Energy Efficiency in Heritage Buildings Working Group

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The Energy Efficiency in Heritage Buildings Working Group comprises:

Convenor: Peter Phillips (contact Peter)

Helen Wilson (EC Corordinator – contact Helen)
Rachel Jackson (contact Rachel)
Ken Horrigan
Stephen Schrapel
Robyn Christie
Lucy Burke-Smith
Noni Boyd
Eric Martin
Jennifer Faddy
Thomas Trudeau
Robyn Riddett
Catherine Forbes

An ICOMOS International Working Group (WG), Energy Efficiency in Heritage Buildings, has been set up by Peter Cox (ICOMOS Ireland) as a preparatory step to setting up an International Scientific Committee (ISC). The draft resolution GA2011/33 Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development was put together by ICOMOS Ireland and ICOMOS Belgium and presented to the ICOMOS General Assembly (GA) in Paris December 2011. The resolution was adopted by acclamation.

Peter Phillips, Rachel Jackson and Helen Wilson have been listed as members of the International WG. These three Australia ICOMOS members met in Sydney on 23 April 2012 to discuss an Australian work program and the contribution that can be made toward the International WG.

Members interested in joining the group should contact the convenor.

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