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eX treme heritage:
managing heritage in the face of climatic extremes, natural disasters and military conflicts
 in tropical, desert,polar and off-world landscape
2007 Australia ICOMOS National Conference,
Cairns, Far North Queensland  July 19-21 .

An information service provided by the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat
Friday, 23
rd February 2007

1)  Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications
2)  Are you interested in Industrial Heritage?
3)  Notice for NSW Members - Rare chance- Tomorrow
Cultural Landscapes of the Volcanic Plains
5)  eXtreme heritage: Conference Update
6)  The Future of Heritage
Changing Visions, Attitudes, and Contexts in the 21st Century
7)  Final Call for Papers: CSAAR 2007 Conference
8)  'Valuing the Historic Environment' research colloquia
9)  Workshop: design and construct a Post and Rail Fence
10)  Four 'The Pratt Foundation/ ISS Institute Fellowships’ to be won
11)  Postponement of Heritage seminar - 27 February 2007
12)  Tender: Thematic History of the National Parks and Wildlife Service
13)  Position Vacant: Executive Manager Fremantle Prison
14)  Position Vacant: Heritage Registrar
15)  Edinburgh World Heritage Trust require a World Heritage Project Manager


1) Australia ICOMOS New Membership Applications

Australia ICOMOS welcomes new members and encourages applications to be made to the Secretariat. The membership forms and details are available on the web page and from Nola Miles at the Secretariat, phone 03 9251 7131 or Existing members are often involved in encouraging new members to join and in providing nominations, so it is important that they are aware of the procedures.

As a professional organisation, Australia ICOMOS takes pride in its membership. We have an established process for members applications and a number of categories of membership to cater for people with different levels of experience and interests. For full international members, the application requirements are more onerous and include:

·        At least three years professional experience with a core focus on heritage conservation;
·        Demonstrated willingness and ability to practice within the terms of the Burra Charter and the Ethical Commitment Statement;
·        A completed application form with signed nominations by two financial, Full International Members of ICOMOS;
·        A brief (50-100 words) statement from one of your nominators supporting your application;
·        A statement of relevant professional experience;
·        A full Curriculum Vitae; and
·        Payment of the correct fee.

The statement of relevant professional experience is an important component of the application as it allows applicants to demonstrate the required experience focussed on heritage conservation, especially the use of the Burra Charter and ability to practice within the Ethical Commitment Statement. It is different from the standard CV.

All applications are received at the Secretariat and referred to the Executive Committee for consideration. Completed applications must be received three weeks before the Executive Committee meeting date to allow consideration otherwise they are held over to the next meeting.

People who want to apply for Australia ICOMOS membership for the 2007 Extreme Heritage Conference in July and get members rates will need to submit applications to the Secretariat by 4 April to allow consideration at the April meeting.

Please contact the Membership Secretary, Helen Lardner on if further information is required.


2) Are you interested in Industrial Heritage?

At next year’s General Assembly in Quebec, ICOMOS will consider the adoption of the TICCIH / ICOMOS Charter on Industrial Heritage (the Nizhny Tagil Charter). TICCIH is the international organisation for industrial heritage and is a special adviser to ICOMOS. This charter was written by TICCIH and will be presented to ICOMOS for ratification and for eventual approval by UNESCO. It can be viewed on

Now is the time for Australia ICOMOS to provide comments on the draft Charter. Comments can be emailed to Helen Lardner for collation. There is also an informal TICCIH Australia email group so please also email if you wish to be added to that group. The comments on the draft Charter will be passed on to Kristal Buckley, International Vice President ICOMOS, for consideration as part of the ICOMOS process of adopting the Charter.

For more information on TICCIH, see


3) Notice for NSW Members

A rare chance to see the Yasmar Estate

Yasmar is a sandstone homestead built in 1856 and designed by Bibb, partner to John Verge. It has an historic,Loudon inspired 19th century garden, which contains rare specimens not found in the Royal Botanical Gardens including a number of rare mature species. It is the last remaining gentleman's estate on the 'Road to Parramatta' and still retains some of its cultural landscape and setting.

