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eX treme heritage:
managing heritage in the face of climatic extremes, natural disasters and military conflicts
 in tropical, desert,polar and off-world landscape
2007 Australia ICOMOS National Conference,
Cairns, Far North Queensland  July 19-21 .

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1)  ICOMOS: International Cultural Tourism Committee
2)  AI Conference News
3)  WA ICOMITES: Winterschool Initiative
4)  New Ground: Australasian Archaeology Conference 2007  Call For Papers
5)  From ICOMOS International: Press Release
6)  Dresden - Heritage in Danger
7)  Tangible and Intangible Heritage: Two UNESCO Conventions
8)  The Best in Heritage © • Dubrovnik • Croatia
9)  ISSI: Call for Applications
10)  Change of closing date: E O I Collections Conservation Support Project
11)  Situation Vacant: Research Officer - Melanesian Art
12)  Junior Position  Research Assistant
13)  Situation Vacant: Community Museums Project Officer
14)  Situation Vacant: Senior Heritage Consultant


International Cultural Tourism Committee

Call for Registration of Interest for June 2007
Annual Meeting and Workshop
in association with ICOMOS UK Seminar on Cultural Tourism and the "Spirit of Place"

Please register quickly, but no later than 15 April 2007,
by return email to

Also notify Sue Millar directly to reserve your accommodation. Do not go directly to the hotel.

Following on from the very successful Annual Meeting and Workshop in Seoul, Korea in June 2006, we are pleased to confirm the announcement made at the time and contained in subsequent newsletters. The attached announcement provides details and sets out the preliminary programme.

The 2007 Annual Meeting and Workshop of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee will be heldfrom 8-12 June 2007 in Canterbury, United Kingdom.

We will join with ICOMOS UK for a one day seminar on cultural tourism issues, examine the World Heritage Sites and Historic City of Canterbury in relation to the Cultural Tourism Charter and develop a presentation for the 2008 ICOMOS General Assembly Symposium in relation to the chosen theme of "Exploring the Spirit of the Place". South East England can be regarded as the "Doorway between England and Europe". It has long been a place of trade and exchange, of pilgrimage and refuge, of defence and linkages. The Workshop will examine how the region and the historic City of Canterbury capture and present these concepts to visitors and the local community.

The Annual Meeting will review and vote on the revised Committee Statutes, enabling the ICTC to fully embrace the Eger-Xian Principles for the ICOMOS International Scientific Committees and to open our membership to a wider circle of interested and committed members and supporters. We also hope to review the draft Committee Web Site design and move it forward to completion.

A separate Committee Newsletter will be circulated in the near future with a revised draft of the proposed Committee Statutes.

I wish to acknowledge the enormous effort contributed by our UK Member, Sue Millar, by ICOMOS UK and the UK Cultural Tourism Committee, in the preparation of this Workshop. Their efforts will ensure that the 2007 meeting is a complete success. I visited Canterbury in late December 2006 and can confirm it has a rich legacy of heritage and heritage tourism issues for the Committee to explore.

As is our normal practice, participants must meet their own travel and accommodation costs. We have arranged for a discounted accommodation rate at the conference centre within the Cathedral precinct. ICTC funds will support the joint Symposium with ICOMOS UK and will fund the bus for the Sunday field trip along the nearby historic coastal landscape.

I look forward to seeing as many members and friends of the Committee as possible at the Meeting and Workshop.

Kind regards

Graham Brooks


2) AI Conference News

The Commonwealth Department of Environment and Water Resources has come on board as a Platinum Sponsor of the 2007 Conference. They are also loaning the conference and the University their new World Heritage Exhibition which will be shipped to us in Cairns immediately after the World Heritage Committee Meeting in New Zealand. The Conference Organising Committee is extremely grateful that the Department and the Minister for the Environment has once again supported our conference.

The Queensland Environmental Protection Agency and the Queensland Heritage Council have also jointly come on board as a Platinum Sponsor and various officers of these agencies have made contact with the Committee in regard to areas of possible involvement. We are looking forward to getting firsthand involvement of Queensland heritage specialists with a focus on the north in our conference.

