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eX treme heritage:
managing heritage in the face of climatic extremes, natural disasters and military conflicts
 in tropical, desert,polar and off-world landscape
2007 Australia ICOMOS National Conference,
Cairns, Far North Queensland  July 19-21 .

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Friday 11
h May 2007

1)  Reminder: ICOMOS Dinner in Canberra
2)  Researching Destination Management, Policy and Planning:
3)  4th ICEGE - Workshop on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
4)  Colin Crisp Award for Engineering Heritage - nominations
5)  Reminder: Master Course in "Cultural Projects for Development"
6)  Call for papers: The 4th World Conf for Grad Research in Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure
7)  International convention: Scenarios of Illicit Living
8)  INTO “Heritage and Development” International Conference
9)  The evolution of Taiwan’s Aboriginal art heritage in the post 1987 era
10)  Heritage South Australia E-News: May 2007 No. 4
11)  Call for Applications/Workshops: ISS Institute
12)  Copyright 2007 - Your copying rights
13)  Request for Tender - Victorian State of the Historic Environment Survey and Report


1) Reminder ICOMOS Dinner in Canberra

The ICOMOS Executive is meeting in Canberra on 12-13 May 2007 and would be delighted to catch up with local ICOMOS members for dinner on Saturday 12 May 2007.

We are planning to have dinner at the Thai Chiang Rai, 48 Giles St Kingston at 7.00pm


2) Researching Destination Management, Policy and Planning: Riga/ Latvia, 24-25 September 2007

The Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom is please to inform you about the following forthcoming conference:


Riga, Latvia: 24-25 September 2007

Jointly organised by:

Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change
Leeds Metropolitan University

Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia / Department of Tourism Development

European Union of Tourist Officers

Culture(s) and heritage, both tangible and intangible are at the heart of the visitor experience of destinations. At the level of policy making and planning, the importance of destinations’ unique and distinctive cultural attributes for the tourism sector is commonly articulated, at least rhetorically. The management of cultural and heritage assets for tourism is also a critical issue for destinations. However, working connections and collaboration between agencies and stakeholders in these domains are often weakly developed in practice. Inter-disciplinary research at the interface of the complex linkages between these sectors and professional interests has much to contribute to terms of critical, reflective debate on key issues affecting the relationships between culture, heritage and tourism at the destination level.

Research in destination policy, planning and management also explores the competitive opportunities and pressures associated with the emergence of new and diverse international tourist markets. Such research makes a critical contribution in the development of creative and sustainable strategies for the culture, heritage and tourism sectors in destinations.

The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers who share interests in destination policy, planning and management in relation to culture(s), heritage and tourism. These research areas are also clearly relevant to professionals in destination management and the conference will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to share leading edge ideas, innovations and critical thinking with the professional destination manager participants at the European Union of Tourist Officers (EUTO) Study Visit to Latvia which coincides with the conference. There will also be opportunities for delegates to participate in parts of the EUTO programme.

Theoretical and applied issues and themes to be explored at this conference include:

·        Creative uses of cultural and heritage resources for tourism

·        Cultural events and festivals as animators of place

·        Transnational approaches to and conceptions of destination planning in urban and rural contexts

·        Community participation in destination development

·        Building sustainable partnerships and stakeholder relationships between tourism, culture and heritage in destinations

·        Managing cultural heritage and sensitive sites for tourism

·        Competitive advantage, new tourist markets and destinations

·        New and emerging technologies in destination representation and marketing

·        Destination image and branding

If you wish to submit a paper proposal, please send a 300-word abstract with full address and institutional affiliation details as an electronic file to Dr. Philip Long ( The deadline for the reception of abstracts is 13 July 2007. Please find regularly updated information regarding this conference, registration procedures and (at a later stage) a full programme at our website


3) 4th ICEGE - Workshop on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering related to Monuments and Historical Centers - Reminder

"Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering related to Monuments and Historical Centers"

Thessaloniki, Greece
June 28, 2007

Dear colleague,

Reminder announcement of the 2nd Workshop entitled: "Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering related to Monuments and Historical Centers" that will take place in the framework of the 4th International Conference on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering.

Since we are at the final stage of preparing the scientific program of the Workshop, prospective authors are kindly invited to submit papers, within the next few days, following the specific format of the 4ICEGE conference.

Participants who do not intend to submit a paper are kindly requested to inform the conference secretariat ( or directly contact Prof. K. Pitilakis (

Looking forward to meeting you in Thessaloniki in June 2007.

