionnaires can be forwarded to Susan at fax 0740421380 or scanned and emailed to  .


9) Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications

Australia ICOMOS welcomes new members and encourages applications to be made to the Secretariat.

The membership forms and details are available on the web page Existing members are often involved in encouraging new members to join and in providing nominations, so it is important that they are aware of the procedures.

As a professional organization, Australia ICOMOS takes pride in its membership. We have an established process for members applications and a number of categories of membership to cater for people with different levels of experience and interests. For full international members, the application requirements are more onerous and include:

. At least three years professional experience with a core focus on heritage conservation;
. Demonstrated willingness and ability to practice within the terms of the Burra Charter and the Ethical Commitment Statement;
. A completed application form with signed nominations by two financial, Full International Members of ICOMOS;
. A brief (50-100 words) statement from one of your nominators supporting your application;
. A statement of relevant professional experience;
. A full Curriculum Vitae; and
. Payment of the correct fee.

The statement of relevant professional experience is an important component of the application as it allows applicants to demonstrate the required experience focussed on heritage conservation, especially the use of the Burra Charter and ability to practice within the Ethical Commitment Statement. It is different from the standard CV.

All applications are received at the Secretariat and referred to the Executive Committee for consideration. Completed applications must be received three weeks before the Executive Committee meeting date to allow consideration otherwise they are held over to the next meeting.

Please contact the Membership Secretary, Helen Lardner on  if further information is required.


10) Port Arthur Historic Site Anniversary

A reminder of the Anniversary Celebrations being held this year by the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA), being the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Authority (1987), as well as 30 years since the first archaeological project was carried out.

PAHSMA is hosting a mini symposium on 5-6 October to acknowledge the significant achievements of the past 20/30 years. This includes an afternoon of presentations to review the history and achievements of the PAHS to be chaired by Sharon Sullivan, a special dinner event on the evening of Friday 5 October with special guest speaker Barry Jones, an archaeology planning workshop on the morning of Saturday 6 October followed by an excursion to the Coal Mines Historic Site.

If you have not already responded but would like to attend can you please provide us with details as soon as possible, and no later than Friday 21 September. Either Greg Jackman ( or Jane Harrington ( or contact either of us on (03) 6251 2339.


11) Announcement Final Cultured Conference

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to announce The Final Conference of the Interreg IIIC Project Cultural Heritage and Regional Development (CULTURED)  to be held Tuesday 27 November2007 at the Monasterium Poortackere in Ghent, Belgium . 

CULTURED invites all interested parties, stakeholders and organisations active in the field of heritage and regional development, including both public and private participants, to their Final Conference.

The conference will present the project findings of the three years’ work on “Best Practice in the Presentation and Market-oriented Valorisation of Cultural Heritage as an Instrument of Regional Development”.

Each of the 14 partners have been invited to present their project results. High quality speakers in the field of cultural heritage from various European countries will share their knowledge with the audience in inspiring and informative presentations. In this way, the conference will offer an excellent opportunity for all participants to learn about innovative ideas and projects related to cultural heritage and regional development at the EU level. 

For more information on the program, registration or requests for additional information, please consult following link,en/

Please feel free to distribute this announcement to any interested colleagues! 

This conference is an initiative of the University of Ghent , the lead partner of this project,in cooperation with
The European Commission
The Flemish Community
Interreg IIIC
CULTURED partners
The Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation


12) ICOMOS Forthcoming Conferences

The 16th ICOMOS General Assembly will be held in Quebec, Canada from 29th September to 4th October 2008.  Because many Australia ICOMOS members are expected to attend, there will not be an Australia ICOMOS annual conference in 2008. Instead Australia ICOMOS is supporting a symposium on Intangible Heritage organised by the National Trust of Australia (Vic) in association with Deakin University's Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific to be held in Melbourne from 1st to 2nd July 2008.  A range of leading national and international speakers will be invited.  Tours will be arranged for 3rd July. These will be organised to complement the 25th annual Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ) conference to be held at Deakin University, Geelong from 3rd to 6th July. The theme of the conference will be around ‘History and Practice’, bringing together historians, theoreticians and heritage practitioners to celebrate the Society’s twenty-fifth anniversary. A call for papers will be made after the 2007 SAHANZ Conference ‘Panorama to Paradise’ to be held in Adelaide from 21st - 24th September. Australia ICOMOS members will be advised and able to submit abstracts.

The 2009 annual Australia ICOMOS conference will be held in Sydney in July.  The theme will be ‘Twentieth Century Heritage’ and the conference partners will be DOCOMOMO, UIA, mAAN, APT, the Art Deco Society and the Walter Burley Griffin Society.  The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage will be meeting in Sydney as part of this conference.  Conference and meeting enquiries to Sheridan Burke at

The 2010 Annual Australia ICOMOS Conference is tentatively planned for Broken Hill in November with Industrial Heritage as the theme. It is hoped that appropriate ICOMOS ISC meetings can be arranged to coincide with each of the conferences.

Enquiries about the NTA (Vic) Symposium should be directed to Dr Celestina Sagazio, Enquiries about the SAHANZ Conference can be directed to Dr Ursula De Jong, Information about the General Assembly is available on-line through the ICOMOS web site.


13) Joint Press Release- Emergency Heritage Listing

Peter Garrett - Mike Kelly Joint Release - Labor Backs Judith Wright's Home For Emergency Heritage Listing - 20 September

Federal Labor is supporting calls for emergency National Heritage Listing for Judith Wright's former residence, 'Edge', and if elected will fast-track consideration of full national heritage listing.

