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Pacific Heritage Reference Group EC Representative
World Heritage Reference Group EC Representative
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Ian Travers is a Senior Associate with Extent Heritage in Melbourne. He is a specialist archaeologist but with a multi-disciplinary outlook and broad understanding and experience in the management of built heritage, historic infrastructure, industrial and mining heritage, cultural landscapes and intangible heritage values.

Ian studied archaeology at the University of Liverpool and gained a Masters degree in Archaeological Heritage Management at the University of York. He then worked for a number of years as a field archaeologist undertaking development-led investigations in the mid-Atlantic US and in the UK whilst also assisting with research projects in Greece and Uganda. Later, as a consultant for a multi-national engineering corporation, Ian managed archaeological and built heritage investigations, and often ecological, landscape and other environmental inputs, in advance of large-scale developments. His projects included green-field urban expansions, high-profile city centre redevelopments and a number of sites in World Heritage Areas.

Since arriving in Australia Ian has worked across both Indigenous and non-Indigenous heritage, on projects ranging from regional management plans, archaeological assessments and Cultural Heritage Management Plans, to municipal heritage studies and Conservation Management Plans (CMPs), and he also provides heritage advice to several municipalities. He has recently managed the City of Melbourne Indigenous Heritage Study, the landmark Ngootyoong Gunditj, Ngootyoong Mara South West Management Plan, Cultural Heritage and Social Values Assessment and several CMPs for major elements of Melbourne’s water supply heritage. A major focus of Ian’s recent work has been on promoting the future viability of heritage assets through the integration of heritage assessment with economic analysis.

Ian is a full member of the UK Institute for Archaeologists and also the Excavation Manager for an annual research and training excavation in central Italy.

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