Kylie Christian

Website and E-news Co-ordinator
NSC on Intangible Cultural Heritage EC Representative



Kylie Christian is a Sydney-based heritage professional who specialises in large-scale infrastructure projects, heritage interpretation planning and delivery, and heritage asset management. She has worked in the industry for over 25 years, working on places of local, state, national and world significance, and is currently the Australian heritage lead at a large international corporation. Kylie is also the appointed heritage advisor to Bathurst Regional Council.

Kylie has a degree in history from Macquarie University, is a professional photographer, an award-winning digital and interpretation/exhibition designer, and is a certified project manager. She is currently undertaking postgraduate research in heritage and interpretation with the University of Leicester, UK, and has recently been certified by the National Association for Interpretation (USA). Kylie is President of Interpretation Australia, the Side Event Focal Point on the ICOMOS GA2023 Executive Committee, and NSW Chapter Councillor for the Australia Institute of Project Management.

Kylie has worked across a diverse range of heritage projects, throughout Australia, and has expertise in interpretation development and implementation, cultural values consultation, stakeholder engagement, assessment and policy development, as well as project management of complex cultural landscapes and state significant level developments. Additionally, she is the founder of a heritage education and archive initiative that aims to provide heritage training and resources to the greater community.