Mission Statement

Australia ICOMOS’ mission is to lead cultural heritage conservation in Australia by raising standards, encouraging debate and generating innovative ideas.

The Organisation

ICOMOS is a non-government professional organisation that promotes expertise in the conservation of cultural heritage. It was formed in 1965, and has a responsibility to advise UNESCO in the assessment of sites proposed for the World Heritage List.

Australia ICOMOS, formed in 1976, is one of over 100 national committees. Membership of Australia ICOMOS consists of over 600 members of different categories, and is managed by an Executive Committee of 15 people, elected from the membership. A number of members represent Australia ICOMOS on various ICOMOS International Scientific Committees, as well as on expert committees and boards in Australia.


  1. International
    Participate in the international arena, both within and beyond the ICOMOS International family.
  2. Conservation Philosophy and Policy
    Ensure that Australia ICOMOS takes a leadership role in conservation philosophy and practice for culturally significant places.
  3. Education and Communication
    Promote an understanding of the cultural significance of places and raise conservation standards through education and communication programs.
  4. Advocacy
    Inform and influence key decision-makers of Australia ICOMOS’ aims and approaches to conservation philosophy and practice.
  5. Membership
    Develop, maintain and support a broad-based membership through effective administration.