Other generous cash donations have been made by the conference partner James Cook University and Godden Mackay Logan. The latter is our first silver sponsor and it is great to see a private heritage company supporting us in this way.

We are nearing our sponsorship target but still have a little way to go. Any additional sponsorship we get above and beyond our break even point will go to assisting with travel and accommodation for delegates from Indigenous communities, International and national speakers and ICOMOS Pasifika delegates. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or know of any corporations or businesses that might be, our sponsorship kit can be downloaded from the website,

The proposed Heritage Poster Exhibition is developing into an exciting event in its own right. The addition of the World Heritage Exhibition will provide a focal point for the exhibition and Gordon Grimwade is also loaning his Photographic Exhibition of the Silk Road. A number of individuals have indicated that they will be providing project posters but more are sought. If you would like to present a poster please provide a brief abstract of the poster via our on line submission process. This will allow us to ensure we have enough exhibition space and can include the exhibit on our exhibition list.

We are planning a formal exhibition launch with wine and nibbles followed we hope by a Hungi and dancing provided by the Cook Island community in Cairns. We are actively pursing sponsorship for this event so that it will be free to delegates.

Our pre and post conference tours are being finalised and details of costs etc will soon be on the website.

Stay tuned as the excitement builds up!


W.A. Winterschool Initiative

Members of WA ICOMOS are investigating the interest in holding an event in WA.

The proposed format of the W.A. AI Winterschool 2007 would be: -

A Saturday in April at a venue of heritage significance in Perth or close to the Metropolitan Area, starting at 9:30am finishing at 4:30pm with morning and afternoon tea plus light lunch.

1st Winterschool theme: - Cultural Landscapes and Monuments of Nature

If you would be interested in attending such an event please contact either Anne Brake  or Don Newman


4) New Ground: Australasian Archaeology Conference 2007 
Call For Papers

University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
2126 September 2007

CALL FOR PAPERS - (Closing date: 30 April 2007) -

New Ground: Australasian Archaeology Conference 2007 will combine the annual conferences of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology Inc (AIMA), the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA), the Australian Archaeological Association Inc (AAA) and the Australian Association for Maritime History Inc (AAMH). The Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc (AACAI) is also formally involved in the conference, with participation by the Australian Rock Art Association (AURA). The conference will be held on the beautiful and easily accessible Camperdown campus of the University of Sydney.

New Ground will focus on presenting and discussing new research and advances in theory, method and practice, building connections across the subfields and defining future directions for Australasian archaeology in regional and global perspective. The forum will bring together educators, researchers, consultants, government archaeologists, students and other practitioners grappling with some of the most topical issues in archaeology today. A special emphasis, on this 50th anniversary of the death of Gordon Childe, will be on 'synthesis'. The majority of sessions are designed to encourage cross-cutting participation and in particular we encourage new graduates and infrequent conference-goers to attend. The heart of the conference will be on how together we can break “new ground”.

The Committee has received an impressive range of session proposals (see below) and now seeks offers of papers. The program is still being finalised and there is still scope for new or altered sessions, so please check back over the next few weeks. If you want to offer a paper which does not obviously fit into an existing session, but is in keeping with the general aims and spirit of the conference, please send this through also. Papers may also be offered as posters.

Papers which incorporate opportunities for sub-disciplinary cross-over are especially encouraged. The emphasis of the conference will be on moving forwardusing new contacts to inspire ideas, suggest possibilities and initiate directions for archaeological research, education and heritage conservation practice.

The following is a selection of topics which have been proposed as sessions (Full details of all sessions, including abstracts, are available on the website):