Kyriazis Pitilakis
Chairman of 4ICEGE


4) Colin Crisp Award for Engineering Heritage

Nominations are invited for the Colin Crisp Award for engineering heritage

The Colin Crisp Award is Australia’s premier award for excellence in Engineering Heritage projects. It is awarded biennially at the National Engineering Heritage Conference.

The Award is made by Engineering Heritage Australia, a special interest group of Engineers Australia.

Criteria for the Award
An award shall be for demonstrated excellence through one or more of the following activities:
Conservation of an engineering work of historic or heritage significance (in this context conservation includes maintenance and may include preservation, restoration, reconstruction, and adaptation);

Engineering work that facilitates or is essential to the successful conservation of an historic or heritage work, including machinery, structures, buildings or electrical equipment;

Education, or the creation of awareness in engineering history or heritage; and

Such other endeavour related to engineering history or heritage, deemed by the Subcommittee to be worthy.

Nominations shall be submitted by individuals, firms or organizations. The project must have been completed after 31 August 2003.

Making Nominations
Nominations may be made by Engineers Australia members, Divisional Engineering Heritage Groups, their members or by Members of EHA, including Corresponding Members.

Any nomination for any Divisional Engineering Excellence Award in an Environment & Heritage category (or similar) may be submitted as an entry for the Colin Crisp Award. A letter nominating a particular project for the Colin Crisp Award signed by the firm/organization which prepared the Engineering Excellence Award nomination is the only documentation required.  

Nominations shall be submitted through the Divisional Engineering Heritage Group in the Division in which the nominated project is located, or to the Administrator, Engineering Heritage Australia, 11 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600 (phone: 02 6270 6530)

Entrants should provide two bound copies and one CD-ROM of their entry, together with any supporting material such as photographs, discs and videos, which must be clearly labelled.

Nominations will be treated as confidential.

A document providing further detailed information for entrants is available from the Administrator, EHA.

Form of Nomination
Entries should not be more than 6,000 words or 12 pages in 12 point  Arial font excluding attachments. There is no limitation on the size of attachments.

Closing Date
Nominations and the supporting documentation shall reach the Administrator by Friday 31 August 2007.


5) Reminder: candidatures for the Master Course in "Cultural Projects for Development"

This is to kindly remind you that the deadline to submit the candidatures for the Master Course in "Cultural Projects for Development" will be on May 15th 2007.

Thanks for your attention and collaboration
Best Regards


6) Call for papers..
The 4th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure

23-27 April 2008, Antalya, Turkey..

The 4th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure
is one of the research series that has been organised in cooperation with the journal ANATOLIA over the last six years. The aim of the conference is to provide a research forum among graduate students and faculty members engaged in graduate teaching and research in tourism, hospitality and leisure with an opportunity to meet their counterparts from other universities in order to share their research experience, to receive feedbacks on their dissertations, and to update themselves with current issues and trends in the field. We invite submissions from graduate students or recent graduates either for the thesis/dissertation or the full research category. In either cases, faculty members are urged to encourage their research students to submit papers and/or to help writing co-authored papers. Authors are invited to submit papers across a wide spectrum not only in tourism , travel, hospitality, leisure and recreation but also in other relating areas on the condition that the topic has a close proximity with such subjects as sociology of tourism; management and marketing of tourism, geography of tourism, psychology of tourism and leisure; economics of tourism, leisure and recreation etc. Papers can be submitted for the following four categories:
Thesis/dissertations: Open only for graduate students to reflect the summary of their thesis or dissertations in terms of the development of hypotheses and methodology and showing the way how it may contribute to the literature.
Research papers: Open both for graduates and faculty members who are encouraged to submit their regular conceptual or empirical papers together.
Interdisciplinary papers: Open only for those faculty members who have a background in a different discipline, but have the willingness to expand their research interests into tourism and so forth. Please click here for more information:


7) International Convention
Scenarios of Illicit Living

Strategies of building and town recovery

19 - 20 October 2007


Dear Colleagues

The International Convention “SCENARIOS OF ILLICIT LIVING Strategies of building and town recovery” (from the 19th  to the 20th of October 2007), will be held at the Faculty of Architecture of Agrigento (University of Studies of Palermo), in the prestigious center of the Monastero di S.Spirito in the historical center of the city of Agrigento. We will be grateful of your participation and to receive your acknowledgement.
Alberto Sposi

It shouldn’t be longer than the first page and should be at least 500 words. The text should adhere to the example and to the rules contained in it. The margins are shown in the formulation of the present document. The character to use is the “Times New Roman” 11pt.
The abstract should be sent within the 15th of May 2007 to the attention of the organizational secretariat at
Every abstract will be attributed a progressive number to cite as reference in the successive correspondence.


