Tanya Park

Past Committee Member

Minutes Secretary (alternate)
Blue Shield Australia Proxy Representative
Intangible Cultural Heritage NSC Co-convenr & EC Representative

Tanya Park









Tanya recently completed her PhD in Japan at the World Heritage Department of the University of Tsukuba. Her thesis research centered upon the preservation of historic timber architecture in Japan with a focus on the associated intangible skills and authenticity of materials. Part of the research also included Norwegian preservation and again the intangible skills and knowledge pertaining to the preservation process.

Since 2004 Tanya has also been Director of a firm specializing in the preservation of historically significant structures, predominantly in New Zealand. As well as holding a University Associate position at the University of Tasmania, Tanya sits on the ICOMOS International Wood Committee and the AICOMOS Intangible Cultural Heritage National Scientific Committee.

Tanya has an ongoing research collaboration with Tsukuba University in Japan and periodically takes students to Japan to study Heritage Architecture as well as giving lectures there and facilitating study abroad and student exchange initiatives between Japan and Australia.

Although Tanya is interested in all aspects of heritage preservation, her particular skills lie in both wooden structures and in the theories which underlie heritage preservation activities.