·         A future for the past? Law reform and the protection of Australia’s archaeological heritage
·         A New Landscape for Parramatta
·         Agents and Agency: Archaeology, Heritage Management and the Role of Government
·         Archaeology and the digital communication revolution
·         Australian Archaeology: Past, Present and Future
·         Indigenous Perspectives on Australasian Archaeology
·         Intimate Encounters, Domestic Engagements: New Directions in Gender and Sexuality Research
·         Keeping your edge: Understanding the organisation of stone artefact technology
·         Long-term adaptative strategies in the settlement of the Western Pacific: the archaeological data
·         More than mills and mines: Social approaches to the archaeology of resource-driven communities
·         New Approaches in Landscape Archaeology
·         New Ground in Historical Archaeology Material Culture Studies
·         Past, present and future directions for archaeology at Port Arthur
·         Recent Archaeological Research Arising From Consulting Projects
·         Redeveloping over Archaeological Remains  the physical challenges
·         Secret visitors: understanding and confronting pseudo-archaeology
·         Seeing Each Other: visual and material representations of cross-cultural relationships
·         Submerged Terrestrial Sites in Australia
·         Technological frontiers and Australian Archaeology
·         The Abandoned Ship and Australian Maritime Archaeology: An Exploration of Significance and Research
·         The Archaeology of Aboriginal Missions
·         The Missing Link: Common ground in archaeology
·         'We have the technology': Scientific and experimental archaeology today

Paper submissions will be accepted via an online form accessible from the website. (If you are unable to submit an online proposal, contact

The call for papers has been extended to 30 April.

Visit the website for more information about the format of the conference and other relevant information for presenters.

We look forward to receiving a wide range of submissions.


Conference Organising Committee
New Ground: Australasian Archaeology Conference 2007
University of Sydney 21-26 September 2007


5) From ICOMOS International
Press Release

Stop the flooding of Allianoi!

Save Allianoi for the present and future generations!

Joint international appeal to the Turkish Government

Paris, 20 March 2007
  ICOMOS (the International Council on Monuments and Sites,, Europa Nostra (the Pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage,, EAA (the European Association of Archaeologists,, have addressed an urgent appeal to the Turkish Prime Minister Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan calling on him to intervene for the safeguarding of the Roman Baths of Allianoi. If no urgent action is undertaken, this archaeological site of extraordinary importance situated near Bergama in Western Turkey will be submerged by the waters soon to be retained by the Yortanli Dam. This appeal follows widespread opposition expressed by many Turkish experts and citizens’ associations and earlier appeals by the EU Institutions and international conservation organisations, including Europa Nostra, the EAA and ICOMOS.

Europa Nostra, the EAA and ICOMOS deplore the fact that in November 2006, the Regional Commission for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Izmir accepted the proposal made by the Turkish State Water Works to halt further excavations at the site and to proceed with the flooding of the area. In deciding so, the above regional body did not give due consideration to the recommendations made by the Special Scientific Committee, set up last year by the Turkish Minister of Culture. These recommendations included a series of alternative conservation measures which could be undertaken before the possible flooding of the area, such as the protection of the site by the construction of an earth wall or by the relocation of some of the most important structures of this archaeological site.

Allianoi is a site of outstanding cultural and historic significance, a cultural heritage shared by the local communities, the Turkish people, the European citizens and the world as a whole. The responsibility to preserve this site for the present and future generations should therefore also be shared.

In the appeal, the Turkish Government is asked to postpone the flooding of Allianoi, pending the completion of the excavation, data-collection and documentation of the site. Europa Nostra, the EAA and ICOMOS also suggest that during this period, the Turkish Government commission an in-depth study of the social, cultural and economic benefits which could be generated for the wider region by a possible development of Allianoi into a cultural and health tourism centre. This should be considered as a serious sustainable development alternative to the possible local economic benefits associated with the creation of an irrigation reservoir whose effective life-span is not expected to exceed 50 years.

For more information:
Download the appeal in PDF
More information on Allianoi
Previous ICOMOS actions in September 2005

Gaia Jungeblodt, Director, ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites),, tel. : 33 (0) 1 45 67 67 70
Laurie Neale, Europa Nostra Communications Officer,, tel. +31 70 302 40 55
Mark Snethlage, Europa Nostra Policy and Campaigns Officer,, tel +31 70 302 40 51


6) Dresden - Heritage In Danger!

A Last Minute Appeal for Help:

Save the World Heritage Site, Dresden Elbe Valley! - Stop the Bulldozers!

The Saxonian State Government is forcing the city of Dresden to begin building a controversial motorway bridge which cuts across the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dresden Elbe-River Valley. Because of the threat of the immanent construction of the so-called “Waldschlösschen” Bridge, Dresden has been placed on the so-called „Red List“ of endangered sites.

