Australia ICOMOS organises annual conferences on cultural heritage philosophy, methodology and practice.  These conferences are attended by well over 100 people, sometimes more than 200, and are a wonderful opportunity for learning and exchanging ideas.

2013 Canberra Centenary Conference

Imagined pasts, imagined futures’ is an exciting multidisciplinary conference that coincided with the centenary of Canberra and the array of cultural activities, performances, exhibitions and events that are planned for Canberra in 2013.

Australia ICOMOS partnered with the Museum of Australian Democracy in the unique setting of Old Parliament House to explore how heritage participates in the ‘imagined communities’ and ‘imagined geographies’ of nations and communities in a globalising world. Asking how past, present and future are entwined in cultural identity, place, tangible and intangible heritages, the conference themes ranged from personal heritage and local places, to national narratives, virtual communities, diasporas and world heritage.

The conference commenced with a video of the Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt’s speech – Minister Hunt’s Australia ICOMOS video address is now available on his website.

For further information, visit the Canberra Centenary conference website.

2011 Watermarks, Water’s Heritage Conference

The 2011 conference, Watermarks, Water’s Heritage, was held in Melbourne from 27-30 October 2011.  This conference explored the following themes:

  • Water Beginnings – Indigenous use of water and waterways
  • European Arrival – exploration, early settlement and squatting
  • Working Water – agriculture, aquaculture, irrigation, industry, and power
  • Moving Water – water supply and sewerage, water collection, transport and communication
  • Too Much or Not Enough – floods, storms and cyclones, droughts, fire protection and environmental conservation
  • Celebrating Water – tourism, recreation, designed features and landscapes, and heritage recognition

For further information about the 2011 conference, go to the Watermarks Conference website.

Information about previous conferences, including conference papers, is available at the Australia ICOMOS Conference website. Previous conferences include: