Lisa Sturis

President’s Award Coordinator
US Internships Coordinator


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Lisa Sturis has worked in the heritage industry since 2005 in public and private sectors in Australia. Lisa started her career as Heritage Officer at the National Trust of Western Australia, where she was responsible for research, heritage assessments, review of development applications, government policy and strategy, and archive management. Lisa later moved into private practice, where she was employed in small consultancies in Sydney and Melbourne and was engaged by government, private individuals, companies and community groups in developing conservation management plans, provision of heritage advice, heritage impact statements, interpretation plans and photographic archival recordings.

From 2013 to 2018, Lisa continued at the National Trust in Perth and actively worked with local governments and community organisations. Lisa also supported National Trust operations in developing strategic partnerships and supervising and training tertiary students and volunteers. Lisa’s experience in working with communities has lead to a new role with the strategic planning team at Waverley Council in New South Wales.

Lisa has been a member of Australia ICOMOS since 2010 and joined the Executive Committee in early 2016, from which time she was also the WA Representative until her move to NSW. Lisa’s current duties include the US Internships Coordinator, President’s Award Coordinator and management of the Australia ICOMOS Facebook and Instagram pages. Lisa is also involved in the National Scientific Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage, where she is a member of the Coordinating Group as Membership Convenor.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Heritage and History (Double Major) from Curtin University and Master in Urban Planning from RMIT, Lisa has had the opportunity to study abroad in Latvia, Germany, Mexico and Vietnam, which has exposed her to an international perspective of heritage and related fields. Lisa takes a broad, strategic approach to heritage conservation and management with particular interest in community connections and how heritage places and stories influence and shape our urban environments.