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Australia ICOMOS E-Mail News No. 283
eX treme heritage:
managing heritage in the face of climatic extremes, natural disasters and military conflicts
 in tropical, desert,polar and off-world landscape
2007 Australia ICOMOS National Conference,
Cairns, Far North Queensland  July 19-21 .

An information service provided by the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat
Friday 8th June 2007

1)  Cultural landscapes in 2007  a continuing challenge
2)  Conference: Murray River/Albury region
3)  Streetwise Asia Fund  - Please Consider A Pre June 30 Tax Effective Donation
4)  National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries
5)  Government Media Releases
6)  News from Heritage SA
7)  The Best in Heritage © • Dubrovnik • Croatia
8)  Consultancy Opportunity - Rottnest Island WW II Defence Heritage Interpretation Plan
9)  Position Vacant: Heritage Projects Coordinator (NSW)
10)  Position Vacant: Interpretation Manager - Fremantle Prison
11)  Position Vacant: Heritage Research Officer
12)  Position Vacant: Heritage Specialist
13)  Full Time Permanent Position:  Senior Archaeologist, Sydney.
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1) Cultural landscapes in 2007  a continuing challenge

Dear ICOMOS members in NSW and ACT

Cultural landscapes in 2007  a continuing challenge

: Friday 15th June 2007 gathering at 6pm for start at 7 to 9pm
Venue: The Mint, Macquarie Street, Sydney
Main Speaker:  Juliet Ramsay
With: Scot McArthur  ‘Tempe House’ cultural landscape
  Sue Jackson-Stepowski  Vienna Memorandum & ‘HUL’

Venue strictly limits numbers prior bookings to Sue J-S

Juliet Ramsay is the Australia ICOMOS representative on the International Scientific Committee for Cultural Landscapes (IFLA), a member of the international committee that reviewed the report on world heritage cultural landscapes, and recently returned from two ICOMOS meetings in Europe - IFLA meeting in Rome, and Historic Towns and Villages (CIVVIH) ISC meeting in Helsinki.

‘Major infrastructure interventions’, and in particular the Vienna Memorandum on Historic Urban Landscapes (HUL), was the theme of the Helsinki meeting, hosted by ICOMOS Finland. Also at the Helsinki meeting were Australian CIVVIH representative Ian Hocking with Agnieshka Kiera, both from WA, and Sue Jackson-Stepowski from NSW. Timely also is other international discussions about the Vienna Memorandum.

We thank the Historic Houses Trust for providing the venue, and member Amy Nhan for behind-the-scenes organisation.

Light refreshments on arrival: no alcohol can be served on licensed premises
Parking: Sydney Hospital carpark or street metres: advise to use public transport
Cost: member $5, non-member $10. Attendees are also urged to donate to the Pacifika and Victoria Falls Funds to financially assist attendance at our eX treme heritage conference and the 2008 General Assembly in Canada.

PS: call for members to assist on the night: set up at 5.30pm, catering, clean away at 8.50pm - contact Sue J-S


2) Conference: Murray River/Albury region

October 19-21
Meandering about the Murray - interpreting the landscape of the Albury Region - 28th national conference of the Australian Garden History Society, focuses on the landscape around Albury, Holbrook and over the border...

A range of excellent speakers covering environmental, climatic & economic challenges past and present and their impacts...including water politics in the Murray-Darling Basin, weeds, passionate gardeners, writers & artists' responses will all be features, plus visits to private gardens and places not normally open to the public...

Costs:$470/555 non members (before 15/8/7) ; Lectures only: $120
Optional day (tour) $115; Post Conf. tour: $660/700 non members (numbers limited)

Dates: 19-21/10/07
Optional Day (tour): 22/10/07
Post Conf. Tour: 23-25/10/07 focussing on the Riverina district, based in Young
Bookings are filling up fast, esp. the optional day tour & post conference tour, so don't delay...
Book online from 8/6/07 at
More info/brochures?: email AGHS:  or 


3) Streetwise Asia Fund -
Please Consider A Pre June 30 Tax Effective Donation

Some Australia ICOMOS members have now made donations to the Streetwise Asia Fund and gratitude is expressed for those who have donated.