The Yasmar Estate Open Day is being organised by Ashfield Council. The Council has a nine month, access-only, lease for the central portion containing the Homestead and Driveway. There will be displays by 'Friends of Yasmar' and The Haberfield Association Inc, both non-profit community groups.

When: Saturday 24th February 2007 between 10am and 3pm

Where: 185 Parramatta Road, Haberfield (about 5 kms west of Sydney CBD
Martin Place)
Cost: FREE

Parking on Parramatta Road is difficult.Side street parking is available in Chandos Street, then walk around to the
Parramatta Rd entry gates and experience the formal entry up the serpentine driveway

The nearest railway station is Ashfield, then a 15 minute walk north to Parramatta Road


4)Cultural Landscapes of the Volcanic Plains

The fourth annual Victorian Heritage Council forum on cultural landscapes will be held at Glenormiston, near Camperdown in Western Victoria on Friday, 30th March.  This Forum will examine the physical and historic basis for the region’s unique landscape, the ways in which the landscape character is under threat, and the need for careful and sensitive planning.  Good planning will support growth and economic progress without undermining the values that make this region one of the most distinctive in Victoria.  The Forum will be followed by an optional one day tour on Saturday, 31st March illustrating the region’s heritage significance, the ways in which it may be threatened and the tools for its identification and protection.

Registration forms and further details can be found on the Heritage Victoria website at  The cost of the Forum is $60 with a full-time student discount rate of $30.  Good quality budget accommodation is available at Glenormiston Homestead.  The Forum Coordinator, Jane Andrews can be contacted on 0409 804 727 or at  The Forum is sponsored by the municipalities of Corangamite, Glenelg, Moyne, Southern Grampians and Warrnambool and supported by the National Trust of Australia (Vic). 


5) eXtreme heritage Conference Update

Cairns 19th-21st July

Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy on behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee.

New information is being added to the conference website all the time! Some of the latest information includes profiles and photos of our key note speaker John Hurd and of Malcolm McCulloch, one of the presenters in our Public Forum on Heritage and Climate Change.

A call for papers for the Symposium on Heritage and Climate Change which is being held on the 19th July has also been added to the Call for Papers page. More information about this important event is included on the ‘workshops’ page of the forum. If you know of anyone who has something to contribute to this discussion please contact me or one of the 3 convenors of the symposium listed on the website.

The committee has also decided to have a formal poster session/exhibition at this conference. Abstracts for poster contributions can also be submitted via the ‘Call for Papers’ page.  This is an ideal way to showcase the work of your heritage business/agency. It is hoped that this exhibition can be left in place for a few weeks to enable students, staff and visitors to JCU to see the range of interesting and exciting work being undertaken by heritage professionals and agencies in Australia and the region. The opening of the poster exhibition will be built into the program of the conference with a wine and cheese reception.

The Call for Abstracts closes on MARCH 9th so hurry and get that idea for a paper in the symposium and/or the conference; or that idea for a poster, down on paper (well cyberspace as submission is on line via the website!).

We are actively seeking sponsorship to assist with the conference costs and to subsidize a number of specific areas such as:
·        Functions including the conference dinner, public forum and welcome reception; poster exhibition launch and Cook Island hungi.
·        Assistance with airfares and travel costs for ICOMOS Pasifika delegates
·        Assistance with travel costs for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander delegates
·        Assistance with drawcard speakers for various sessions.

Sponsorship details are included on the website. If you have any suggestions of likely sponsors please email them to me; or if you would like to be a sponsor yourself please contact the conference managers at  On that note the conference organizing committee would like to thank Godden Mackay Logan Pty Ltd for their commitment of a generous conference donation.

Don’t forget that another way that you can assist is in providing a prize for the Conference Dinner Raffle which I mentioned in last weeks e-news. This raffle supports the AICOMOS funds for assistance to

·        Pacific Training,
·        Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander conference attendance and
·        Student Bursaries

Send any pledges of prizes to or actual prizes mail to AICOMOS Conference

Attn:Jenny Gabriel
School of Arts and Social Sciences
James Cook University
PO Box 6811
Cairns QLD 4870

We are very close to being able to provide some information on post-conference tours. Alice Buhrich was updating me today on these and all I can say is  it will be hard to choose between them!

