Heritage of Space Exploration Working Group

The need to develop a strategy to identify, record and conserve the cultural heritage relating to the history of space exploration has been raised on several occasion in recent years.

The delegates at the Australia ICOMOS eXtreme Heritage Conference held in Cairns in 2007 passed a resolution urging Australia ICOMOS to progress this issue:

  • Resolution 3: Heritage of space exploration – Delegates at the Australia ICOMOS Conference on eXtreme heritage: managing heritage in the face of climatic extremes, natural disasters and military conflicts in tropical, desert, polar and off-world landscapes in Cairns, 19-21 July 2007, has discussed at length the need to develop protective measures to ensure the conservation of important places and objects including now-obsolete technology that has played a significant role in space exploration both on and off this planet. The Conference asks that Australia ICOMOS take a lead role, both within Australia and internationally, in raising awareness of the need to conserve these important cultural heritage places and objects, and that specifically, the conference asks that Australia ICOMOS urge ICOMOS International to establish a Scientific Committee to consider and advance this issue.

The International Vice President, Kristal Buckley, raised the need to develop a concerted focus to secure the conservation of cultural heritage relating to Space Exploration at the Scientific Council Meeting held in October that same year in Pretoria South Africa.

Australia ICOMOS resolved to set up a working group to advance this issue in 2009 resulting in the establishment of this committee.

The working group comprises the following ICOMOS members:

Dirk HR Spennemann (Convenor)
Jacqui Pearce (EC Coordinator) (email Jacqui)

John Campbell
Eric Martin
Sabrina Dowling Giudici

The working group has as its short term goal the preparation of a formal motion to the Advisory Committee and Scientific Council of ICOMOS regarding the establishment of an international committee to work on ways to highlight the need for specific conservation strategies and agreements to ensure that the cultural heritage of Space Exploration is appropriately and adequately conserved. These meetings will be held in October 2010 in Ireland.

This working group will remain active till February 2016, at which time it will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.