The impending sale of the former home of one of our greatest poets and conservationists, Judith Wright, threatens to compromise its heritage values.

Judith Wright has been called "the conscience of the nation", for her early, ongoing and passionate commitment to Australia's environment and Indigenous people. Her poetry has helped shape Australia's national identity.

'Edge' is a 41.5ha river-frontage block with solar power home near Braidwood, NSW, an hour from Canberra.

The property is currently owned by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award's ACT Office, and was acquired for a nominal $1 from the Australian National University in 1999. Judith Wright bequeathed the property to the ANU in 1984 for the purposes of ecological research, stipulating it retain its status as a wildlife refuge.

Labor respects Judith Wright's wish that this property not become a shrine to her, nor that it be gratuitously developed - but instead remain an active and sustainable wildlife refuge.

Labor Candidate for Eden-Monaro, Mike Kelly said this was a response to calls from the local community.

"The local historical society are a dedicated group of people who have been working hard to securefull heritage listing for this important national and local landmark," Mr Kelly said.

"I couldn't be happier to be here today with Peter Garrett to throw Labor's support behind moves to make sure wehonour Judith Wright’s wish that Edge be maintained as a wildlife reserve.

"Judith Wright's contribution not only to our nation, but to our local community can not be under-estimated and it is only fitting that we respect her wishes and preserve this property as she would have wanted."

Labor's Environment, Heritage and Arts spokesman Peter Garrett said today:

"Judith Wright was a great Australian - a passionate environmentalist, with a lifelong commitment to reconciliation. She was also an extraordinary communicator through her poetry.

The 'Edge' property is an important part of Judith Wright's legacy, a place where she found inspiration, and I am concerned that its heritage values could be compromised."


14) The Heritage Overlay: Guidelines for Assessing planning permit applications

The Heritage Council of Victoria and Heritage Victoria have advised that copies of the Overlay were circulated in February 2007 as a public draft.

They are looking for as much feedback as possible by end of September 07 before commencing a review of the publication later this year.

Comments can be posted to HCV or emailed to

Copies can be obtained thought Heritage Vic 9637 9475 or or downloaded from the website

Depending on level of interest they are also considering feedback sessions to be held in Melbourne and regional centres in October. If interested in attending please contact Geoff Austin...


15) Invitation: NCA’s - Register of: Natural, Indigenous and Historic Heritage and Community Consultation Consultants

An Invitation to be part of the National Capital Authority's - Register of: Natural, Indigenous and Historic Heritage and Community Consultation Consultants:

The National Capital Authority (NCA) manages the Australian Government's continuing interest in the planning, promotion, enhancement and maintenance of Canberra as the nation's capital, on behalf of all Australians.

The NCA invites Natural, Indigenous and Historic Heritage and Community Consultation consultants, Australia wide, to become part of a National Capital Authority register to undertake small scale consultancies.

Information packs and submission forms are available from the NCA website at or by sending a request to:

Contact Officer is Ros Ransome on (02) 6271 2825

Submissions must be received by 31 October 2007.


16) Survey of Victorian Veterans Related Heritage

Invitation is now open to submit a quote for a desk-top survey of veteran's heritage in Victoria from the Veterans Unit .

The Veterans Unit of the Department of Planning and Community Development and Heritage Victoria are jointly funding this study, which has a budget of $25,000. We are seeking the proposal that offers the best value for money within this budget.

For further information, to obtain the “Request for A quote” and what details are required please contact Jenni Tierney, tel: (03) 9208 3005 email: .    

The closing date for quotations is 5pm on Friday 19 October 2007.

Please note quotations must be addressed to:
    Jenni Tierney
    Youth, Seniors, Veterans & Disability
    Department of Planning and Community Development
    Level 5, 1 Spring Street


17) Tenders for Trial Bay Gaol Collections Management Plan and Interpretations plan


The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) invites suitably qualified and experienced contractors to submit proposal to prepare the Trial Bay Gaol Collections Management Plan. The collection is considered to be of national significance, and the successful tenderer will be expected to catalogue and assess the significance of the collections at Trial Bay Gaol, and provide policies and recommendations to guide DECC in the ongoing conservation, management and maintenance of the items.

The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) invites suitably qualified and experienced contractors to submit proposal to prepare the TBG site complex Interpretation Plan. The three stages of the project:
1) Review & consolidate existing: relevant documents and consultative forums, current approaches, identified themes to
2) Provide a detailed interpretive strategy & program, with a staged implementation program addressing infrastructure, access, safety needs and budget needs. 3) Priority product development  content & design for self guided brochure; on site signage and schematic layout of Museum.

Tender documentation FOR BOTH TENDERS is available from the Dept of Commerce website at
The tender will close at 4:00pm (E.S.T) on Friday 19 October 2007.
The contact for the tender is Cath Ireland, Ranger, Trial Bay Gaol, Arakoon State Conservation Area 65 66 7589 or .


18) Situation Vacant: Heritage Architect / Architectural Graduate

Full or Part Time

HLCD Pty Ltd is seeking an enthusiastic architect or architectural graduate with 5  10 years experience specialising in heritage work to join our team. An interest in, and experience with, heritage and planning legislation and planning schemes is preferred.

HLCD Pty Ltd is an innovative architectural firm of six professionals with expertise in building conservation, heritage planning, industrial heritage, Twentieth Century heritage, history and interpretation. The practice is based in Melbourne, but our work also takes us to regional areas and interstate.  Our projects often include sites with complex heritage values and we work with public and private clients. Please refer to our website for further information about the firm and our staff:

For further information about this position, please contact Amy Egan: or (03) 9347 5522.

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