The progress with this fund is as follows:
·        Several modest projects have been identified in Laos via Rik Ponne the UNESCO project officer in Bangkok, and these are within the scope of the funds capacity. 
·        ICOMOS EC member Anthony Coupe has volunteered his services to visit Laos to get the project underway, and finalise the allocation of fund moneys to these projects.  This is anticipated in the next few months.
·        Over $15,000 has been raised from donations and sales of the Streetwise Asia publication.

The Streetwise Asia Fund has the support of the UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific.  The fund is hoping to raise $20,000 to be able to complete these identified projects and we are seeking donations to ensure that all identified elements can be achieved.

ICOMOS members are requested to consider a donation, however modest, pre June 30th to ensure the projects success.  Please note that all donations are allocated to actual conservation works and no part of any donation is allocated to administration.  Information can be provided about the proposed projects to potential donors.

The Streetwise Asia fund is now administered through the Australian Children Fund Inc, a tax deductible Registered Australian Charity.  All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.  

Donations are now welcome.  For further information about the Streetwise Asia Fund, please contact Elizabeth Vines, McDougall & Vines Conservation and Heritage Consultants


4) National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries

An Exposure Draft of a new initiative, ‘National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries’ is now available for comment. The standards relate to the management of museums, the engagement of communities, and the development and conservation of significant collections. ICOMOS members with an interest in movable cultural heritage are warmly invited to consider the Draft and provide feedback by 15 August 2007.

The Exposure Draft and a feedback template are available online:

If you wish to receive a printed copy of one or both of these documents by post or fax, please contact:

Collections Council of Australia Ltd
Telephone: (08) 8207 7287


5) Government Media Releases
TITLE: Australian Government funding commemorates significant Australians media release 30 May 2007
PORTFOLIO: Environment and Water Resources
SNIPPET: Media Release THE HON JOHN COBB MP Assistant Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Member for Parkes 30 May 2007 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT FUNDING COMMEMORATES SIGNIFICANT AUSTRALIANS Australian Government funding of $20 000 will help to recognise the achievements of three well-known Australian historical figures Assistant Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, the Hon John Cobb MP announced today.

TITLE: Agreement to eradicate rabbits on Macquarie Island
PORTFOLIO: Environment and Water Resources
SNIPPET: MEDIA RELEASE The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP Minister for the Environment and Water Resources T76 /07 4 June 2007 AGREEMENT TO ERADICATE RABBITS ON MACQUARIE ISLAND The Australian and Tasmanian Governments have today reached an agreement to jointly fund the eradication of rodent pests on Macquarie Island to protect its World Heritage values.


6) News from Heritage SA

Applications for heritage funding close 30 June
Applications for funding will be received until 30 June from:

·        Local Councils, to carry out or review local heritage surveys, undertake Heritage Plan Amendment Reports or establish local heritage incentive schemes. For more information contact Senior Heritage Officer Hamish Angas on 08 8124 4956 or at

·        Owners of State Heritage Places, to help conserve those aspects of a place that contribute to its heritage significance, especially urgent conservation works to significant built fabric. Projects that plan for the future of a place, improve its financial viability, or incorporate environmentally sustainable solutions will also be given priority. For more information contact the Heritage Branch on (+61 8) 8124 4922 or see

SA Memory website launched by State Library of South Australia
SA Memory is a multimedia online gateway to South Australian culture and heritage, past and present.It illustrates and interprets themes highlighting South Australia's people, places, issues and events from the colony's beginnings to now. The site showcases a wide range of archival and published materials, including:
original documents and transcripts
images - photographs, posters, art works, interactive maps, and more
sound recordings, including oral histories
historic film footage

There is also an opportunity for the public to contribute to the SA Memory website and to be kept up to date via a mailing list.

