Flavia Kiperman

WA Representative
NSC on Energy and Sustainability EC Representative
Climate Change and Cultural Heritage Working Group EC Representative











Flavia has been providing consultancy services in cultural heritage for over 18 years, initially in Brazil and the past 9 years in Australia. Although her professional experience covers several market sectors within Architecture, it was in cultural heritage that she found her true vocation and where she has dedicated most of her time and attention. From these qualifications, Flavia has developed a sound knowledge of management, conservation and interpretation of the heritage fabric. Flavia has held Heritage Architect and Project Lead positions in both Australia and Brazil. As company Director, for both her business in Rio de Janeiro and a heritage studio in Perth, and now as Heritage Associate at TPG+Place Match, she has managed, supervised, mentored, developed and lead teams throughout all stages of heritage projects. Her relevant duties include the preparation of heritage assessments, heritage impact statements, heritage strategies, council heritage strategic plans, management plans, restoration projects, adaptive re-use planning and design, development plans and others. 

Previously, Flavia was the head of Rio di Janeiro’s Institute of Architects Heritage Committee where she worked in on a diverse range of heritage projects and is also a member of the Hybrid Landscapes Scientific Committee at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil, which makes her very confident to assess heritage values considering its broader cultural landscape. Flavia’s former role as a lecturer at Curtin University and at the University of Western Australia has given her the opportunity to continuously develop her ability to discuss conservation philosophy and current heritage debate. It has also given her the opportunity to master team coordination and share creative design.  Moving countries and cultures has also shaped her ability to adapt to different environments, understand diversity and to acquire knowledge of holistic cultural matters.

Flavia is a member of the Australia ICOMOS Climate Change and Cultural Heritage Working Group and the National Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Routes.