ISC20C – Twentieth Century

International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage

The ICOMOS 20th Century Heritage International Scientific Committee (ISC20C) recognises the work and interest of other international non-government and government organisations working and focused on the identification and conservation of the heritage of the twentieth century. In particular, the work of DOCOMOMO International, TICCCIH and the UIA is acknowledged.

The Committee’s scope of interest, aims, objectives and proposed work plan seek to augment and align the roles and responsibilities of these organizations and where appropriate develop partnerships to achieve the mutual objectives of the recognition, identification and conservation of the heritage of the 20th century.

ISC20C focuses its efforts on mid to late twentieth-century places that are most at risk, through lack of recognition and conservation. The committee co-ordinates a range of projects, conferences, declarations, and publications to address these issues. The Heritage Alerts program is a key project through which ISC20C has raised international public consciousness about specific sites under threat. In 2011 the committee developed an international standard Approaches for the Conservation of the Twentieth Century Architectural Heritage (known as the Madrid Document) and is currently reviewing comments received on the text to develop a second edition. ISC20C is active in providing advice about world heritage listing and management of modern heritage places.

Australian Members

  • Ms Sheridan Burke (ISC20C President) – Expert
    Australian voting member
  • Ass Prof David Jones – Expert
  • Ms Helen Lardner – Expert
  • Ms Susan Macdonald (Vice President for World Heritage) – Expert
  • Ms Louise Cox – Expert

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