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Australia ICOMOS E-Mail News No. 276
eX treme heritage:
managing heritage in the face of climatic extremes, natural disasters and military conflicts
 in tropical, desert,polar and off-world landscape
2007 Australia ICOMOS National Conference,
Cairns, Far North Queensland  July 19-21 .

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Friday 20th April 2007

1)  Registrations are now open!
2)  Windmills Windfest
3)  ICOMOS Shared Built Heritage Conference - Cape Town, South Africa
4)  "Heritage Museums and the city"
5)  Streetwise Asia - Preliminary Projects for Fund Money
6)  New DVD edition The Best in Heritage 5
7)  Victorian Stucco: Practical Workshop
8)  Victorian Stucco: Seminar
9)  Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications
10)  Expressions of Interest: Report on Guns and Cannon
11)  Situation Vacant: Senior Heritage Architect/Specialist
12)  Situation Vacant: Built Heritage Specialist
13)  Job Opportunity at US ICOMOS


1) Registrations are now open!

Australia ICOMOS Conference 19th-21st July 2007

eXtreme heritage: managing heritage in the face of climatic extremes, natural disasters and military conflicts in tropical, desert, polar and off-world landscapes.

Registrations are now open!

The conference is being held in peak tourist season which is great news for enjoying Cairns and all it has to offer however it would be wise to book your travel and accommodation as soon as possible to secure the best choices. We strongly recommend that you book your accommodation in the Trinity Beach area and the website has some specials open to conference delegates. If you choose instead to book in Cairns city don’t forget to factor in transport and you night want to hire a car for flexibility (there are many budget car rental companies in Cairns in addition to the major companies). Make sure you leave enough time to enjoy the wonderful options of rainforest, reef and savannah on offer and certainly allow time to take the opportunity for the tailored post conference tours which are offered at cost with free tour guiding from local experts.

Take the time to have a look at the conference website and check out the great pre and post conference tours! We have created options to suit every budget from $35 to $1700.

Session Convenors are busy reviewing all the abstracts and the full program will be posted to the web in the next few weeks and it is anticipated that additional free events will be added over that time as well.

The Conference Organising Committee is looking forward to seeing you all here in Cairns! If you have any website related issues contact the conference managers WSM directly -their details are one the website. If you have any Cairns related questions or suggestions for the conference don’t hesitate to contact the convenor


2) Windmills Windfest

Windmills on Show is an installation of six windmills erected on the Bridge Street Campus of the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE (SQIT). The installation was funded by the Queensland Government Art Built-In program. The SQIT campus was previously the showgrounds of the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS). During the annual RAS Shows, numerous windmills were erected on the site for the information of visitors. Over the years postcards of popular designs have the showgrounds as a background. The installation recognises also the long and celebrated involvement of the Toowoomba Foundry whose Southern Cross Windmills became world famous. SQIT has a long history of trade training for persons working for the foundry.

Many persons who were or had been associated with the manufacture, erection and maintenance of windmills contributed to the execution of Windmills on Show. While technical information on windmills has been well documented the memories and reminiscences of persons working in this essential industry have not been recorded.

We are taking advantage of the official launch of Windmills on Show during Heritage Week 2007 to hold a two day seminar-oral history workshop Windmill Windfest on windmills in Queensland. Registration will take place from 9am at Cobb+Co Museum on Friday 18 May 2007. It will be followed by the official launch of Windmills on Show at 10am, and the Seminar will commence at 11am.

Eminent authorities on windmills and the architect/designer of the installation will participate:

Dr T Lindsay Baker, Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of the W.K. Gordon Center for Industrial History of Texas, Tarleton State University, Texas, USA and editor of the Windmillers’ Gazette, a quarterly journal for the ‘preservation of America’s Wind Power History and Heritage’;

Mr Malcolm Walter, Secretary of the Morawa District Historical Society, Morowa, Western Australia, (Australia’s pre-eminent windmill museum) and editor of the Windmill Journal, a quarterly journal concerned with the history of Australian and New Zealand windmills.

Dr Bruce Millett, Associate Dean, Faculty of Business, USQ (who has written extensively on the Toowoomba Foundry)

Mr Russell Hall, architect and designer of Windmills on Show

Other speakers are being negotiated. Experienced oral historians will assist with recording.