Stay tuned to


6) Ename Center:
 The Future of Heritage
Changing Visions, Attitudes, and Contexts in the 21st Century

We would like to inform you that the programme for the 3rd Ename International Colloquium
to be held in Ghent, Belgium March 21-24, 2007 is now online.

Please note that the early registration fee will be available until 1st of March 2007.
As in previous years, we look forward to hosting a wide range of scholars, heritage professionals, educators, and community leaders for three days of stimulating discussions and reflections on the current and future state of heritage.

We also offer a guided tour through Ghent on the last day of the colloquium for those who want to experience this wonderful city outside the conference venue.

 The Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation

This event is organized by:
The Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation
Abdijstraat 13-15
B-9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium

Sponsored by: the Province of East-Flanders
; the Provincial Archaeological Museum  Ename; The Flemish Heritage Institute.

Supported by: ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Interpretation and Presentation; the European Research Network EPOCH (Excellence in Processing Open Cultural Heritage); the Alliance of National Heritage Areas (USA) and Gent Congress.

Additional sponsorship: Meyvaert Glass Engineering


7) Final Call for Papers: CSAAR 2007 Conference

Regional Architecture and Identity in the Age of Globalization:

Call for Papers: Extended Deadline February 25, 2007

Regional Architecture and Identity in the Age of Globalization

CSAAR 2007

The Center for the Study of Architecture in the Arab Region (CSAAR)

In Collaboration with
Department of Architecture,
National School of Architecture and Urbanism, Tunis, Tunisia
13-15 November, 2007


Developments in transportation, communication and networking technologies in recent decades have instigated unprecedented flow of people, goods, and information across the globe, a phenomenon that has shaped the all-powerful thrust of globalization. This phenomenon led a drive for taking a universal outlook on social, economic, and environmental issues, but at the same time, instigated a wave of criticism. With its tendency to blur the boundaries among nations and cultures, globalization is seen as benevolent and progressive by some, and malevolent and regressive by others. While one camp promises economic prosperity for partners of global exchanges, the counterpart protests the potential of the exchanges to breed erosion in societal identities of regions and nations. The opposing views tackle all aspects of human living, and as such, spread broadly to the academia and the professions where heated debates on global issues are now enduring. CSAAR 2007 conference addresses regional architecture and identity in the built environment in the context of globalization. The conference will focus on the study of increasing contradictions between the "modernization" of regions on the one hand and the cultural identity of these places on the other.
Though the recent tide of globalization is very strong, it is clear that there is also a countervailing need for regionalism. We propose that globalization can only succeed on the basis of healthy regionalism. It is evident that under strong globalization trends, regional identities did not disappear. On the contrary, they have tenaciously continued to express themselves urbanisiticlly, architecturally, and behaviorally. The conference intends to use this proposition as a point of departure to explore and examine the various discourses regarding regionalism, globalization and their impact on the built environment. Questions to be asked and issues to be considered include: regional architecture and how it is being (re)defined, interaction(s) between the regional and the global, the intersection between colonial past and contemporary architectural productions, the regional dynamics of architectural/cultural flows, the trends of regionalism and how they coexist, compete or contradict with the process of globalization, the role of architecture in connecting people and cultures across geographical and chronological boundaries, the role of the state in promoting/ constructing various types of cultural identities, bridging the gab between Regionalism and Modernization, how regional architecture can surmount the limitations of constant forms of the past, to what level features of contemporary urban developments respond more to global (economic) conditions than to local or national ones, to what extent regionalism accept other regions traditions and incorporate and integrate new technological, and environmental inventions.

