Ian Wight

Past Treasurer

Ian’s professional involvement in heritage started in 1990 when he joined the National Trust in Victoria as Conservation Manager. He brought to the job extensive experience as a consultant town planner, which he applied to advocacy at tribunals, panels and the Heritage Council. He also developed a strong media profile for the Trust’s major campaigns.

Since leaving the Trust in 1997, he has operated as a consultant heritage planner while also working half time at Heritage Victoria. As a consultant he has undertaken projects for local councils, State government departments and the Heritage Council as well as private clients. At Heritage Victoria he is best known for organising regular local government workshops for Heritage Advisors, council officers and their consultants. He is currently involved in furthering Heritage Victoria’s program to complete State coverage of municipal heritage studies.

Ian has a strong amateur interest in industrial heritage and after occupying the former Burnley Bakery for the last twelve years has recently moved into a town house conversion of Russell Brothers second tannery in Richmond (pictured).