Burra Charter & Practice Notes


burra-charter-2013-coverThe Burra Charter: the Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance, 2013 and the associated series of Practice Notes provide a best practice standard for managing cultural heritage places in Australia.

The Burra Charter

First adopted in 1979, the Burra Charter is periodically updated to reflect developing understanding of the theory and practice of cultural heritage management. The current version of the Burra Charter was adopted in 2013.

Click here for previous versions of the Burra Charter and translations of the 1999 Burra Charter.

The Burra Charter flow chart

The Burra Charter flow chart is a graphical representation of The Burra Charter Process, which outlines the steps in planning for and managing a place of cultural significance. The download below forms part of the The Burra Charter, 2013. It may be reproduced in other publications, but must be done so in its entirety so that the headings and the citation in the footer remain intact.

Practice Notes

Australia ICOMOS is developing a series of Practice Notes to supplement and provide practical advice on aspects of the Burra Charter and its application. They cover a wide variety of topics, recognising that heritage is an increasingly diverse field. The following Practice Notes can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

The first three Practice Notes replace the former Guidelines to the Burra Charter. For details of the review that lead to the development of the Practice Notes, click here.

Suggestions of topics for future Practice Notes are welcome.

Code on the Ethics of Co-existence

The Code on the Ethics of Co-existence in Conserving Significant Places was adopted by Australia ICOMOS in 1998.

The Illustrated Burra Charter (2004)

The Illustrated Burra Charter: good practice for heritage places. M. Walker & P. Marquis-Kyle, Australia ICOMOS Inc, 2004 provides an article-by-article explanation of the 1999 version of the Burra Charter, with examples and illustrations. (Please note: the 1999 Burra Charter version has now been superceded by the 2013 version). For details about the Illustrated Burra Charter (2004), click here.