HE, vol 28 no 3, 2016, Conflict and Compassion

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Contents (vol 28 no 3)

Editorial: emerging professionals and the heritage of ‘conflict and compassion’ (vol 28 no 3)
Paulette Wallace

Contributors (vol 28 no 3)

Jane Lennon

‘Why not call ourselves mutilated Melbourne?’ A history of urban heritage at the Rialto Towers
James P. Lesh

Mediating queer controversy in Australian museum exhibitions
Vu Tuan Nguyen

Reclaiming Indigenous heritage: developing affective dialogue through cross-cultural media collaboration in the moving image museum
Sian Mitchell

Managing Coomalie: a living history
Fiona Shanahan

Traces of memory: Australian-Japanese reconciliation in a post-war Cowra landscape
Alison Starr

Rebordering Berlin: transforming urban space and negotiating history in the former Borderland
Mirjana Ristic

The Sunbury Rings and conserving landscapes in the context of urban growth
Michelle Bashta