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A web-based toolkit of reference resources for heritage conservation

This online reference collection of benchmark “best practice” websites and documents is being progressively assembled by and for members of the Australia ICOMOS. The entries identify the range of work being done world-wide to advance the development of heritage principles and technical research that is worth sharing to assist in the conservation of Australia’s heritage.

The Australia ICOMOS Heritage Toolkit aims to share new methodologies and approaches to conservation practice, by providing access to information and sources that its own members find useful.

This Australia ICOMOS Toolkit is an initiative developed by Sheridan Burke and is based on the successful toolkit provided for the conservation of 20th Century Heritage by the International ICOMOS Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage (ISC20C).

NOMINATING NEW TOOLKIT REFERENCES: All Australia ICOMOS members are invited to share up to 10 benchmark heritage tools (guidelines, policies, publications, websites) that they professionally use regularly as reference resources – with a brief summary and a hyperlink or PDF where practical (and legal) to make them electronically accessible to everyone.

If you are an Australia ICOMOS member please nominate your favourite heritage tools using the Australia ICOMOS Heritage Toolkit Nomination Form. Email your completed nomination form to the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat.

If you are not a member please consider joining. Information on membership can be found at the Membership page.

Please note that all Toolkit nominations may be reviewed by a member or members of the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee or their delegate. Toolkit references included as a result of your nomination, will have your name attached as the nominator of that reference.

DISCLAIMER: Australia ICOMOS is not responsible for the validity of any of the information gained through using the links provided in this toolkit. Users should make their own enquiries as to the validity of the information. Users are also responsible for establishing any copyright connected with material gained through using the following links. When in doubt seek clarification in writing.

REFERENCING: Use of any published material sourced via this Toolkit, including material published on the internet, should always be referenced when used in correspondence or reports even if they are unpublished.

TOOLKIT ORGANISATION: The headings under which the benchmark “best practice” documents in the Toolkit have been sorted are inspired by the breadth of subjects covered by International ICOMOS Scientific Committees. Some of these International Scientific Committees now have National Scientific Committees in Australia. Some additional headings have been added where necessary.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Australia ICOMOS Heritage Toolkit links can be found under the following headings arranged in alphabetical order:

Australia ICOMOS is happy consider the creation of new subject headings or to review the title of the subject headings. Please email the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat with your suggestions.

Please note that changes must be approved by the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee or its delegate, so that changes may take up to two months to occur.


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