Topics of Interest
We invite scholars and practitioners in architecture, urban design and related fields to submit papers on any topic related to conference theme. Papers may reflect on a wide spectrum of issues related to regional architecture, identity and globalization. The conference is structured around a number of themes that include -but are not limited to:

Architecture in the Global and Regional Context
Architecture between Regionalism and Internationalism
Impact of Globalization and Regionalism Trends on Architectural Production
Contextual Architecture
Sustainable Architecture
Architecture and Postmodernism
Critical Regionalism
Critiquing Critical Regionalism
Regionalism and Digital Media
Trends in New Regionalism

Globalization and the City
Urban Morphology and Identity
Re-humanizing the Built Environments: the Regional Dimension
Social and Spatial Problems of Suburbanization
New Urbanism
Sustainability at Urban and Regional Levels
City Form/ City Image between Internationalism and Regionalism
Locality and Globality in the Built Environment
Tourism and the Packaging of Region
Cultural Heritage and Tourism

The Built Environment and Identity
Forms of Cultural Identities
Localization and Delocalisation
Contested Identities in Architecture
Modernization and Cultural Regeneration
Reinventing Traditions/Identities in the Globalized Context
The Meaning of Regionalism in Architecture
Identity in Postcolonial Architecture
The Construction/Production of Architectural Identity in the Information Age
Natural Identity versus Constructed, Forced, Global and other Identities
Architectural Heritage, Authenticity and Modernization
Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Restructuring
Beyond the Vernacular Threshold
Conservation and Meaning of Place

Important Dates
Deadline for abstracts: February 23, 2007
Full paper submission: April 15, 2007
Notification of acceptance:May 30, 2007
Deadline for final papers: July 30, 2007

Submission and Relevant Information
Abstract submission must be in English with about 700 words. Full paper submission could be either in English or Arabic. Abstract and full paper submissions should be sent in MS Word or PDF document format. Abstracts should be e-mailed to conference co-chair ( Full paper submissions are required to be done online at the conference Website:
Full paper format, submission guidelines, registration, accommodation and further information will be available at conference Website. For further information about submissions, please contact conference chairs.

Posters, Panel Discussion & Workshops
CSAAR 2007 also welcomes proposals for:
* Poster papers
* Plenary Session/ Panel Discussion
* Workshops
Proposals may address any of the topics falling within the scope of the conference themes.
Schedule (for Posters, Plenary Sessions/ Panel Discussion & Workshops Proposals)
Proposals due: April 15, 2007
Notification of Acceptance: May 30, 2007
Position papers due (panels): July 30, 2007
Further information about submitting proposals for poster papers, workshops and panel discussion can be found at conference website.

Conference Proceedings
All papers presented at CSAAR 2007 conference will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be available to delegates at the time of registration. In addition, papers will be published in a volume of CSAAR Transactions on the Built Environment (ISSN 1992-7320).

Conference Chairs
Dr. Jamal Al-Qawasmi
KFUPM, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ali Jerbi
National School of Architecture and Urbanism, Tunisa

Conference Manager
Dr. Abdesselem Mahmoud
National School of Architecture and Urbanism, Tunisia

International Scientific Committee
(more to come)

- Ahmed Sedkey, KFUPM. Saudi Arabia
- A. Sameh El Kharbawy, California State University, USA
- Bechir Kenzari, UAE University, UAE
- Elie Haddad Lebanese American University, Lebanon
- Frank Eckardt, Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar, Germany
- Galal Abada, Ain Shams University, Egypt
- Greig Crysler,University of California Berkeley, USA
- Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco, Texas A&M University, USA
- Johannes WIdodo, National University of Singapore, Singapore
- Marisella Casciato, University of Bologna, Italy
- Nnamdi Elleh, University of Cincinnati, USA
- Rafee Hakkyr, Bahrain University, Bahrain
- Rami Daher, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
- Rula Awwad-Rafferty, University of Idaho, USA
- Steffen Lehmann, University of Newcastle, Australia
- Tadeja Zupancic, University of Ljubijana, Slovenia
- Wael Samhouri, International Univ. of Science & Technology, Syria
- Wallis Miller, University of Kentucky, USA
- Yasser Mahgoub, Kuwait University, Kuwait
- Zeynep Celik, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA


8) 'Valuing the Historic Environment' research colloquia

'Valuing the Historic Environment' is a new, cross disciplinary research cluster for the discussion of frameworks of value in relation to the preservation of historic environments.

