Heritage Documentation

ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Heritage Documentation (CIPA)

The International Committee for Documentation of Cultural Heritage (CIPA) was established in collaboration with ISPRS (International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing).

Its main purpose is the improvement of all methods for surveying of cultural monuments and sites, especially by synergy effects gained by the combination of methods under special consideration of photogrammetry with all its aspects, as an important contribution to recording and perceptual monitoring of cultural heritage, to preservation and restoration of any valuable architectural or other cultural monument, object or site, as a support to architectural, archaeological and other art-historical research.


Guideline: Archival recording of heritage places, QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, 2013 [PDF size: 645KB]

This guideline outlines methods to guide measured drawing and photographic archival recording of heritage places with particular reference to requirements for Queensland Heritage Places.

(From personal reference resources of AICOMOS member Fiona Gardiner)


Photographic Recording of Heritage Items Using Film or Digital Capture, NSW Heritage Office, 2001/revised 2004, 2006 [PDF size: 174KB]

A checklist for making an archival photographic record, revised in 2006 to include digital photography.

(From personal reference resources of ISC20C member Sheridan Burke)