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International Scientific Committee on Shared Built Heritage

The International Scientific Committee on Shared Built Heritage is relatively young. Beginning as the Scientific Committee on Shared Colonial Architecture and Town Planning, in 1998 it changed its name to Shared Built Heritage in 2003 as part of a broadening of its objectives.

The Committee was founded to promote awareness of the need to share the appreciation and the responsibility for built heritage. Created by different peoples, from different countries, with diverse cultural, religious and social backgrounds, in many cases this shared built heritage became a fundamental part of national heritage and was responsible for the identity of people and nations. In other cases, it has been neglected and is threatened with destruction.

The main objective of this ISC is to promote an integrated approach to conservation, which means the revitalising of dilapidated, historically valuable built-up areas and landscapes by reusing the existing building stock and infrastructure, as far as it is acceptable from a social and economic point of view.

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Australian members

  • Ms Susan Jackson-Stepowski (ISCSBH Vice-President) – Expert
    Australian voting member
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  • Ms Mandy Jean – Expert


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