8) INTO “Heritage and Development”
International Conference

December 3rd-5th, 2007
New Delhi, India

*Members of ICOMOS would be most welcome to attend

International National Trust Organization (INTO) is a forum that enables conservation specialists from around the world to share experiences and best practices, to develop collective strategies, to promote international cooperation, and to build the capacity of new and emerging Trusts. INTO meets every two years to exchange ideas of heritage management, conservation and latest technologies applied in this field and other related issues. The last two international conferences were held in Washington, D.C. in 2005 (hosted by the U.S. National Trust for Historic Preservation, with 175 international participants), and in Edinburgh in 2003 (hosted by the National Trust for Scotland, with representation from over 40 countries).

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has been an active member of INTO since 2000, we have contributed major presentations to the Edinburgh and Washington meetings, organized a regional chapter for the Asia- Pacific region, and become an active member of the INTO steering and planning committees. INTACH was founded in 1984 in New Delhi with the vision to stimulate and spearhead heritage awareness and conservation in India. INTACH is today the largest membership organization in the country dedicated to conservation. A core professional staff at the headquarters, look after the Divisions, namely, Architectural Heritage, Indian Council for Conservation Institutes (ICCI), Chapters Division, Heritage Education and Communication Services (HECS) Division, Natural Heritage, Cultural Affairs and Heritage Tourism Division. INTACH is a member of many important national and international organizations and has participated in major conferences on conservation, also garnering support through its overseas Chapters in United Kingdom, New York and Belgium. Chapters in Canada and Japan are also in the offing. INTACH’s programmes and projects aim at community development and poverty alleviation with employment generation. (For details see

The main theme of the 12th International Conference of National Trusts will be Heritage and Development with focus on the following sub-themes:
·        Heritage and Globalization
·        Conservation of Heritage in Regions of Conflict and Natural Disasters
·        Heritage Tourism and Conservation
·        Funding for Conservation Projects
·        Regional Cooperation
·        Heritage Education
·        Heritage and Conservation Management
·        Intangible Heritage
·        Legislation for Heritage Conservation
·        Role of National Trusts
The official language of the symposium is English. All papers should be written and presented in English.

Ashok Hotel, New Delhi

$ 500 Only

Submission of paper : April 30, 2007
Last Date for Registration : July 30, 2007

4th December 2007
·        Visit To Humanyun’s Tomb (A World Heritage Site)
·        Visit To The Red Fort And St. James Church or
·        Visit To The Qutub Minar (World Heritage Site) And Meharauli Archaeological Park
·        Visit To The Rashtrapati Bhawan (President’s House) And Lutyen’s Zone

A number of tours have been arranged
1.      DELHI -  agra  jaipur - DELHI
Duration: 3 nights / 4 days
2.      DELHI  gwalior Delhi
Duration: 1 night / 2 days
Duration: 4 nights / 5 days
Duration: 4 nights / 5 days
Duration: 3 nights / 4 days
Duration: 2 nights / 3 days

Organized by:
INTACH, 71 Lodhi Estate
New Delhi - 110 003, India
Tel: 2463 1818, 2463 2267, 2463 2269
Fax: 91-11-2461 1290


9) The evolution of Taiwan’s Aboriginal art heritage in the post 1987 era


Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific

Thursday 17th May
from 4:00pm

Hui-chi Huang
PhD Candidate, Deakin University, Faculty of Arts

In this seminar Hui-chi will discuss work conducted in Taitung and Pingtung counties in southern Taiwan, regions with highly populated Aboriginal communities. In 2006 she conducted a field research specifically on the emergence of Taiwanese Aboriginal art. Hui-chi will discuss a number of issues, including the history of the preservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage in Taiwan; the cultural transition after the end of martial law in Taiwan in 1987; the background for the rise of contemporary Aboriginal art; the features of contemporary Aboriginal art; and Aboriginal exhibitions presented in museums and public spaces.

There is no entry charge and everyone is welcome

Venue: The Blue Room, Building B Room 2.20, Deakin University
(for a map of the campus see )


10) Heritage South Australia E-News
May 2007 No. 4
is now available:
articles include

Staff appointment
Raina Nechvoglod commenced as Manager of the DEH Heritage Branch on 23 April.

Chinese immigration ships project wins federal funding
A Heritage Branch project to locate the sites of three Chinese immigrant ships has received funding under the Australian Government’s Historic Shipwrecks Programme. The three small wooden vessels  the Phaeton, the Sultana and the Koning Willem 11 - carried some of the 20,000 Chinese immigrants making their way to the Victorian goldfields via South Australia to avoid Victoria’s ‘head tax’. They were lost off the coast near Robe in 1857.