Day 1 will comprise lectures on the installation, windmills in an international and Australian context, and in Queensland. Day 2 will comprise parallel sessions of structured and recorded interviews on the design, manufacture, erection, use, maintenance and social impact of windmills. These sessions will be led by experts with two or three interviewees (drawn from foundry staff, erectors, maintenance persons, windmill collectors, owners etc) in front of an audience who can also ask questions or contribute stories.

It is anticipated that up to 20 hours of audio/digital recordings will be produced. The masters will be deposited in a manuscript library but it is hoped that copies can be made available to interested persons at the cost of processing.
It is not intended that transcripts would be produced but this might be subject to a later grant application. All participants at the seminar will be required to sign a release for the future use of the tapes.

People who have been associated with the windmill industry, historians, museum curators, collectors and other interested persons are invited to attend this seminar.

Morning and afternoon teas and lunches will be provided. An optional BBQ dinner is available on Friday 18 May 2007 at a cost of $20 per head (including GST). Please indicate if you will be attending the dinner on the registration form.

Contact Cobb+Co Museum by phone on 07 4639 1971 or email


3) ICOMOS Shared Built Heritage Conference
 - Cape Town, South Africa
3 - 5 October 2007

The ICOMOS Shared Built Heritage International Scientific Committee will be hosting a conference to take place in Cape Town prior to the ICOMOS Advisory Committee meeting in Pretoria.

The conference will address issues relating to mutual architectural heritage and the benefits of closer engagement in the conservation of these resources and the exchange of expertise. The programme will include contributions from local and international speakers, as well as visits to relevant heritage sites.

Further information on the conference is available from Ashley Lillie -
Tel: +27 (0) 84 416 5267
Fax: +27 0866 127884


4) "Heritage Museums and the city"

Settimo Torinese, 25-28 May 2007

Deadline of registration sending in: 30/04/2007.

Over the last ten years the Foundation “Esperienze di cultura metropolitana”, which promotes historical and cultural activities in the city, and the Settimo Torinese City Council have been involved in a unique experience of recovery and development of cultural memory and awareness in the city of Settimo Torinese. The Foundation and the City Council, in collaboration with the Laboratorio ecomusei della Regione Piemonte, (the Heritage Museum Workshop of Piedmont), is now inviting representatives of cities in Italy and abroad to a conference in order to present the results of this experience and to stimulate debate with others interested in the same issues of heritage and in the collaboration between the government agencies involved in these projects. Like many other Italian cities, Settimo experienced the very difficult transition from rural village to industrial town. Later many industrial plants were moved outside the residential areas, a process which has occurred in many other towns. All these changes have generated in the community a deep need to redefine its identity and to rediscover and highlight the cultural features of the city. 

In recent years one of the main aims of the Settimo City Council has been the realization of a multi-faceted cultural system. Some of our achievements are the renovation of the Mulino Nuovo mill (Freidano Heritage Museum) which shows the variety and complexity of the traditional activities in the area, the creation of the Casa dell’Arte e dell’Architettura, an excellent art and architecture museum, and of the Casa della Musica, an  important centre for the production, performance and enjoyment of music. In addition to these permanent facilities, we are also in the process of setting up the new Biblioteca Civica Multimediale (Multimedia City Library). It will be the central library of the north-east area, within the overall City Library System. We are also working on a project called “Ecomuseo del Frediano”,  a heritage museum dedicated to the old customs and traditions of “Ecotempo” also constitutes a marker of identity for the residents and an important symbol for visitors to the city. Together with the city’s original inhabitants, it will promote the recovery of the memory of Settimo’s past. This project expresses our desire for sustainable development, both cultural and economic.

The conference “Un ecomuseo, una città” , (Heritage Museum for a City) will begin on Friday 25 and will finish on the morning of Monday, May 28 2007. Through this event Settimo Torinese hopes to open up a debate about the many issues relating to heritage and collective memory which the city has dealt with over the last decades.

Fondazione Esperienze di Cultura Metropolitana  Città di Settimo Torinese
Piazza della Libertà, 4
10036 Settimo Torinese (TO)
tel. +39 011 8028238  fax +39 011 8028389
Responsabile segreteria organizzativa: Dott.ssa Anna Maria Ghiberti


5) Streetwise Asia - Preliminary Projects for Fund Money

Thanks to all those who have been donating to the Streetwise Asia Fund.  The response has been very positive.  The Streetwise Asia Fund aims to assist small scale education and conservation projects in Asia.  Several projects have now been identified for funding in conjunction with Richard Engelhardt, the UNESCO Regional Adviser for Culture for Asia and the Pacific.  The following are currently under consideration:

1.      Community Library and Learning Resource Centre, Champasak, Lao PDR -  this French colonial heritage building requires conservation work and will house a community library and resource centre within the World Heritage Site of Vat Phou and Associated Ancient Settlements within the Champasak Cultural Landscape. Funds have been already obtained for the restoration of the roof and walls of this building. However for the library to become operational conservation of the remarkable timber doors and windows is required.  .

