International scientific committees

ICOMOS International is supported by a number of International Scientific Committees (ISCs) on various cultural heritage themes and issues, which act as ICOMOS technical bodies.  As such, they undertake research, develop conservation theory, guidelines and charters, and foster training for better heritage conservation, promote international exchange of scientific information and carry out common projects.

The ISCs are vehicles through which ICOMOS brings together, develops and serves its worldwide membership according to fields of specialized interest. ICOMOS expects the ISCs to be at the heart of scientific inquiry and exchange in their domains and to share knowledge among them, in order to foster a multi-disciplinary approach to heritage protection and management.   The ISCs are governed by the Eger-Xi’an Principles for The International [Scientific] Committees of ICOMOS.

Additionally, all Australian International Scientific Committee members are bound by the Australia ICOMOS Code of Conduct for members of the EC & all sub-Committees & Groups.

The various membership categories in the ISCs are open to all full financial members of ICOMOS – it is the intention of ICOMOS that its ISCs:

  1. continually gather a membership that includes the most recognised experts in its field of specialisation
  2. are representative of all of the world regions or pertinent regions
  3. recruit young or beginning professionals seeking such specialisation
  4. give all their members ample opportunities and stimulus to become actively engaged in the work of the Committee

Australia ICOMOS currently has members on most of the ISCs and actively encourages full financial members to apply to Australia ICOMOS for endorsement as a member of an ISC.  Please note that the ISC members listed on this website are those that are also Australia ICOMOS members. The ISCs are as follows: