US internship program

US/ICOMOS offers an international Summer Internship each year. Applications can be made by individuals who are either Full or Associate members of Australia ICOMOS and while there are no age restrictions, the program is designed for those nearing the end of their graduate programs (usually 2nd-year students) or individuals who have been working professionally for 1-3 years. Those who are eligible must apply for the program via Australia ICOMOS. The program runs annually for three months, usually between June and August.

The program is a practical working internship, under professional supervision, with a host public or private non-profit preservation organisation. This program provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the US preservation system, as well as the different levels of national, state and local government responsibility involved in the preservation of the cultural heritage in the US. The program is not a study tour or a preservation course – the internships are based on the principle of hands-on experience, with interns assigned projects that they are expected to execute and complete with the same degree of professionalism and responsibility as project staff.

The selection process for the US/ICOMOS internship is highly competitive; approximately one in five applications is successful. Australia ICOMOS generally calls for applications via the E-News around October/November each year – we encourage applicants to spend time on their application and ensure it is of the highest quality.

For further information on the program, see the Internship page of the US/ICOMOS website.

Australia ICOMOS US/ICOMOS intern for 2015

Australia ICOMOS is pleased to advise that Renee Muratore was given a placement on the US/ICOMOS Internship program for 2015. Renee was placed with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, based in Washington, D.C. 

Congratulations Renee!

Australia ICOMOS US/ICOMOS intern for 2013

Australia ICOMOS is delighted to learn that Laura Matarese was given a placement on the US/ICOMOS Internship program for 2013. Laura was placed with the Presidio Trust in San Francisco.

Congratulations Laura!

Reports from previous Australia ICOMOS interns

Jennifer Armstrong, US ICOMOS Intern 2003

Cameron Hartnell, US ICOMOS Intern 2004