2.      Schools complex in Lao PDR: UNESCO currently has a program where modest assistance has been provided for conservation of the decorative arts at important temple sites in Luang Prabang, Pakse, and Souvannakhomkham in Bokeo -. The Streetwise Asia project would concentrate on the conservation of the heritage buildings that house the training centres and schools.  These buildings require maintenance and conservation, and modest funds would make a substantial difference to them. 

I would really appreciate if ICOMOS members could consider a donation to the fund  however modest.  The partner body Australind now provides the tax effective framework.  My vision continues to be to put  the proceeds of my Streetwise Asia book to real conservation projects in Asia, to involve the local community in the process, particularly school children which both the above projects would do.  

For information on the fund and how to donate, please contact Elizabeth Vines at  .  All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Liz can also provide more information on the above projects together with photographs. 

ELIZABETH VINES, Fund Coordinator
April  2007


6) New DVD edition The Best in Heritage 5

Each year in Dubrovnik ''The Best in Heritage’’ event gives survey of the World's best museum, heritage and  conservation projects.

More than 70 awarded museums, heritage and conservation projects were documented on 3 multimedia interactive DVDs.
The new edition of The Best in Heritage 5 contains 22 presentations featuring in full length the video recording of all presentations, full screen slides of each presentation, summaries in text format and intuitive navigation, offering abundance of excellent information.

It is completely interactive  so you may enjoy freedom of choice and interest.

The whole content is in English.
It is, we firmly believe, an extraordinary teaching tool and a very useful insight into the contemporary quality  theory and practice of growing heritage profession(s).

Previous editions of The Best in Heritage DVDs, as well as more information

Thank you!
Zoran Krneta

7) Victorian Stucco
Practical Workshop

A one-day practical event is to be run at Holmesglen TAFE on 27thApril in conjunction with (but independent from) the Victorian Stucco seminar. This event provides an intimate introduction to the materials and application techniques. Bookings direct to Holmesglen.

As part of the Victorian Stucco Seminar, a practical workshop in Solid Plastering has been organised for those who wish to view practical demonstrations develop skills in lime and cement based internal and external traditional finishes

A series of practical demonstrations and workshops covering:
- Application of lime based materials
- Lime based finishes
- External finishes
- Running cement mouldings
- Casting in cement and plaster

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE (Chadstone Campus, Building 4)

Date & Time
Friday 27 April 2007
9.00am to 4.00pm


For more information and to register please contact:
Building and Construction Department, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
03 9564 1909


8) Victorian Stucco Seminar

You are cordially invited to register for the "Victorian Stucco Seminar"

at South Melbourne Town Hall
On Saturday 28th April 2007
from 9.00am to 5.00pm

Stucco (exterior cement plaster decoration) is a characteristic feature of many heritage places in Victoria. A substantial number of high Victorian and Boom-style buildings are finished in stucco - some of it apparently never painted. In 2006 South Melbourne Town Hall, its stucco facades and Mansard roof restoration (RBA Architects), won the RAIA John George Knight Award For Heritage Architecture. Research undertaken in conjunction with the conservation of South Melbourne Town Hall highlighted some gaps in existing knowledge about Victorian stucco, disappearing skills and practices in working with stucco, and the need for ongoing research and dissemination of information.

The purpose of the seminar is to draw together and disseminate the available body of knowledge of Victorian stucco, and to promote high standards in research and conservation.

This event and the program content is convened by Donald Ellsmore, APT and facilitated by ISS Institute _

Early Bird rate is $135 for those who register and pay prior to 16th April 2007.
APT members - the fee is $125.

More details:
APT Australia Chapter E
Convenor: Donald Ellsmore

ISS Institute


9) Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications

Australia ICOMOS welcomes new members and encourages applications to be made to the Secretariat. The membership forms and details are available on the web page  and from Nola Miles at the Secretariat, email . Existing members are often involved in encouraging new members to join and in providing nominations, so it is important that they are aware of the procedures.