Local Government Heritage Directions Funding Assistance
As part of the Heritage Directions funding initiative, the State Government allocated additional funding over four years (2004/05 - 2007/08) to help to protect and conserve local heritage. Local Councils in South Australia can now apply for funding assistance for the 2007/08 financial year to:
·        carry out or review local heritage surveys
·        undertake Heritage Plan Amendment Reports
·        establish local heritage incentive schemes
Applications close Friday 29 June 2007. For more information contact Senior Heritage Officer Hamish Angas (Policy) on 08 8124 4956

Heritage Postcards: 2007 DEH Schools Heritage Competition launched
An exciting new category in this year’s competition offers winning students the chance to work with the Channel 9 ‘Postcards’ production team to develop their entry into a segment for the show. More information:

South Australian Heritage Fund Grants
Applications for the 2007/08 round of South Australian Heritage Fund Grants close on 30 June. For more information about the grants or to download an application form see the Grants & Awards page on the DEH Heritage website or contact the Heritage Branch.

Fabrications Now Online
Articles from Volumes 1-5 of Fabrications : The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand are now available online on the University of Queensland eSpace website

Articles may be sorted by volume, title or author. A further five volumes of Fabrications will shortly be made available online at the University of Queensland eSpace.

Echuca Wharf included in National Heritage List
Echuca Wharf is an outstanding survivor of the booming Murray River trade of the late 1800s. It attests to the critical role that the river trade played in the pastoral boom and in the rapid economic growth and development of the colonies during this time. Towering three storeys high, the wharf’s height allowed for a ten metre variation in the winter and summer levels of the Murray and enabled a year round unloading of goods.
More information:

T. (08) 8124 4960
F. (08) 8124 4980


11) Call for Applications/Workshops
ISS Institute


Have ideas, but not sure if they are suitable for a Fellowship or any other questions as to the Fellowship?

Call us to talk over your ideas on 03 9882 0055- we are here to help where we can.


Suitable for trades people and artisans to 35 years of age


Suitable for technical, trades and artisans



Creating innovative color solutions in architectural settings with Victoria Versteege • Lindsey Glover ('04 RMIT/ISS Institute Fellows)


5 ISS Institute Fellows will be presenting their findings and sharing their skills.

Carolynne Bourne AM
ISS Institute

101/685 Burke Road
Camberwell 3124

Phone 61 3 9882 0055
Fax 61 3 9882 9866


12) Copyright 2007 - Your copying rights

Want to know more on how to manage your copyright or what's happening in the world of publishing and copyright licensing?  Then come along to Copyright 2007 - Copyright Agency Limited's free two hour seminar being held this month in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

Hear about the latest developments in the publishing and copyright industries and the wide ranging impacts for Australian authors, publishers and booksellers. Understand your rights under the Copyright Act and how the recent changes to the Act will affect you.We will also be providing tips on managing copyright in publishing contracts and licensing agreements for hard copy and digital material.

Where and When:
Brisbane: 21 May 2007, 3.00pm-5.00pm, State Library of Queensland
Melbourne: 22 May 2007, 3.00pm-5.00pm, Victoria University, Melbourne
Sydney: 29 May 2007, 12.00pm-2.00pm, CAL offices, Sydney
Adelaide: 30 May 2007, 3.00pm-5.00pm, State Library of South Australia
Perth: 31 May 2007, 5.00pm-7.00pm, Art Gallery of Western Australia

Visit our website

To book your place email and provide your name, organisation (if applicable), address, contact number and email address or phone 02 9394 7600.
See you there!
Please feel free to forward this email.


13) Request for Tender - Victorian State of the Historic Environment Survey and Report

The strategy Victoria's Heritage: Strengthening our communities includes an action to develop a methodology for a Victorian State of the Historic Environment Report (SHER), and undertaking a survey of places and objects on the Victorian Heritage Register to provide the main indices for this report. A consultant or consultant team is sought to:

1.    refine the state of environment indicators and methodology developed for the Australian Government;
2.    undertake a survey of the heritage places and objects (excluding historic shipwrecks) included in the VHR;
3.    present the results graphically and in tabular format;
4.    input the data into specified Hermes fields; and
5.    provide analysis of the data. 
This project is to be completed by February 2008.

Tenders close at 12 noon on Friday 1 June 2006

For further information contact:
Jim Gard'ner
Director (Strategic Support)
Heritage Victoria

tel (03) 9637 9306
fax (03) 9637 9503

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