April 18

April 18 – International Day on Monuments & Sites

April 18 is a major celebration for ICOMOS and each year the state representatives of Australia ICOMOS organise a number of activities around Australia so that you can celebrate the diversity of the world’s cultural heritage with colleagues, and along with ICOMOS members the world over. It is important to note that this day is not (and never was) called ‘world heritage day’!

Information about the theme and events for the current year is presented below. For information about the themes and events for previous years, visit the International Day on Monuments & Sites webpage.


Events for 2019 – click on the links for details


About the theme for 2019: Rural Landscapes

In 2019, the theme is Rural Landscapes – which is linked to the theme of the 2019 ICOMOS Scientific Symposium on Rural heritage to take place in October in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Download the 18 April 2019 leaflet in English

This year’s International Day for Monuments and Sites offers the opportunity for National and International Scientific Committees to raise awareness about the relevance of rural landscapes, the challenges that encompass their conservation, the benefits that these efforts provide, and how rural landscapes are intrinsically related with sustainable development. The Day represents an unparalleled opportunity to foster communication and build links with communities while acknowledging their involvement in the creation, existence, evolution and richness of these rural landscapes, and no doubt, in their conservation.

For more about the theme, visit the ICOMOS website.


  • The Jim Kerr Address on the International Day for Monuments & Sites, 18 April 2019, Sydney

Professor Bruce Pascoe
Author of Dark Emu, Aboriginal Australia and the Birth of Agriculture

In 1982, ICOMOS established 18 April as the International Day for Monuments and Sites. UNESCO approved it the following year during its 22nd General Conference. Since then, 18 April has been a day to celebrate and promote cultural heritage, and an opportunity to raise awareness about its diversity, its relevance, how vulnerable it can be and what the needs and benefits of its conservation are. The 2019 theme for the day is ‘Rural Landscapes’.

ICOMOS has defined rural landscapes as “terrestrial and aquatic areas co-produced by human-nature interaction used for the production of food and other renewable natural resources, via agriculture, animal husbandry and pastoralism, fishing and aquaculture, forestry, wild food gathering, hunting, and extraction of other resources, such as salt. Rural landscapes are multifunctional resources. At the same time, all rural areas have cultural meanings attributed to them by people and communities: all rural areas are landscapes.”

Australia ICOMOS is honoured to have Professor Bruce Pascoe deliver the Jim Kerr Address, which honours the late Dr James Semple Kerr. Professor Pascoe’s award-winning publication Dark Emu powerfully reveals the overlooked heritage of Australia’s landscapes prior to colonisation and presents a radically different picture of Australia’s original inhabitants, and how they maintained their culture over millennia. 

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Date, Time & Place: 18 April 2019, 5.30 for 6.00pm start, Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney 2000


This event is proudly sponsored by the Heritage Council of NSW and the Sydney Opera House.


  • The 2018 Attingham Summer School – A study of historic houses and gardens in the United Kingdom, Adelaide, 17 April

Please join Heritage South Australia, in partnership with Australia ICOMOS, for South Australia’s International Day on Monuments and Sites event on Wednesday 17 April 2019 at 4.30pm in the Level 8 Kitchen Area, 81-95 Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

At this event you will have the opportunity to hear from:

  • Chris Payne, recipient of the Alex Copland Attingham Scholarship to the 2018 Attingham Summer School in the United Kingdom

Each year, the Attingham Trust in the United Kingdom offers three programs that explore historic residences, their collections and landscapes: the Attingham Summer School for the study of the English country house, Royal Collection Studies and the Attingham Study Program. From time to time, additional courses are offered such as the London House Course.

The Copland Foundation offers a number of valuable scholarships for Australians to attend Attingham Trust courses, including the Alex Copland Attingham Scholarship.

Chris Payne, a Paintings Conservator at Artlab Australia, was the 2018 recipient  of the Alex Copland Attingham Scholarship.

Chris started work as a trainee conservator 50 years ago at the Art Gallery of NSW, specialising in fine art. Over time he became more involved with historic building interiors, including rehabilitating old farmhouses in his spare time, which has given him a good understanding of structural preservation. The 2018 Attingham Summer School involved Chris spending 3 weeks travelling the length of England looking at a wonderful variety of historic buildings. Given there were also lectures most evenings, Chris found this great experience was a little overwhelming.

Please come an join Heritage South Australia and Australia ICOMOS, where we will hear Chris talk about his 2018 Attingham Summer School experience.

As places are limited, please book early via this link.