We appeal to you to help us now, right now, to stop the systematic destruction of our cultural heritage. Groundbreaking is scheduled to begin at the end of March. Because of the designation of the World Heritage title, preservation of the Dresden Elbe-Valley is no longer just a local issue, but the responsibility of all humankind. - We urge you to help by voicing your concern:

Appeal to the German Federal Government for intervention: Dr. Angela Merkel, Bundeskanzleramt, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 10557 Berlin, Germany;

File a protest with the Saxonian State Government: Prime Minister of the State of Saxony Prof. Georg Milbradt, Sächsische Staatskanzlei, 01095 Dresden, Germany;

Sign the Dresden Appeal: - Here You also find sampleletter to Cancellor Dr. Merkel and Prime Minister of Saxony, Prof. Milbradt.

Use for information:

Thank You! - Fachrat Dresdner Welterbe / Dresden World Heritage Committee


7) Tangible and Intangible Heritage: Two UNESCO Conventions

For all the lecturers:

The official report of the Tangible and Intangible Heritage: Two UNESCO Conventions conference held in Montréal on 14-16 March 2007 will soon be available on the Web site of the Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage ( ).

With this intention, we need the written version of your paper with an abstract of 600 words no later than 13 April 2007.

You will find instructions for the format of the text by reading (“Notes for contributors”).

Many thanks in advance for your help and cooperation!
Please let me know if you need further information.

Christine Boucher
Heritage Consultant


8) The Best in Heritage © • Dubrovnik • Croatia

Under the patronage of ICOM, UNESCO (Venice), Europa Nostra, ICOMOS, ICCROMand the City of Dubrovnik

The Best in Heritage 2007
with Dubrovnik Global Heritage Forum

27-29 September 2007 (6th year)

More about 2007 programme at:
Detailsabout Poster Session at:
To participate, please register at:

Contact us at should you have any questions.



9) ISSI: Call for Applications


Have ideas, but not sure if they are suitable for a fellowship or
any other questions?

Call us to talk over your ideas on 03 9882 0055or fill in attached
expression of interest form?
- we are here to help where we can.


for trades people and artisans to 35 years of age


for technical, trades and artisans

Please contact:

Jeanette McWhinney
Program Manager
Fellowships, Events and Training and Education
ISS Institute

101/685 Burke Road
Camberwell 3124

Phone 61 3 9882 0055
Fax 61 3 9882 9866


10) Change of closing date:
E O I Collections Conservation Support Project
South West Region Pilot

The Heritage Strategy, Victoria's Heritage: Strengthening our communities, delivers a new and enhanced range of programs and initiatives to recognise, protect, interpret and manage Victoria’s diverse heritage. Part of the strategy’s Capacity Building Program, the Collections Conservation Support Project aims to improve the access custodians of heritage collections have to technical expertise. A trial of the Support Project in Victorias South West region is being undertaken by Heritage Victoria, with a view to extending this service to other regional areas in the State. 

Expressions of Interest
Heritage Victoria is seeking to appoint qualified conservators as contractors to provide preventive conservation support from April 2007 to June 2008 in Victoria’s south-west (ie Shires of Glenelg, Southern Grampians, Moyne, Corangamite and Colac-Otway and the City of Warrnambool).

The closing date for Expressions of Interest has been changed to 12 noon, Monday 26th March 2007.

For a copy of the brief or for further information contact:
Pam Enting
Outreach Co-ordinator
Heritage Victoria
Ph: 9637 9486


11) Situation Vacant:
Research Officer - Melanesian Art
Up to £26,470

Goldsmiths  University of London


3 Year Fixed Term
Starting from 1 May 2007 or as soon as possible thereafter

Applications are invited for the above post for which further particulars are attached.

The conditions of service and terms of appointment will be those normally relating to Research Staff at this College.

Please note that in order to be appointed to this post; you will need to be eligible to work in the UK.

Please also note that where qualifications are required, employment is conditional on the verification of them. Qualifications will be checked on the first day of appointment.