World Heritage goes National
On 21 May 2007 the Australian Government Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Hon Malcolm Turnbull, included the following World Heritage properties on the National Heritage List:

Williandra Lakes Region          Balranald, NSW
Greater Blue Mountains Area              Katoomba, NSW
Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves     Lismore, NSW
Lord Howe Island Group           Lord Howe Island, NSW
Wet Tropics of Queensland                Cairns, Qld
Fraser Island                              Eurong, Qld
Australian Fossil Mammal Site            Riversleigh, Qld
Great Barrier Reef                        Townsville, Qld
Australian Fossil Mammal Sites  Naracoorte, SA
Shark Bay, Western Australia             Denham, WA
Purnululu National Park          Halls Creek, WA
Tasmanian Wilderness                      Strathgordon, Tas
Kakadu National Park                      Darwin, NT
Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park         Yulara, NT
Heard and McDonald Islands               Southern Ocean
Macquarie Island                          Southern Ocean

These sixteen places are in addition to the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, Victoria, which is also both a World and National Heritage Place.

This decision means that South Australia now has three National Heritage Places, namely:
Old & New Parliament Houses     Adelaide
Australian Fossil Mammal Site            Naracoorte
Ediacara Fossil Site - Nilpena           Parachilna


7) The Best in Heritage © • Dubrovnik • Croatia

Under the patronage of ICOM, UNESCO (BRESCE), Europa Nostra, ICOMOS, ICCROM, WFFM and the City of Dubrovnik

The Best in Heritage 2007 with Dubrovnik Global Heritage Forum

27-29 September 2007 (6th year)

To participate, please register at:
2007 programme at:
Details about Poster Session at:

Contact us at should you have any questions.



8) Consultancy Opportunity - Rottnest Island WW II Defence Heritage Interpretation Plan

Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association and National Trust of Australia (WA) (Defence Heritage Committee) INTERPRETATION CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT PLAN for Rottnest Island WW II Coastal Defence Heritage

PROJECT BRIEF now available -  for a copy contact:


The Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) has, through the Rottnest Island Management Plan 2003-2008, stated as one of its three strategic goals that “Rottnest Island’s environment and heritage are conserved and enhanced as a model of sustainability”. Specific recommendations on how this might and could be achieved were included in the management plan and reiterated and supported by the Rottnest Island Taskforce report of 2004.

Rottnest Island has an extensive coastal defence history that has been acknowledged as nationally significant and worthy of conservation and interpretation. Conservation works to these cultural heritage assets has been and continues to be undertaken by the Rottnest Island Authority, as well as ongoing maintenance, remedial work and monitoring. Interpretation of these assets  being the sites, remnants and stories associated with this part of its history - is therefore considered an important step in progressing the recommendations of both the management plan and the taskforce report.

Interpretation will promote and sustain the values both individually and collectively of the defence heritage assets, and will be a mechanism of sharing the stories of coastal defence heritage with the visitors to the Island who represent many and varied communities and interest groups and age ranges, and also for passing these stories on to new generations.

At the broader level, interpretation of the defence heritage assets will contribute to and enhance the understanding and enjoyment of Rottnest Island’s cultural and natural heritage and provide a mechanism for all visitors to appreciate, experience and learn more about the place.

The Rottnest Island Authority has had an ongoing relationship with the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association (RVGA) for almost 20 years. This relationship centres on the activities of the RVGA to assist in the conservation and interpretation of Rottnest Island’s unique and naturally significant environment, built, natural and Indigenous. The RVGA assists in interpretation primarily through a continually evolving program of guided tours and interpretive walks which are presented on a daily basis.