The cluster will meet at three one day colloquia to take place between January and July 2007 and on an online discussion board, available from the cluster www Detailed notes documenting the discussion at each colloquium will also be available from the cluster www. We aim for the activities of this cluster to lead to further research connections, collaborations, opportunities and outputs, with the potential to influence academic debate and policy formulation.

The second colloquium associated with this cluster takes place on the 20th April 2007. The main focus of the colloquium is 'Heritage, Housing and Home'.

There are a limited number of places available, there is no cost to attend but we are not normally able to pay expenses. It would be useful if expressions of interest in attending could briefly describe how the persons experience will enable them to make a significant contribution to debate in the colloquia. The closing date for expressions of interest in attendance for Colloquium 2 is 23/03/07.

Colloquia details are as follows:
20th April 2007 - Heritage, Housing and Home

Keynotes: Professor Peter Malpass, School of Housing & Urban Studies: 'Your house, my home, whose heritage?'

Other Speakers: John Pendlebury, Tim Townshend and Rose Gilroy: 'Social Housing as Heritage, a case-study of Byker'

David Adshead, Head Curator & Architectural Historian, National Trust, to speak on the 'modest domestic environments of the Trust', title to be announced

Location: University of Newcastle

You can find further details about the research cluster at

Jim Roberts Hon FMA
University of Leicester
Department of Museum Studies
+44 (0)116 252 3961

H-Net Network for Museums and Museum Studies


9) Workshop:
design and construct a Post and Rail Fence

There are only a few places left for you to register your spot for the POST and RAIL workshop with Fellow Nigel Bryce Lewis, on March 3rd.

Register Your Place TODAY.

Working with Timber
using Traditional Techniques
including hands-on project
design and construct a Post and Rail Fence

Nigel Lewis
ISS Institute/DEST Fellow

Nigel Lewis will share his expertise and insights through a European perspective and present and discuss his report findings.
A hands-on project has been designed so that participants have the opportunity to work with timber to create component parts for a traditional post and rail fence.

DATE: Saturday 3rd March 2007

ISS Institute
101/685 Burke Road
Camberwell 3124

Phone 61 3 9882 0055
Fax 61 3 9882 9866


10) Four 'The Pratt Foundation/ ISS Institute Fellowships’ to be won

NSW • Victoria • Queensland • Tasmania • Western Australia •ACT • South Australia • Northern Territory • cities, regional or rural centres

The Pratt Foundation/
ISS Institute Fellowships

Four Fellowships available to travel overseas

We are Here to Help
Whether you have had previous experience in preparing submissions and require more information, or never applied for any grant or fellowship before, we are here to assist you in the preparation of your submission.
The Fellowship Guidelines & FAQ sets out the nature, scope and criteria for the overseas Fellowship Program.
Winners of past Fellowships have given us permission to make their applications available to you - to use as inspiration and as a reference as to what is required. Call and we'll send them to you.

Are you a trades, artisan or technical person who is working in any of these Industries?

 Heritage Industry
• Building trades
• Maritime heritage
• Moveable objects
• Gardens and trees
• Other
 Environment/Energy/Sustainability Industry
• Alternative energy
• Building and construction
• Environmental design
• Resources such as water, land
• Value adding to regional produce
• Other
 Submissions in other industries will not be considered.

Closing Date
Applications to be received no later than Monday 28th May 2007, 4pm
at the ISS Institute office.

Information Hotline
Want to see a list of who won the 2006 fellowships and in what areas?
Just call us and we will email to you.
Contact us on (03) 9882 0055


11) Postponement of Heritage seminar - 27 February 2007
Heritage Tasmania advises:

Dear Colleagues

The lunchtime seminar by Denise Gaughwin scheduled for 27 February 2007 has been postponed due to a clash of seminars.

