ICIP – Interpretation & Presentation

Interpretation & Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites

The main task of this committee is to study the evolving technologies and techniques of public interpretation and presentation, evaluating their potential to enrich contemporary historical discourse and to heighten sensitivity to the universal values and particular modes of human expression embodied in cultural heritage sites.

The work of the committee explicitly focuses on the experiential dimension of visits to cultural heritage sites, particularly by means of various media and methods of public communication.

Australian Members

  • Ms Suzanne Bravery – Expert
  • Ms Sheridan Burke – Expert
  • Prof Jenny Gregory – Expert
  • Ms Sue Hodges (ICIP President) – Expert
  • Dr Felicity Morel-Ednie Brown – Expert
  • Ms Michele Summerton – Expert
  • Ms Sharon Veale (ICIP Vice President) – Expert
    Australian voting member
  • Dr Linda Young – Expert

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