Since 1986, the RVGA has also been part of and supported the conservation of the significant WW II defence heritage sites on Rottnest Island. As one layer of the multi-layered story lines of Rottnest, the WW II defence sites collectively constitute the best preserved coastal artillery defence system from the Battle of Australia. It is the only site nationally to retain primary armament (9.2 inch guns), barracks (Kingstown), observation and command posts (Signal Ridge), military railroad and a range of ancillary sites relevant to an understanding of the coast defence system.

The Defence Heritage Committee (DHC) of the National Trust of Australia (WA) has also worked in a volunteering arrangement with the Rottnest Island Authority to document and classify defence heritage sites, to index and catalogue photographs relating to the military heritage of Rottnest and to present a series of educational seminars and workshops on Rottnest Defences and Fortress Fremantle from colonial times to the present.

Because of the breadth of knowledge of the WW II defence systems possessed by members of the RVGA and the DHC, their ongoing and active participation in developing the interpretation and conservation of this aspect of defence heritage and their long term commitment to the visitors to the Island, the Rottnest Island Authority has endorsed the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association and the Defence Heritage Committee of National Trust of Australia (WA) as coordinating partners for this interpretation planning project.

The report covers the Coastal Defence Heritage of Rottnest Island during the period 1935-1963.

The project will not require the consultant to compile and include a detailed history of coastal defence but review and refer to existing resource material.

The project requires a review of the existing reports ‘Beyond Oliver Hill: Rottnest Island Military Heritage Interpretation Plan’ and ‘Oliver Hill Fort: Interpretation, identification, explanation and information signs of The Oliver Hill Fort Complex of elements’.

The project needs to be considerate of any heritage listings and aligned with the conservation requirements of the built, moveable and archaeological heritage and issues associated with Aboriginal heritage.

The main requirements of the Interpretation Concept Development Plan are to:
- Identify and develop appropriate, relevant and up-to-date interpretation policies and strategies for the coastal defence heritage assets of the Island;
- Provide guidelines and text for interpretive information
- Provide conceptual designs for interpretation spaces, media and tools;
- Provide a recommended staged implementation program including an operational and project development budget

All submissions should be clearly marked, “Tender for consultant services for the planning & development of interpretation of Rottnest Island WW II Defence Heritage” , placed in a sealed envelope and submitted no later than 5.00pm on Friday 29 June 2007at the following address:
The National Trust of Australia (WA)
The Old Observatory
4 Havelock Street
Postal Address:
PO Box 1162
Alternatively, tenders may be sent via email to: or faxed to: (08) 9324 1571.

Refer enquiries to:
Name: Robert Mitchell, Manager Community Services
Telephone: (08) 9321 6088
Facsimile: (08) 9324 1571


9) Position Vacant
Heritage Projects Coordinator (NSW)

Rappoport is a specialist firm of heritage practitioners located metro Sydney operating throughout NSW. Assisting town planners, architects and local government through the heritage approval process, this permanent position incorporates writing heritage reports & managing consultants. Skills & expertise required include; historical & archival research, writing, liaising with clients, external consultants, Councils; ability to work autonomously within a small team and scheduling to achieve deadlines. Strong communication skills including a good command of the English language; knowledge and use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and thorough working knowledge of pertinent NSW heritage legislation will be required.

The successful applicant will be required to have tertiary qualifications. An attractive salary package, commensurate with experience, will be offered.

Please email Anna your resume;


10) Position Vacant:
Interpretation Manager - Fremantle Prison

WA Department of Housing and Works
DHW02234Level 6, $70,564 - $78,138pa PSGA
full time

Job Description
To review, plan, evaluate, develop and deliver strategies that guide and enhance the interpretation of Fremantle Prison for visitors through tour, public and education programs that demonstrate standards of practice that reflect the local, national and international significance of the site.

To contribute to the understanding of the cultural heritage significance of Fremantle Prison through historical research and the development and maintenance of networks with complimentary institutions, organisations and groups to enhance and improve access to the body of information and resources relating to the site.

Fremantle Prison is currently part of the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage nomination.

