Wayne Johnson

Minutes Secretary
Pacific Heritage Reference Group EC Representative
NSC on Fortifications and Military Heritage EC Representative
NSC on Industrial Heritage EC Representative











Wayne has been employed in cultural resource management in New South Wales since 1985; as archaeologist with the NSW Heritage Branch (Department of Planning) in the 1990s and subsequently as archaeologist with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, with a broader focus on landscape management and interpretation in The Rocks and Darling Harbour (Sydney).

In 1992-93 he coauthored the NSW Department of Planning’s Historical Archaeological Sites: Investigation and Conservation Guidelines with Meredith Walker, Judy Birmingham and Christa Ludlow. Since 1993 he has worked in the heritage division of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (and its predecessor the Sydney Cove Authority) and was the Authority’s project manager for the “Big Dig” archaeological excavation in Cumberland Street, The Rocks. Wayne was chiefly involved in the conservation and interpretation of that site in 2008-09, and its ongoing management, as part of the Sydney Harbour YHA Development. The development incorporates the archaeological remains of this highly significant colonial site into a modern commercial development and provides an on-site Archaeological Education Centre and associated education programs aimed at primary and secondary school students in line with the NSW and National schools’ curricula. This project has been the recipient of national and international awards for heritage and landscape conservation, design, tourism and education.

Wayne was engaged in research, industrial archaeology and museum-based work for Sydney’s Darling Harbour Bicentennial Project in the 1980s and was more recently instrumental in implementing a heritage interpretation plan to guide future developments there. Simultaneously he co-authored the book, A History of Sydney’s Darling Harbour (2008). These studies have formed the basis for interpretative installations, most recently at the Goodsline redevelopment of the former 1855 railway line as a pedestrian link incorporating tangible heritage elements and interpretative installations. Wayne has served on the Archaeological Advisory Panel to the NSW Heritage Council, and was a former Chair of the Maritime Archaeology Advisory Panel to the same body. He is currently Chair of the NSW National Trust’s Industrial Heritage Committee.

In addition to work in Australia, Wayne has extensive international experience in European, Middle Eastern and Asian archaeology and cultural heritage management. Since 2001 he has been actively involved in the University of Sydney’s Greater Angkor Project (GAP) at the World Heritage-listed site of Angkor in Cambodia. Wayne has taught courses and delivered guest lectures on heritage management and archaeology at the Universities of Sydney, NSW, University of Technology (Sydney), Flinders (SA), and Manchester (UK).