As a professional organization, Australia ICOMOS takes pride in its membership. We have an established process for members applications and a number of categories of membership to cater for people with different levels of experience and interests. For full international members, the application requirements are more onerous and include:

·        · At least three years professional experience with a core focus on heritage conservation;
·        · Demonstrated willingness and ability to practice within the terms of the Burra Charter and the Ethical Commitment Statement;
·        · A completed application form with signed nominations by two financial, Full International Members of ICOMOS;
·        · A brief (50-100 words) statement from one of your nominators supporting your application;
·        · A statement of relevant professional experience;
·        · A full Curriculum Vitae; and
·        · Payment of the correct fee.

The statement of relevant professional experience is an important component of the application as it allows applicants to demonstrate the required experience focussed on heritage conservation, especially the use of the Burra Charter and ability to practice within the Ethical Commitment Statement. It is different from the standard CV.

All applications are received at the Secretariat and referred to the Executive Committee for consideration. Completed applications must be received three weeks before the Executive Committee meeting date to allow consideration otherwise they are held over to the next meeting.

Please contact the Membership Secretary, Helen Lardner on if further information is required.


10) Expressions of Interest:
Report on Guns and Cannon

Guns and Cannon

The City of Warrnambool and its partners, the Moyne and Glenelg Shires in south-west Victoria are seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified conservators and historians for the preparation of a report on the guns and cannon associated with the 1880s Batteries at Warrnambool (Flagstaff Hill), Port Fairy and Portland and certain other historical armament.  The report will assess the significance, integrity and condition of the armament and their mountings, make detailed recommendations on their conservation and management, indicate preliminary costings and comment on other peripheral issues.  The report is likely to be used as the basis for future funding applications and long term planning.  Copies of the draft brief can be obtained from Heritage Matters Pty Ltd, which acts as heritage adviser to the three municipalities.  The brief will be incorporated into a standard Lump Sum Contract administered by the City of Warrnambool.  Please contact Dr Timothy Hubbard for further information on (03) 5568 2623 or  This stage of the project is expected to be completed by the end of July.


11) Situation Vacant
Senior Heritage Architect/Specialist

Senior Heritage Architect/Specialist required to join our award-winning multi-skilled Heritage Group.  The successful applicant will have a degree in building conservation and/or architecture and extensive experience in research, assessment, report writing, preparation of conservation management plans as well as management of heritage projects.  You will enjoy a wide variety of heritage projects including built, cultural and natural landscapes in a friendly and professional environment. 

Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Please forward your CV to Kassandra Cant, Executive Assistant, Conybeare Morrison International,


12) Situation Vacant:
Built Heritage Specialist

Opus International Consultants Limited is New Zealand’s largest and most dynamic multidisciplinary consultancy with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. We have an excellent opportunity for you to join our enthusiastic heritage team based within the Environmental Management Group in Hamilton.

Hamilton offers a vibrant and diverse café and restaurant scene, and is within easy travelling distance of some of New Zealand’s best beaches, lakes and mountains. The Opus office is within 15 minutes drive of most residential living areas in Hamilton.

The Heritage Consultant will work in a team, to deliver quality services to a wide range of clients including local government agencies, who have responsibility over heritage assets.  These can encompass a range of heritage places including archaeological sites, buildings, cemeteries, bridges and other structures that have heritage status.

We are looking for someone with appropriate qualifications and experience in heritage conservation.  The job will involve assisting clients with the identification, preservation, enhancement and management of heritage assets, including heritage inventories and conservation plans. In particular, we are looking for a specialist in built heritage, with knowledge of colonial architecture, and eligible for membership of ICOMOS (NZ).  Remuneration will be based on qualifications and experience.

All applications will be treated confidentially and should include details of experience and qualifications, as well as personal interests and achievements. Applications close on 11th May 2007. 

Please send your application or requests for position descriptions to:

Elvira Nazareth
Opus International Consultants Ltd
PO Box 12003

Fax     04-499 3699

Visit our website at


13) Job Opportunity at US ICOMOS

US/ICOMOS, a DC-based non-profit membership organization dedicated to international heritage preservation, seeks energetic, articulate FT Development Officer with 3-5 year fundraising experience in building solid donor base& proven success in soliciting and closing gifts. Position reports directly to the Executive Director. Self-sufficiency & motivation + creative thinking are key, as is willingness to travel & work with staff & a volunteer national Board. Communications & computer skills a must. Benefits competitive, salary commensurate to experience. Send CV to 202-842-1861 (FAX) or GARAOZ@USICOMOS.ORG

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