A completed Academic/Research Staff Application Form (red Form A), with a list of current research interests and publications, if applicable and relevant professional development activities, should be either:

·        emailed to

·        sent to Human Resources Department
                 University of London
                 New Cross
                 London SE14 6NW

·        faxed to +44 020 7919 7993

If you email or fax your application, please also ensure that you send a signed original copy to the address above, paying the correct postage.

Please quote reference: 07/82RE

Closing date for receipt of completed applications: 3 April 2007

Interview date: 25 April 2007

If you have not received an invitation to interview within six weeks of the closing date given above then you should assume that you have not been successful on this occasion.

For more information about Goldsmiths, please visit our website:


12) Junior Position  Research Assistant

Heritage Concepts Pty Ltd is a Sydney based archaeological and cultural heritage consulting firm providing a diverse range of services to government, corporate and private clients throughout Australia. We offer a total heritage service to our clients and work equally in the fields of Indigenous and non Indigenous heritage & archaeological management.

Our team is passionate about the work we do and has a core focus on providing ethically sound solutions to our client’s needs which adequately address the concerns of all community stakeholders.

We have a junior position available for a research assistant to work in our Sydney office located in the historic Rocks precinct. The position would suite a currently enrolled student looking for part time work or a recent graduate looking for a full time position. The successful applicant will be keen to gain experience in the cultural heritage management industry.

We are keen to speak with people from a range of backgrounds including: prehistory, historical archaeology, anthropology, history, geomorphology, art history, architectural history etc…

This is a fully supervised position at a trainee level and will include many basic office duties such as photocopying; filing; binding reports; running errands and making tea/coffee etc.

The successful applicant will need to have:

There will be opportunities to accompany senior staff on fieldwork and excavation projects as part of your professional development.

This is a 6 month position with the possibility of conversion to permanent position after the initial 6 months based upon a successful performance review.

Please contact:
Charles Parkinson
Heritage Concepts Pty Ltd
Ph: 02 9251 5417


13) Situation Vacant:
Community Museums Project Officer

·    18 month fixed term
·    $58,550 - $66,431 plus super
·    Based in Ballarat or Bendigo

The Community Museums Pilot Program is a partnership between Arts Victoria, the Adult Community and Further Education Board, Heritage Victoria and the Department for Victorian Communities (DVC).

The Community Museums Project Officer will support communities in the Goldfields region to source and share significant stories of their heritage through the development of a regional collections hub. The Project Officer will address the challenges of the future by increasing the involvement of communities in their local museums and by improving collaboration among community museums, professional heritage organisations and cultural, educational and civic institutions.

To apply and access position descriptions and key selection criteria visit Refer to position number DVC/SPAR/94672. Closing date for applications is 2pm, Tuesday 10th April 2007.

DVC delivers government initiatives to support and strengthen communities across Victoria. For information about DVC visit

For further information about the position contact:
Pam Enting
Outreach Co-ordinator
Heritage Victoria
Ph: 9637 9486


14) Situation Vacant:
Senior Heritage Consultant

Leading Australian heritage consultancy, Godden Mackay Logan, is seeking a senior heritage specialist with local government planning and heritage expertise for a wide range of heritage projects and strategic advice.

· High profile firm
· Wide range of projects
· Career progression opportunities

Godden Mackay Logan provides high level heritage advice on major private sector projects and undertakes benchmark heritage studies for public sector clients.  We offer innovative and responsible heritage consultancy services of the highest quality. Our multi-disciplinary in-house team of consulting staff has expertise in built heritage, urban planning, archaeology, industrial sites and interpretation. 

You will have a degree in planning or architecture and, ideally, at least 10 years heritage experience.  You will have excellent writing and project management skills, and demonstrated experience in preparing and providing high level heritage advice, and in preparing and managing heritage assessments, heritage impact statements and advice reports.  Importantly, you will be able to manage a team and work within time and budget constraints.

We have an exciting range of projects and advisory work underway and opportunities for professional development and advancement. We also have a training and development program that encourages all staff to grow their skills and knowledge.

Our main office is located in inner Sydney.  We also have a small office in Canberra and undertake interstate work.
Salary will be negotiable for the right person.

Godden Mackay Logan is an AS/NZL ISO 9001:2000 quality certified company.

For more information contact David Logan or 9319 4811.  Send your application to

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