Denise will be presenting later in the year.

The first seminar will be held on Tuesday 27 March, with Elspeth Wishart's presentation on Mary Walsh and the Convict Letter.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards



12) Tender: Thematic History of the National Parks and Wildlife Service

Tender no. 523537

Tenders are sought from suitably qualified and experienced consultants to prepare an account of the 40-year history of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. The history will use a thematic approach to tell the story of the NPWS within the broader historical context.

Tenders close at 2pm on Monday 26th March 2007.
The contract will run between April 07 and May 08.

The contract brief can be obtained from the Project Manager from Monday 26th February 2007:

Ms Robin Aitken
Historic Heritage Officer
Ph: (02) 9895 6156 (Tu-Thurs)
Fax: (02) 9895 7727


13) Position Vacant:
 Executive Manager Fremantle Prison

Executive Manager Fremantle Prison
Department of Housing and Works
Business Services Portfolio
Level 8, $89,549 - $97,264 pa + Super PSGA

OTHER CONDITIONS: 4% Pay increase effective March 2007
WORK TYPE: Permanent - Full Time
LOCATION: Fremantle
JOB DESCRIPTION: Provides leadership and direction in the management, development and promotion of Fremantle Prison to standards consistent with a heritage place of international significance. Through a balance of commercial business planning approaches and best practice heritage management, establishes the frameworks to enable the development and delivery of key programs that promote a long-term sustainable future for the site.


Demonstrated experience in the development and implementation of comprehensive strategic, business, marketing and project plans supported by time lines, budgets and resource allocations to achieve business objectives in a competitive and dynamic environment.

Proven ability to work independently and make critical business-related decisions.

Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills including the demonstrated ability to lead, motivate and work with large and diverse teams, and engage and influence committees, external interest groups, business networks and stakeholders at all levels.

Excellent communication skills both written and oral in business, media and creative areas.

Tertiary qualifications or extensive senior level experience in business, marketing or other relevant discipline.

Demonstrated experience in the use of common desktop computer applications.


Experience in and/or knowledge and understanding of heritage, conservation and interpretation practices, policies and issues.

Experience in and/or knowledge and understanding of the tourism industry and attraction management.

Knowledge of Government procurement processes.

FOR FURTHER JOB RELATED INFORMATION: Mr Graeme Gammie on (08) 9222 4610
It is essential applicants obtain the Job Kit for full position information and application advice. Job Kits may be obtained direct from the Dept of Housing & Works website:, (look under 'Jobs'); alternatively call our 24 hour message bank on 9222 8173 or email with your request and a kit will be mailed or e-mailed to you.



14) Position Vacant: Heritage Registrar

•The Department for Victorian Communities, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria currently has a full time vacancy for a Heritage Registrar.

 $58,550 - $66,431 plus super

In this exciting role you will be responsible for managing a range of cultural heritage records and associated materials, and for building information management partnerships with Aboriginal communities and a wide range of stakeholders.

To be successful you will have experience in developing and maintaining complex electronic and paper-based records systems, with strong project management and communication skills. An appropriate qualification in archaeology, cultural/natural resource management or similar will be highly regarded.

Look no further and apply today!

To apply on-line and access a position description and selection criteria visit
and search under “Current Vacancies” using reference number DVC/PACA/92293

For further information please contact Stewart Simmons on 03 9208 3288
Closing date for applications is 2 March 07
For further information about DVC visit


15) Edinburgh World Heritage Trust require a World Heritage Project Manager




Edinburgh World Heritage champions Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. We already run a £1million Conservation Funding Programme and this new position will extend our activities and impact.

Working in partnership with agencies and private individuals, you will initiate, develop, manage and deliver a variety of exciting projects including research, environmental schemes and building projects and, importantly, source additional funding streams.

If you have a relevant professional qualification and experience (you may, for example, already be working on a THI scheme) and you would like to influence the future of the World Heritage Site, we want to hear from you. Please request an application pack from or phone 0131 220 7728 or download

Closing date 12 noon Monday 25th February 2007

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