Selection Criteria
· Recognised tertiary qualifications in history, museology, history, archaeology, anthropology or other relevant qualifications.
· Demonstrated experience in the development and implementation of strategies that support interpretation programs including related policies processes and procedures.
· Demonstrated experience in the development and delivery of education and public programs.
· Demonstrated experience in undertaking historical research and the management of historical records.
· Highly developed written and oral communication skills with capability across various information mediums.
· High level of experience in using a range of software in a Windows environment.

· Knowledge of the tourism industry and related business issues.
· Knowledge of heritage and conservation issues.
· Knowledge of government procurement processes.

For Further Job Related Information
Please contact Mr Bevan Beaver, Executive Manager Fremantle Prison, on (08) 9336 9213.

Application Instructions
It is essential applicants obtain the Job Kit for full position information and application advice.  Job Kits may be obtained from the Dept of Housing & Works website:, (look under 'Jobs’); alternatively call our 24 hour message bank on 08 9222 8173 or email with your request and a kit will be mailed or e-mailed to you.

SEND APPLICATIONS: Marked 'Private & Confidential' to 'The HR Consultant (Recruitment)', Department of Housing & Works, Human Resources, 99 Plain Street, EAST PERTH 6004, or via email at


11) Position Vacant
Heritage Research Officer

Employment Opportunity: A position will become available shortly for a Heritage Research Officer in the Special Projects Unit, Planning and Development Services of Townsville City Council. If you would like to know more about this position, please contact: Ken Hogan


12) Position Vacant:
Heritage Specialist

Leading Australian heritage consultancy seeks a heritage specialist with an architectural background for a wide range of heritage projects.

High profile firm
Wide range of projects
Career progression opportunities

Godden Mackay Logan provides high level heritage advice on major development projects and undertakes benchmark heritage studies for public sector clients. We offer innovative and responsible heritage consultancy services of the highest quality. Our multi-disciplinary in-house team of consulting staff has expertise in built heritage, urban planning, archaeology, industrial sites and interpretation.

You will have a degree in architecture and, ideally, at least 2-5 years heritage experience. You will have excellent writing skills, the ability to manage projects, and demonstrated experience in preparing heritage assessments, heritage impact statements and advice reports. Importantly, you will be able to work as part of a team, and work within time and budget constraints.

We have an exciting range of projects underway and opportunities for professional development and advancement. We also have a training and development program that encourages all staff to grow their skills and knowledge.

Our main office is located in inner Sydney. We also have a small office in Canberra and undertake interstate work.

Salary will be negotiable for the right person. While this is a full-time position, consideration will also be given to part-time applicants.

Godden Mackay Logan is an AS/NZL ISO 9001:2000 quality certified company.

For more information contact Geoff Ashley or Peter Romey or 9319 4811. Send your application to


13) Full Time Permanent Position:
  Senior Archaeologist, Sydney.

We are seeking a highly skilled archaeologist with demonstrated knowledge in Aboriginal cultural heritage management, effective and appropriate communication & liaison skills, ability to think strategically, and demonstrated experience in the management of Aboriginal archaeological projects. The candidate must hold a minimum qualification of BA (Hons) in Australian archaeology.

The suitable candidate must have at least 5 years proven experience working in the Aboriginal archaeological consulting industry and the ability to build effective working relationships with Aboriginal stakeholder groups and clients. The candidate must have proven ability in the completion of tasks and projects and can demonstrate that they can meet project deadlines. The suitable candidate must be able to demonstrate they can effectively manage assessment and excavation projects from start to finish and obtain excavation permits from the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change.

We are prepared to offer an attractive salary package tailored to the successful candidate’s needs and experience, including, after a qualifying period access to performance based bonus options.

An assistance package will be available to a successful interstate candidate to help defray relocation costs.

Please contact Charles Parkinson for the job description and selection criteria at

Applications close 15th June 2007.

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